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Abstracts from Georgia Journal and Messenger , Macon, GA

15 April 1847
The name of the paper is changed to "Georgia Journal" and "Messenger"

January 3, 1849 Vol XXVI No 40

CRAWFORD SHERIFF'S SALE. Will be sold on 1st Tues Feb, Knoxville, Crawford Co: Land Lots Nos 143, 182, 183, 184 in 1st district originally Houston containing 640 acres...levied on as property of Bartley McCrary to satisfy four fi fas in favor of Richard Harvey, Sup Court Crawford.
Also levied three fi fas on seven negroes to wit: Peter, a man; Rose, a woman; Mary a girl; Ann a girl; Anderson a boy; Virgil a boy; John a boy and 352 acres of land in the Agency Reserve, all levied on as the property of Lavenia Davis to satisfy a fi fa in favor of Wm L Johnson, administrator, vs Lavenia avis, and Gideon M. Davis, and two fi fas in favor of Wm L. Johnson, Administrator vs Lavenia Davis and William V. Daivs, fi fas issued Sup Court - Crawford.
Also levied one fi fa on 4 feather beds and furniture, 4 bedsteads, 3 tables, 1 large chest, 1 safe, 1 slab, 1 bureau, 1 wash stand, 12 cups and saucers, 12 plates, 1 steak dish, 1 large dish, 3 small dishes, 6 tumblers, 2 tin buckets, 2 wash pans, 2 cotton gins, 1 lot of cotton seed, one two horse wagon, 400 bushels of corn, one set of blacksmith tools, 6000 lbs of foddder, 25 head of stock hogs, 12 head of stock cattle, one lot of plantation tools, one blacksmith shope and tools and the land the shop stands on in the town of Knoxville, occuped by Lewis F. Hikcs and Robert Hicks all levied on as the property of Andrew J. Preston to satisfy one fi fa issued out of Sup Ct. Crawford in favor of Jacob Lowe vs Andrew J. Preston.
Also, one negro boy, Cubic, about 12 years old, leveid on as property of Samuel Hall to satisfy sundry fi fas issued from a Justice Court for the 573 Dist G.M. in favor of Richard harvey vs said Samuel Hall.
Also the east half of lot of land, number 65, in the 7th dist originally Houston, now crawford county, containing 101 1/2 acres more or less, levied on as the property of Daniel Hudson to satisfy sundry fi fas issued from a justice court for the 573 GMD in favor of Joel B. Morgan. Morgan and Zorne and others vs the said Daniel Hudson--property pointed out by Gilleon J. Green, controlling said fi fas.
Also the south half of lot of land number 122 and all that portion of lot number 121, lying on the west side of Spring Creek; lying and being in the 7th district, originally Houston, now Crawford, containing 250 acres, levied on as the property of Ethreldred W. Knight, to satisfy one fi fa issued from Crawford Sup Ct. in favor of John Walpole vs Etheldred W. Knight and James A. Prosser.
Also lot of land number 191 in the 6th district of originally Houston, now Crawford county, levied on as the property of Joseph Birdsong to satisfy two fi fas issued from Upson Sup Court in favor of Travis A.D. Weaver, commissioner vs said Birdsong principal, Davis Dawson, Malichi Dawson, David Buff and John W. Evans, securities--properties pointed out by Henry G. Smith. Joel B. Morgan D. Sheriff

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold 1st Tues March Upson County , Thomaston, the one undivided half of Alphaus Beall deceased, in lot number one hundred and seventy eight, and all tha tpart of lots number one hundred and sixty three, and one hundred and sixty four, containing seventy-two acres and bought of Jackson Hartfield by said Alphaus and Thomson Graham; all lying in the tenth district of originally Monroe, now Upson county and being the settlement occupied by the said A. Beall and Thomson Graham. Also parcels, property of A. Beall, deceased: 101 1/4 acres - north half of 196, and forty acres off the east side of lot 213, and forty acres off the lot 121, all lying in the 10th district of originally Monroe, Now Upson. Mary C. Beall, Admrx.

ADMINISTRIX SALE. Will be sold 1st Tues in March, Thomaston, Upson County, the lot of land whereon Nancy C. EUBANKS formerly resided, containing 202 1/2 acres, and lying in the 16th district of originally Houston now Upson. Sold for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of Edward Eubanks. Nancy C. Eubanks, Admrx.

ADMINISTRATOR SALW. At last residence of Eli Wamock deceased, in county of Laurens, on the 1st Tues in March, the following property: two horses, a flock of sheep, and a lot of stock hogs and some 8 or 10 pounds of seed cotton. Monica Womack, Adminx

FOUR MONTHS--Application to Infer Court of Pulaski for leave to sell all the land and a part of the Negroes belonging to the estate of Thomas D. Walker, deceased, late of said county. George Walker, Exr.

January 10, 1849 Vol XXVI No 41

MARRIED. On the morning of the 25th December last in this city by the Rev. Wm M. Crumly, Mr. James A. Knight to Miss Mary E. Riochards, both of this city. SUMTER COUNTY SHERIFF'S SALE. 1st Tues in Feb, Americus, Sumter Co the following property.Thomas Howard's interest in lot #25, 17th dist, of originally Lee, now Sumter, his interest being 1/3 of said lot; levied on as said Howard's property to satisfy one fi fa from Justice court Columbia county, in favor of Evas & Parks vs said Howard.
Also Virgil A. Dixon's interest in lot #154 in 26th district of originally Lee, now Sumter, also his inters in a ten acre lot whereupon Marth R. Harvey now lives, it being a part of lot #175 in 27th dist of said county, said lot well improved all levied on as said Virgil A. Dixon's property to satisfy a fi fa from the Inf Ct of Sumter in favor of Joseph B. Askew by said Dixon. Green W. Wheeler, D Sheriff

JUSTICES AND CONSTABLES. At the election on Sat. last E.E. Brown and E.C. Grannis were elected Justices of the Peace of the 716 Dist G.M. F.F. Lewis was elected constable and there was a tie between David Ralston and H.F. Shaw for the same office. In 564th Dis, David Reid and Morton N. Burch were chosen Justices and John Eans and A.Ad elected constables.

SHERIFF SALES. DECATUR Co. Bainbridge on the 1st Tues of Feb.: Jack a man about twenty years of age; Delila and 4 children: Mary a girl about 6 years old; Jordan, a boy about 4 years of age; Walley, a boy about 3 years; Vina a girl about 2 years and also an infant child of Delila.
Clacy, a woman about 20 and her two children: Jim a boy about 3; Luke a boyu about 1 year. All levided on as the property of Charles F. Compton to satisfy the following fi fas: Demsey Harrel vs Charles F. Componton; Lott G. Owens vs Charles F. Compton; James C. Bower vs. C.F. Compton; Henry J Ullos vs C.F. Compton, and Wm Williasm vs Chares F. Compton. Sup Court Decatur
Also Elias H. Kemp vs C.F. Compton, and William H. Morris vs Lott J. Owens and Charles F. Compton and Daniel B. Douglass security on the appeal and Frederick Mansfield vs C.F. Compton, all issed out of the inf court of Decatur.

Also lot of land #330 in the 42 dis of Decatur co, levied on as the property of John P. Gauiden, to satifsy a fi fa issued Sup Court in favor of Alexander Douglass vs John P. Gauiden and Asa D. Smart security.
Also lot of land 308 in the 21st distt of said county, levied on as the property of John D. Burnery to satisfy a fi fa from Decator Supr Court in favor of James A. Douglass vs said Augustus J. Bell.
Also a centre table, sofa, half dozen cane bottomed chairs, bureau, small set of drawers and glass, wardrobe, four bedsteads, two small tables, crib, washstand, lot of books, folding leaf table, steel mill, yoke oxen, andville and vellows, brass clock, cow sideboard, clock, dining table, 25 split bottomed chairs, 12 common bedsteads, trunnel bedstead, 9 mattresses, 4 beds and clohting, cot 2 small looking glasses, 2 large maps, thermometer, 2 wash stands, 2 buckets, 2 prs andirons, 2 pr shovels and tongs, 3 pitchers and bowls, lot crockery and pot ware, half dozen common chairs.
Also six town lots whereon Levi Goodman now resides and occupies as a tavern and whereon there is a Law Office, formerly occuped by John Hays, lying and being in the town of Bainbridge and formerly owned by Bennett Crawford--all levied on as the property of Levi Goodman, to satisfy a fi fa Inf Court in favor of Hardy G. Crawford vs Levi Goodman, and Alexander A. Allen security.
Also a negro named Ben, about 13 years, levied on as the property of Edwin Ellis, deceased to satisfy a fi fa from the Sup Court in favor of T. Cunningham & Son vs Edwin pointed out by the widow. James Griffin Sher.

Lots # 5,99, 125, 126,141,161 = 4th dist
Lots # 31,58 - 6th district; #85 in 7th dist; #234 in 9th dist; #148, 149 in 10th district; #45,56,86,87,88,89,103,105,106,107,133,139,169,199 in 11th dist; all of said county Randoph levied on as the property of John Gerrard Coster, Charles Hecksher, Edward Heckher, Jas L. Pettigru and James Hamilton.
# 143 - 8th di property of Bryant W. Smith
#287 in 7th dist; Cullen W. Alexander.
#18 & 47 = 10th dis Oliver H.l Griffeth
#233 = 18th dist and #95 in 6th dist, Obadiah P. Cheatham
#47 = 11 dist. William G. Williams

MONROE - February Sheriff Sales
800 acres in 4th dist, adjoining the lands of Edmund M. Butler, and others; also a negro girl named Ella about 16 years old -- property of Stephen A. Mann, deceased to satisfy sundrey executions in favor of John L Thompson and William L. Farnbro, Administro of the estate of John Mann dec'd vs Aleander Johnson, Admin on estate of Stephen Mann dec'd and one issued from Monreo Sup Court in favor of Thomas Walker vs Stephen A. Mann, principle, Edmund M. Butler and Asa V. Mann, securities.
100 acres part of #90 in 14th dis, whereon Isaac Tollerson now lives--levied on as said Tollerson's property to satisfy one fi fa in favor of Jarrett Bryan, Adm of Stephen Baily dec'd.
Also 2 bedstead, 2 wardrobe, 1 candlestand, bureau, safe, slab and chest --the property of Henry W. Mitchell to satisfy a fi fa in favor of Reuben Wright, guardian of Mary A. Gibson.
One house and lot in village of Culloden adjoining James D. Lester, and Geraldus King, containing one acre--property of Norman Bryan to satisfy fi fa from a Justic Court in favor of Arthur Giun vs Norman Bryan and Wm J. Bryan.

Lots # 86, 87, 113, 114 1st dist known as Greenwood Plantation--property of James Hamiltong fi fa George L. Twigss, Trustee vs said Hamilton.
South half lot 48, Jackson St. Albany --property of Daniel T. Driggers fi fa Hunt & Pynchon vs said Driggers.
Lot #22 Broad St, Albany - prperty of Moses Sinqufield fi fa Jesse Cock, Admin vs said Sinqufield
Lot #116 - 9th dist property of FMR Morrison fi fa W.J. Tarvine vs said Morrison
Also machinery of Steamer Florence and person property of George B. King--fi fa E & R.R. Graves vs said King.
2 lots 2nd Dist --property of Canney Burnam fi fa Josiah Respass vs said Burnam.

Lot #105 5th dist - property of D.D. Smith mortgate fi fa Peter Howard vs said Smith
Lot #304 and 200 acres of lot 205 5th dist--property of D.D. Smith-mortgage fi fa J. Collins vs said Smith
Lot #331 5th dist, property of Jesse Williams, fi fa Thos Thames vs Williams & Dall and Alexander ve Jesse Williams

one bay mare--property of Robert N. Parish fi fa Edward Remmington vs said Parish
one bay mare--property of Samuel G. Williasm fi fa West Rountree vs said Williasm

Negro man Humphrey--property of William B. Maddox fi fa Obadia Smith vs W. B. Maddox and W.B. Maddox & W.S. Harrell
Negro boy, Jordan--property of David Graham fi fa William Smith vs Graham
Lot #167 1st Dis property of A.A. Morgan fi fa Michael Hanley vs A.A. Morgan and J.G. Morgan, security.
Lot #40, 9th dist--property of Daniel McLeod fi fa Huntington & Holcomb vs McLeod
#251 7th dist also wagon, harness and six mules--property of James T. Kigore fi fa from Bibb, Richard harvey vs said Kilgore and Josh Jordan.
Lots #253 251 and fractions 187 and 188 15th dist--property of Samuel C. Lippiett fi fa J.P. Boland vs said Lippiett
Lot #326 15th Dist property of Abner Holliday fi fa Wm Wright vs said Holliday
Lots 78 2nd dist property of R.A. Marshall fi fa T.J. Rivers vs said Marshall
Lot of Land 1st Dist on which E. Turner now lives fi fa Arthur C. Sayer vs said Turner
Lot #60 2nd dist property of Joseph Birdsong fi fa Daniel A Allen vs said Birdsong and David Buff.

FOUR months after application Decatur County for leave to sell the rea estate of Thomas H. Dickinson late of said county deceased. William Dickinson, Admr.

January 17, 1849 Vol XXVI No 42

LEE COUNTY. At the election in Lee County Messrs. Zadoc Jackson, S.C. Wyche, Abram Sasser, William Newsome and Hamilton Hatcher, were elected Justices of the Inferior Court. William G. Heald Reciever of Tax Returns and Edward Sessions colletc. All excet the last named are Whigs.

MARSHALL'S SALE. Macon city courthouse..a negro girl by the name of Julia levied on as the property of Mrs. Virginia Wilkinson to satisfy a fi fa issued by Mayor and county vs Virginia Wilkinson. S.W. Lanier Dept Marshall

STOP THE RUNAWAY. Runway from the subscriber, living in Houston Co, on the 2nd, a negro man by name of Jefferson, fortyfive years old, light brown complexion and very intelligent. He can read and write and will doubless attempt to pass himslef off as a freeman. He was formerly a Patroon on the Ocmulgee River and will no dobut make his way to Durien, Savannah or Charleston. A liberal rewar. Busbyville, Houston Co. Jacob W. Bason.

NOTICE. The subscriber has removed from Marion to Jeffersonville, Twiggs Co. All communication, newspapers and letters, hereafter addressed to him, must be directed to the latter place. James J. Scarborough.

BIBB COUNTY. James H. Amason applies for letters of Administration on the estate of Sarah Summerlin, late of this county deceased. Mark D. Clark, CCO

MONROE COUNTY. John C. Buys applies for letters of Administration on the esate of Thoms H. Dewberry, late of said county deceased. E.G. Cabaniss, CCO

WARE COUNTY. James Fulwood, guardian of the property of John Stevens, minor, appleis to me for Letters of Dismission from his said guardianship. Geo. B. Williamson, CCO

197 acres 11 dist whereon Michael Backalter now lives, 2 bay horses, 1 yoke oxen and cart, 7 likely Negroes--property of Michael Buckalter -- fi fa T. McLeroy vs said Backalter.
100 acres of land 11th dist whereon C.Y. Brooks lives fi fa W.A. Johnson and Wm Johnson vs A___ Owen.
Two negro men -- property of Dankin McKessack and one Negro man property of John B. Todd fi fa held by Joseph Day.

NOTICE to creditors. All persons indebetred to Matthew Simmons, late of Houston County, deceased, are requested to make immediate payment. A.T. Kendrick Adms

CRAWFORD SALES. Knoxville 1st Tues Feb. One negro woman Ginny, about 70 years old, levied on as the property of Andrew J. Preston fi fa issued in favor of Jacob Lowe vs Andrew J. Preston.

January 24, 1849 Vol XXVI No 43

DEATH. We regret to announce the death of James M. Kelly, Esq, Reporter for the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, at his residence in Perry, Houston Co on the morning of the 16th inst.

MARRIED. On the 18th by the Rev. James Williamson. Robert W. Radford of Twiggs County to Miss Eliza E. Coley daughter of John A. D. Coley, Esq of Pulaski County.
In Thomas County, on the 14th by Isaac G. Jourdan, Edq, Mr. William J. Heard to Miss Margaret E. Mitchell, daughter of Thomas G and Elizabeth Mitchell.

In Putnam County, on the 11th instant by William Davis, Esq, Mr. James Yancey to Miss Louisa Lee all of Putnam.

DIED. After a short but painful illness, on the night of the 14th at the residence of Mrs. Wm G. Smith, in this city, in the 16th year of her age, Miss Margaret Anderson, daughter of the late Capt Thos W. Anderson, formerly of Twiggs County. The subject of this brief notice was of exceedingly promising character.

In Fort Valley on the 17th Mrs. Martha Ann Walker, consort of George T. Walker in the 21s year of her age. It is deemed unnecessary to say anything in regard to her many suitable qualities as the character that she maintained in that village, and her deportment during the three years that she resided there prvious to her death. Mrs. Walker, though not a member of any church, left sufficient estimony behind her to solace her surviving friends and relatives. Three days before her death, while perfectly rational, she said that she could read her "title clear to mansions in the skjies". In conversing with Mr. Walker since her burial, he told me that the last words he heard her utter were, "all is peace". By her death a fond husband, an aged father and other relatives feel that a vaccum has been made in their circle which cannot be filled.

In this city on the 19th, Alberta, daughter of Hone E. D. and Mrs. Caroline W. Tracy, aged 20 months.

In Savannah on the 17th, after a short illness, Mr. Hugo Thompson, in the 34th year of his age. The deceased was from Baker County and was taken ill while on a visit to the city on business.

FOUR MONTHS NOTICE leave to sell real estate of Josiah F. Askew late of Bibb County deceased. Greene B. Haygood, Exr.

NEGRO RUNAWAY. Left the residence of the subscriber in Twiggs County on the 15th a Free negro man by the name of Wiliam McLaughlin about 5 feet nine inches high, spare made and yellow complected. Has a downcast appearance when spoken to. He will probably attempt to make his way to Washington County as his relations live there. As the undersigned is his legal guardian, has paid his taxes, and is responsible for his conduct all persona re forewarned against trading with or hiring him. Robert Radford

LOST. On Sunday monring last, between the store of A.M. Smith, East Macon and the Methodist Church, a hair bracelet with a cameo set. The finder will be suitable rewarded.

CRAWFORD COUNTY. Washington C. Cleveland, applies for letters of dismission as Guardian of Leatha A. McLendon and Jonathan McLendon, children of Johnathan McLendon, deceased. James J. Ray CCO

SUMTER COUNTY. Seth rogers and A. Rogers applies to me for letters of dismission from further liability on estate of Morgan Rogers, deceased. E. Nunn, CCO

UPSON COUNTY. Duke Williams applies for letters of Admin on estate of Jesse W. Williams, late of said county deceased.
Peter P. Butts, applies for letters of Admin with the will annexed on the estate of Mary Whitman, late of said county deceased.
Robert M Jackson and James Thweatt, apply for letters of admins on the estate of Kinchen P. Thweatt, late of said county deceased. W.A. Cobb, CCO

TATTNALL COUNTY. James Tillman, guardian of Cassandra Tillman, a minor, having applied to the court for letters of dismission.
Abraham Eason, guardian of Eliz E. Tillman, a minor, applied for letters of dismission. D.La Motta Sheftall, CCO

DECATUR COUNTY.Application of Durant Hartsfield, Admin on estate of Wiliam A. Williams, deceased applies for letters of dismission.
Daniel Macinnie, Admin on estate of John Mcinnie, dec'd, applies for Letters of Dismission.
Richard Wilson, Admins on estate of James Wilson, dec'd applies for Letters of dismission. J.Law, CCO
Daniel B. Douglass, guardian to William, Martha and Thomas Painter, minors, orphans of Thomas Painter, deceased has removed out of said state. Clerk of Court cites and calls on persons and Mr. Douglass to shew cause why he should not be removed and a new guardian appointed.
Mary Williams, guardian of Thomas Williams, minor applies for letters of dismission. J. Law, CCO

DECATUR. Notice to debtors. All persons present demands against the esate of Nathan N. Vickers, late of Louisiana, deceased. Sarah A. Vickers, Admix

UPSON COUNTY. Four months notice for leave to sell real estate of Andrew W. Baekre, deceased, except the widow's dower, for the benefit of heirs. Wm H. Hicks, James M. Hicks. Admin.

January 31, 1849 Vol XXVI No 44

HOUSTON LODGE No 35. Perry, GA January 19, 1849
At a regular meeting of the Lodge on this day, the following preamble and resolutions were adopted: As a member of the Bar, he possessed fine legal attainments....In all relations of life, he was distinguished for his kindness and integrity. He was a kind neighbor, a gnerous and faithful friend, an affection husband, and a humane master. (Minutes of Houstong Lodge No. 35. B. Batton, Secretary

DIED. At Tuskegee, AL on Monday the 15th January 1849, Mrs. Mary D. HOLT, widow of Hines HOLT Sen in the 75th year of her age.
In this city, on the 24th William DEVEAUX, formerly of Wilkes County, but for the last 8 years a resident of this city, aged 60 years. Mr. D was for some time employed at this office, and among the oldest printers in this state.

CRAWFORD MARCH SALE. First Tues in March, Knoxville, Land Lots #29, 30, 31 in the 7th district, originally Houston, now Crawford county, the place whereon Thomas C. Howard now lives. Also No 175 in the 8th district, originally Houston, now Crwaford, containing 75 acres, all levied on as the property of Thomas C. HOWARD, to satisfy a fi fa one issued from Crawford Sup Ct in favor of Jesse L BAKER vs Thomas C. HOWARD; one issued from Crawford Inf Cut in favor of Edmund M C. Robinson vs John W. Howard, principal, and Thomas C. Howard, security. Joel Morgan, D Sher

CRAWFORD MORTGAGE. 1st Tues in April, Knoxville, the following property: Martin Van Buren, a negro boy, 14 years old, levied on as the property of John T. Barns, to satisfy a mortgage fi fa issued from Talbot Inf Ct in favor of Richard B. Rucker.

THOMAS MARCH SALES. Thomasville, 1st Tues March. One negro boy by the name of Eleck, about 10 years old, levied on by virtue of a fi fa issued out of Thomas Superior Court, in favor of James W. Smith, surviving partner vs Isaac G. Jordan, Admin of the estate of Henry Heeth, dec'd.
Also Lots Nos 1 and 4, square letter H, in the town of Thomasville, known as the premises on which William Hunnewell formerly lived, levied on fi fa Thomas Sup Court, Nov term 1845, in favor of Hardy Bryan vs William Hunnewell. Wm. Ivey, Sher

MACON SALES. Lanier Courthouse one male slave named Squire, about 5 ft 8 or 9 inces high, stout built and black complexion. Levied on as property of Turner G. Pearce, sundry Justices fi fa issued from Houston Co; in favor of John Barton vs said Pearce, principal and Arthur Bardin, security.
Also one lot of pine land # 93 in 1st district of originally Muscogee, now Macon co, with about 125 acres cleared, whereon John J. Chewning resided at the time of his removal from said Macon Co. levied on as the property of Adnerson Stembridge to satisfy a fi fa from Sumter Sup Cout in favor of John J. Chewning vs Anderson Sternbridge. Thomas Dixon D Sher

UPSON COUNTY MARCH SALES. Will be sold at Court House door in Thomaston: the place now occupied by Elijah Smead as a dwelling and Tan-yard, containing 4 acres; 2 wheelbarrows, 3 cords tan-bark, 1 yoke oxen and ox cart. Levied on Elijah SMEAD to satisfy a fi fa upon Upson Superior Court in favor of George W. Ashburn vs sais Smead.
Also 100 acres land (No. not known) with the Mill thereon, now in possession of Jamces C. McCord, levied on as property of William H. Thurmond, to satisfy a fi fa from Upson Inf Court, in favor of William D. Gooch vs William H. Thurmond and David Bluff.
Also one Negro woman named Mourngin about 24 yrs; one Negro girl named Jane about 6 yr; and the North half of lot Land #40 formerly Houston, now Upson, 16th Dist, levied on as the property of Crawford Martin to satisfy a fifa from Upson Inf Ct. in favor of Allen McWalker vs Crawford martin and Roswell Powell and one from Upson Supr Court in favor of Edwin C. Turner vs Crawford Martin and William Rainey.
Also lot of land #222 in the 15th Dist of formerly Monroe, now Upson Co, levied on as property of Whitwell Bryant to satisfy a fi fa from Pike Sup Ct. in favor of Alfred Tarver vs Whitwell Bryant and William J. Flournoy. Levy made by Samuel Caraway, former Sheriff and claim interposed and land found subject on trial of the claim.

SUMTER MARCH SALES. 1st Tues in March, Americus, Sumter County: 167 1/2 acres of lot of land #187 in 27th dist of originally Lee now Sumter Cou, levied on as the property of James R. Cox to satisfy a fi fa from Sup Ct of Stewart Co, in favor of the Central Bank of Georgia vs said J.R. Cox.
Lot of land #291 in 28th dist of originally Lee, now Sumter county, levied on as property of James McCrary - fi fa Justic's Court of Crawford in favor of Reubin Roberts vs said McCRARY.
Also lot of land (No. not known) in 27th dist formerly Lee, now Sumter county, it being the place whereon Duncan C. Peterson now lives, and levied on as his property-fi fa Justice's Court of Sumter in favor of Newman McGan vs said Peterson.
Lot of alnd #56 in 27th Dist of originally Lee, now Sumter Co, property of John Underwood - fi fa from Justice's Court of Sumter in favor of James A. BRYANT vs said John UNDERWOOD. Greem M Wheeler, D Sheriff

SUMPTER MORTGAGE SALES. 1st Tues. Americus. 3/4 on the east side of lot #231 it being 150 acres, lying in the 27th dist of Sumter co, levied as proprety of Cornelius Smith - mortgage fi fa from Sumter Sup Ct. in favor of John Scott vs said Smith,
Also lot of land in Americus, 1 3/4 acre, bounded south and west by Thomas C. Sulivan, on which he resides, north by a public road from Americus to Lumpkin, east by what is called the Basey Lot, owned by Edmund Nunn, levied on as property of Alexander B. Greene, mortgage fi fa Sumter Sup Ct, in favor of Edwin R. Brown vs said Greene.
Also 6 lots of land (#326 in 15th dist; #6 in 16th dist; #136,151,192 and 12 in 26th dist, all Sumter Co, levied on as the property of John Girar Coster, Chas A. Heckscher, Edward Heckscher, James L. Petigrue and James Hamilton to satisfy a Mortgage fi fa from Sumter Sup Ct in favor of Vanderhoop, Samuel P. Labouchere, J.B. Stoop, Henry Mathew Labouchere and Ernest Sallern, merchants and co-partners, under the firm of Hop & Co. GM Wheeler.

FOUR MONTHS, Inf Ct of Macon for leave to seel one undivided half of Lot #37 and 3/5 of lot #28 both in 2nd dist of originally Muscogee, now Macon Co. Also Lots #1 &2, Letter K. Lot #3, letter D and Lot #2 Letter A in the town of Lanier; part of real estate of J.J. Hangabook, late of said county dec'd, for benefit of the heirs. Harriet Haugabook, Admr.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Walker Co, La Fayette Courthouse, Lot # 239 in 9th dist of 4th section, now Walker Co. Sold by order of court as property of John RAWLS, dec'd. Charles E. Taylor, Caroline M. Rawls, Admins.

BUTTS Co. Jackson Courthouse. Eight negroes, three women, 1 girl about 13 yrs old, and 4 children. Also 100 acres of land, near the Indian Springs, whereon Mary NOLEN, lunatic, formerly lived. William Nolen, Guardian.

BIBB CO. Macon. Executor's sale. Tract of 202 1/2 acres of land #52 in the 4th dist, originally Houston, now BIBB, belonging to the estate of Felicity M. Reid, dec'd for benefit of heirs. John Guimarin, Exr.

GUARDIAN SALE. Macon Co. Agreeable to Inf Ct 20 acres of land, in 1st dist of said county, known as property of Georgietta Shepherd, minor of George J. Shepherd, dec'd, and sold for the benefit of said minor. Wiley T. Wilks, Guardian

MACON CO. John T. Brown, surviving Admin of Robert Brown, late of said county, dec'd, has duly applied for Letters of cause why said Admin should not be discharged. W.W. Corbitt, CCO

MONROE CO. John SHANNON and James M CLOWER, apply for letters of Admin on estate of Littleton JOHNSON, late of said county dec'd. E.G. Cabaniss CCO

DECATUR CO. Nancy HAWTHORN, applies for Letters of Admin on estate of Jonathan C. Hawthorn, late of said county, dec'd. Joseph Law, CCO

WARE CO. David J. MILLER, Admin and Elizabeth YARBROUGH, ADmx of estate of William Yarbrough, late of said county dec'd applies for letters of dismission. George B. Williamson

UPSON. Thomaston 27th Jan 1849. At a large public meeting of the citizens of the county of Upson for the purpose of taking into consideration the action of Congress upon the slavery question, Mr. Robert Collier was called to the Chair, and Mr. Travis A.D. Weaver appointed Secretary--when Gen Evans arose and expalined the object of the meeting, in a short and concise speech, and Mr. Matthew H. Sandwich then arose and offered the following preamble and resolutions for adoption:
When, in the course of human events, the power of Government becomes subversive of the rights of the people, it is the most sacred duty of freemen to redress the wrong....
Resolved, That on the Slavery Question we are one, Sourtherners, slavery men....
Resolved, That we maintain our rights as equals in this Union, by resiting, peaceable if we can, the encroachments of the Government of the United States upon slavery, and forciby if we must.... (abstracts of the column)
Mr. Obadiah C. Gibson rose and sustained the above resolutions with a lengthy, able and argumentative speech. The resolutions were then put upon their passage, when they were unanimously adopted.
On motion of Mr. John J. Cary, after an able speech by him, the meeting adjourned.

THE UPSON MEETING. The tone of our Upson friends is certainly very manly and decided, and we have no doubt that, should a crisis come, they will be sustained by the entire South without distinction of party.....The North is evidently assuming a more cautious and conciliatory course...give evidence that the beeter class of Northern politicians are receding from their positions, and that the whole question will be passed over to Gen Taylor's administration, by which it will be easily and satisfactorily settled.

INTRODUCTION OF SLAVES. We understand that Judge Floyd, during the recnt session of the Superior Court of Bibb County, called the attention of the Grand Jurors to the violation of the existing Laws of Georgia, which prohibit the introduction of Negroes for sale from adjacent States.
1. The large influx of Negroes from Maryland, Virginia, and other States, tended to depreciate the value of every Negro already in the State; that it greatly increased the production of cotton, and consequently prevented the platners of Georgia from securing as high a price as they might otherwise obtain.
2.That, under the existing state of things,....was virtually paying Virginia, Maryland and Kentucky for emancipating their slaves--that under the existing excitement on the subject, they were sending off their young Negroes to the South and retainingly only the old ones, thus securing, at no distant day, the utter overthrow fo the institution of slavery in those states.
3. Judge Floyd further contended that the introcudction of slaves, as before alluded to, is silently but effectually doing more towards the ultimate destruction of our slave institutions than all the efforts of all the abolistionists and fanatics in the North--that it was holding out a premium to the bordere States to get rid of the agitation, by selling their Negroes and becoming as hostile to the South as the fiercest fanatics in New England or Ohio.
By the penal code of 1833 the introducton of slaves from other States is strictly prohibited, except to residents domiciliated and to those moving into the State with the view of becoming residents. The penalty is $500 for each slave illegally introduced, and hard labor in the Penitentiary for not less than one nor over 4 years.
We fully agree with Judge Floyd that the laws ought to be rigidly enforced, and that the existing traffic ought to be entirely broken up. One of the principlal advantages arising from this course to the Southern States is that it would force the current of Negro emigration to the West, and thereby stregnthen the institution in the border States of Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri.

February 7, 1849 Vol XXVI No 45

The immediate family of Gen Taylor, consisting of Mrs. Taylor, Col. W.W. S. Bliss and Lady and Maj Hunter and Ladey, left this city on Monday morning last, en route, for Washington City. They were escorted from Barnesville by the Mayor and a Committee of gentlemen and took lodgins at the Washingto Hall. In obedience to the generally expressed wish of the Committee and Citizens.

Tuesday 23 Jan 1849
The Honorable the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia met pursuant to adjournment, present their Honors Joseph Henry Lumpkin, Hiram Warner, and Eugenius A. Nisbet, Judges.
The death of Major James M Kelly the Reporter of this Court, having been appointed to the Court on motion of G.E. Thomas Esq.
Committee appointed to adopt a suitable memorial: Messrs. G.E. Thomas, Hines Holt, and W.J. Welborn.

By application to the Post Master of this City information can be obtained that may be of benefit to the mother or other near relatives of Elias D. Fields, who recently died in the army. He belonged to Company "A", Capt A.K. Blyth of 2nd Reg't Mississippi Rifles. His mother is supposed to reside in the vicinity of Macon and to have married a second time.

Recommend that Inferior Court levy a tax sufficient to create $500 for the purpose of the Poor School fund, to educate 412 children.
Regret that pauperism is on increase in this county. Request Legislature to pass a law authorizing the Inferior Court to purchase a suitable farm where paupers may be sent to earn a portion of their support.
Request Legislature representatives to alter the present Tax Law to levy ad valorem tax. The present Tax Law is unequal and unfair to merchants and citizens who live within the incorporated towns.

A.E. Earnest, Foreman

John Harper

B.H. Moultrie

C.G. Wheeler

A.B. Hartwell


L.P. McManus

N.H. Beall

S.W. Babcock

E. Russell

J. Hollingsworth, Jr.

Thomas H. Flint

Robert Caine

W.G. Hage

Amos Benton

John Eames

Edmund Blake

Sol R. Johnson

Jonathan Wilder

J.M. Boardman

L.J. Groce

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. At late residence of Abner F. HOLT, dec'd on Sat Feb 24, the Medicine, medical books and shop furniture. C.W. Raines, Admin

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Thirty Negroes to be sold in Marion, TWIGGS County. Property of James S. Faulk, late of said county, deceased. William Faulk, Executor

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Dublin, Laurens Co, two Negroes, Clarissa and her infant child, Emily, belonging to the Estate of Joshua Hightower, late of said county dec'd. Sold under the last will of dec'd for benefit of heirs. F.C. Hightower, J.E. Hightower, Exec.

LAND SALE. 4 months from application Butts County, to sell land belonging to Cyrena Brown, Late of Butts County dec'd. C.F. Newton, Adm

NOTICE. All persons indebted to Theophilus Bateman, late of Marion Co, dec'd should render them immediately. Middleton McDonald - Jemima Bateman, Exrs.

MALE ACADEMY. Rev. P.A. Strobel opened his Academy at corner of 1st and Mulberry Streets.

February 14, 1849 Vol XXVI No 45

PUBLIC MEETING. A public meeting was held at the Courthouse in Macon for the pupose of taking some action in reference to the Abolition movements in Congress and the Northern States of this Union.
Col Wm B. Parker, Chair; Geo W. Fish and James M. Green were appointed Secretaries.
Col Chappel spoke of the threat to the Southern States. Wm H. Amerson, Esq presented resolution.

UPSON COUNTY. 6th Feb. corporators of Thomaston Railroad Company, William A. Cobb, Chair, Thomas F. Bethel, Secretary. Moved by C.C. Gibson, Esq that a committee be appointed to investigate the building of a Railroad from Barnesville, Pike County to Thomaston (John J. Cary, Curran Rogers, James W. Greene, Thomas Flewellen, Francis A.D. Weaver, Thomas W. Goode be committee.

SONS OF TEMPERANCE will celebrate the birth day of Washington, Thursday, 22nd by a processional and address by Dr. Holms Steft at the Baptist Church.

PULASKI. The owner of lot No 247 in the 15th dist originally Wilkinson, now Pulaski County, can find a purchaser by addressing Copeland PO Telfair Co. J. Bishop

FOR SALE. A likely NEGRO WOMAN, about 30 years old, with two children, one 3 years old the other 18 months. They will be sold low and on liberal terms. Enquire at office. Macon

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Decatur Co - Bainbridge. Lots 250 acres 20 dist, originally Early, now Decatur, known as No 91; No 277, 150 acres, lying in 16th dist. Also the NW corner of lot No 79 in 20th dist - 50 acres- whereon has been or is a set of old mills. To be sold for benefit of heirs of Richard Whitaker, dec'dd. John J. Forsyth, Admr

POSTPONED ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Decatur. 1st Tues April. Lands belonging to estate of Martin HARDEN, dec'd No 334 - 353 - 351- and fractional parts of No 355; No 356; 357; 358; all in 14th dist. J. Law, Administor de bonis non

DECATUR. By order of Court of Ordinary 1st Tues May property of estate of James FREEMAN, dec'd: lot of land No 253 21st Dist; Tom, a Negro man aged 50 years and Polly a woman aged 60 years. Hannah Freeman, Admin.

SUMPTER COUNTY. William D. Dupree applies for letters of administartion on the estate of John Dupree late of said county deceased. Louis Bruner, CCO

February 21, 1849 Vol XXVI No 47

THE RESULT. On the 14th inst both Houses met in Convention for the purpose of counting the votes for President and Vice-President and after counting the ballots, made the declaration to ZACHARY TAYLOR being elected President and MILLARD FILLMORE Vice President of the United States for four years from the 4thof March next ensuing.

THE WEATHER SNOW. The weather during last week was unusually cold...falling as low a 15 degrees. Our neighbors in Savannah and Charleston had quite a snow storem on Friday morning and even in Macon on Sunday a few descending flakes were visible. The early garden vegetable have dobutless suffered much and we fear that the prospect for fruit has been somewhat injured.

DEATH OF JUDGE TRACY. We regret to announce the death of Hon Edw D. Tracy which took place at his residence in this city yesterday morning. Judge Trace was a native of Connecticut, but has resided in this city for nearly a quarter of a century and titled, with credit to himself and benefit to the public, many important statons of honore and profit. His funder will take place this morning at 10 1/2 oclock.

SUDDEN DEATH. We regret to learn of the decease of James S. BULLOCK, Esq of Roswell, Cobb County. He expired of an organic affection of the heart suddenly while sitting in his pew in Church. He was a worthy citizen, a polished gentleman and a man of untiring energy and enterprise.

THOMASTON RAILROAD. Residents of Upson County has already in addition to her heavy production of cotten some four or five manufactorics in successful operation. Others are in process of construction and the water power is said to be almost without limit. The proposed road from Barnesville to Thomaston extend over a continuous plain so level as to require scarcely any expenditure for grading.

CRAWFORD SUPERIOR COURT. George W. Towns, Governor pltf in Error vs Elijah Hicks and Uel Webb, Deft in error. Debt.
1)A judgement on a rule absolute against a Sheriff, does not preclude a party from an action on his bond.
2)A fi fa issued on a judgement, founded upon a rule absolute against a Sheriff is irregular and void, an attachment for contempt being the proper remedy. Judgement reversed. Hunter and Hammond for pltff in error. Hall, Green and Cause for deft in error.

CRAWFORD SUPERIOR COURT. George W. Towns, Governor pltf in Error vs Thomas Andrews
, Deft in error. Debt.
1)Action against a Sheriff for an escape on mesne process, the insolvency of the original debtor may be shown in mitigation of damages.
2)Under the act of 1799, plt'f can only recover in an action on Sheriff's bond, for an escape, the damages sustained, and not the specific amount of his debt.
3)The opinion of a witness may be given in evidence to show the insolvency of the original debtor, when the facts are detailed upon which such opininon is founded.
Judgement affirmed. Poe, Nesbit and Hall for pl'tf in error. Huner for de'ft in error.

MONROE SUPERIOR COURT. John Pinckard, pltf in error vs Daniel Ponder, def't in error. Assumpsit.
A contract, usurious in its origin and compounded annually for several years at usurious rates, was afterwards purged of the usury by the parties. Hoeld, that a note given in renewal thereof for the original principal an dlegal interest thereon, calculated by annual rests, is not usurious; the party having the right, at each renewal to add the prinicpal and legal interest together, so as to become principal in the new note.
Judgement affirmed. Hayman and King for Pltf in error. Trippe and Battle for Deft in error.

MONROE SUPERIOR COURT. Augus, M.D. King vs the Central Bank. Motion.
An endorser upon a note is not released from liability upon a judgement thereon, by the discharge of the maker, under the Bankrupt Act of 1842. Judgement affirmed. Kind and S.T. Baily for pltf in error. Powers and Whittle for deft in error.

MONROE SUPERIOR COURT. John F. Thompson, pft'f in error vs Wm F. Mapp def't in error. Debt.
1)In an action on a forthcoming bond, conditioned to deliver property to the Sheriff, when required by him: Held unnecessary to show a personal demand for the property, the advertisement being a sufficient notice to the party.
2)Under the act of 1847, a party is compelled to make just such answers to interrogatories as he would be required to make to a bill of discovery in Equity.Judgement reversed. Powers and Whittle for pltff in Error. Hammond for deft in error.

PIKE SUPERIOR COURT. Jeremiah Leak, pltf in error vs Charles McDowell, deft in error. In Equity.
The writ of error dismissed, because the Clerk below failed to certify and send up a complete transcript of the record within 10 days after the filing the notice of the signing the bill of exception. S.T. Baily for the motion; C.J. McDonald, contra

DEKALB SUPERIOR COURT. John S. Fall, Admr plt'f in error vs Adam Q. Simmons et al deft in error. In Equity.
1)When parties go to trial, upon the bill and answer, with exemplifications attached to each, and repplication filed: Held that the complainant is entitled to the conclusion.
2)An Administrator is entitled to no commissions when he does not make regular annual returns. Judgement affirmed. Wm Ezzard for pl'f in Error. WW Clark for deft' in error.

David Giles, pl'f in error vs State of GA deft in error - Libel.
1)An indictment for a libel, placed in a situation in which it might have been seen and read: Held that it is unnecessary either to aver or prove that the libel was seen or read
2)If the libel import slander or defamation upon its face: Held unnecessary to insert inuendoes in the bill of indictment
3)In an application for a new trial upon the ground of newly discovered evidence: Held that the affidavit of a party that A had informed him that B had informed him (A.) that he (B.) would prove "thus and so" is insufficient. Judgement affirmed. Giles and Hunter for pl'f in error. S. Hall for def't in error.

HEARD SUPERIOR COURT. Charles Foster, plt'f in Error vs Wilson W. Brooks, Admr, def't in error. Trover.
1) Immunity is a fact, susceptible fo proof as any other fact, in the ordinary mode, and therefore does not fall within the execeptions to hearsay evidence.
2)General reputation is inadmissible to prove the insanity of a perons
3)A verdict in Trover, in this State, isn the usual form, for so much damages, is to be discharged by the delivery of the propery within a limited time is good and valid.
4)A new trial will not be granted on account of the admission of illegal evidence, if there was sufficient testimony that was legal to authorize the finding of the jury--otherwise, when there is a palpable conflict in the legal evidence.
5)In an action of trover, it is error in the Court to charge th jury "that they should find the highest proven value of the property" and a new trial will be granted therefore. Judgement reversed. O. Warner and D. Irwin for Plft' in error. Wm Doughterty and Burch for deft' in error.

TROUP SUPERIOR COURT. Sherwood R. Womack pl'f in erro vs Greenwood, Exe def't in Errot - Equity.
A. dies leaving his will, with the caluse" the payment of his debts, his executor was to his legatees their respective shares,upon arriving at age. B. qualifies as executor goes on to sell a large portion of the estate and no returns. C. one of the legatess assigns... share of the estate to D. and afterwards administers on the Estate of C., etc. Held that a general Demurrer to the bill. Judgemetn reversed.

HOUSTON SUPERIOR COURT George Hay, Adm et al vs The Inferior Court, Macon County - Debt.
1) in an action by a guardian against the Administrator of a former guardain and the securities of latter: Held that the Administrator of the estate which the wards were distributees is an....sitness to prove the receipt of money from ...the former guardian.
2)The bare reception of money by a guardian is not evidence of waste and therefore not a breach of bond.
3)In an action on a guardian's bond the ...damages is the money received by him ...
Judgement reversed. John Giles for pl'f. Warren and Franks for def't in Error.

DIED in this city, on the 4th inst Emeline L.C. Goddard, daughter of the late Bailey and Catherine R. Goddard in the 17th year of her life.

MARRIED on the 14th inst by the Rev. Mr. Fuller, Amos Lasseter, Esq of Twiggs County to Miss Elizabeth R. Harmon of Monroe County, GA.
In this place on Wednesday evening, the 14th inst by the Rev. Washington Baird, Col John T. Smith, Secretary Executive Department to Miss Laura Virginia Ralston of Macon.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Inf Court Twiggs Co. to be sold in Lee County, Starksville, on 1st Tues in May. Lot No 57 in 12th Dist of said county. Sold as the property of Samuel PATE, late of Twiggs County dec'd for the benefit of heirs and creditors. James Averett, Adms

BIBB COUNTY. Whereas RHODY McLAUGHLIN, a Free Woman of Color about 5 ft 3 in high about 28 years of age applies to me for Registry in the Clerk's Office of the Inft Court, and for her child about 8 years old, and also for the appointment of John B. Cumming as Guardian for herself and child. File any objection within 10 days. E.G. Jeffers, Clerk. Feb 19 1849

UPSON COUNTY. Stolen from my wagon, 6 miles East of Columbus on the morning of the 16th instant, a large black, flop-eared horse mule 5 or 6 yrs old, much chafed with the harness. A common wagon saddle, much worn and blind-bridle was taken at same time. The mule was taken by a white man, name unknown, well dressed, with a goatee beard, smartly grey wearing a redish cloth cap and cloth gaiter shoes, with a row of buttons on the front of his shoes. $20 reward will be paid for the apprehension of the thief, and delivery of Mule or $10 for the Mule above. C. Rogers. Thomaston, Upson Co

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. DeKalb County Inf Court ordered, sold at Courthouse at Lanier, Macon County, on 1st Tues May Lot No 154 in 15th dist originally Houston, now Macon county. Said lot sold as the property of John Adams, deceased. Daniel Stone, Admr.

TWENTY DOLLAR REWARD. The subscriber will give the above reward for the apprehensio of a negro man named ANDREW, dark complextion about 30 years - no particular marks recollected. The above sum will be given to any person that will deliver said boy to me or lodge him in any safe jail. Anson Ball (Rain's Post Office, Twiggs County)

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