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Indian Atrocities

I am attempting to gather genealogical accountings of Indian Atrocities through newspapers.  Many times entire families were lost to Indian Raids and the homes burned and if a bible existed this would have perished also. These accounts, hopefully will help someone identify the family members.
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Oglethorpe Echo - Apr 14 1876
Indian Atrocities
Someone named Fenwick wrote an article and submitted it in the "Indian Atrocities Section"

it went something to the effect of he would relate an incident which occurred in Oglethorpe Co., GA which
showed no sympathy and the inhumanity of the Indian race.  Note this accounting is not as it was written
but rather an abbreviated excerpted version. 

In 1791, on the South-side of Broad River, not many miles from Mill Stone, lived Old Man Bridges. 
During this time the line of the Cherokee Nation cornered where "Cherokee Corner Church" (hence its name now), now stands,
running NE to the Savannah River, crossing Broad River not far north of where Old Man Bridges lived.  These Cherokee Indians were
continually crossing their border line, coming into the territory of the whites and committing the worst attrocities.  So, it was necessary
that the whites build as close to each other as possible, that they might assist one another when these Indians were raiding among them. 
At this time there were no other families living near Old Man Bridges except his 2 sons, who were married and lived in the same house w/him.
The elder son David, had a little girl Nannie and she was Grandpa's pet.  One day he started to the field and she cried to go with him, he
took her in his arms and carried her to the mulberry tree that was in open view a couple hundred yards from the house.  While he was feeding
little Nannie ripe berries from the tree, the crack of a rifle was heard not more than 10 steps away and Old Man Bridges fell over dead.
Even quicker 3 Indians sprang from the bushes nearby where they had lain concealed, and one scalped Old Man Bridges anad a second one
snatched Little Nannie from his arms and grasping her by her little feet he held her up, with her head downwards while a third with a long knife
 too graphic to continue... 

Submitted by Brenda Pierce


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