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Transcribed by Joyce McMurray

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13 Nov/ 1809

By A. M.
Samuel M. Mordecai, Auctioneer Miss Caroline Louisa Westermyer, dau of
Andrew Westermyer, Gold Smith, formerly of Charleston SC... (no exact date

A. Phares Taylor (from New Jersey) informs the public ,of his business ,next to Dent's tavern...

Jesse Prosser, cabinet maker,

W. Jordan.. boot and shoe maker...

12 Dec. 1809

Baldwin County
Estate Sale
at the dwelling house of Thomas Jewell ,all his property signed
Catherine Jewell admix...

Died In Augusta. Major at law...age 56

Sheriff's Sale
Randolph, Co.
Lot #223/ of Bailey Brooks in favor of William
Goodson. signed J. Evans... D. Sheriff

Jones County
Strayed, live stock....signed James Weeks

19 Dec. 1809

Acts, passed by the General Assembly..

Josha Gringe the right to erect a ferry over little river, Lincoln Co. on
the road leading from Augusta to Petersburg...

Divorce., William Sorrow and his wife Priscilla

Charles  R. Carter to erect a too-bridge across Little River,Wilkes

James Smith to collect tax in Camden Co.

26 Dec.1809

Estate Sale....
Putnam Co.
Sold at Thomas Reid's mill, property of Joseph Reid. dec'd. Thomas Reid

Sheriff's Sale
Jones Co.
Property  of John Cox, in favor of Allen Pemberton...

9 Jan. 1810

Sheriff's Sale
Laurens Co.
Property of Francis favor of Thomas McGrief.. signed Isaac
Kirsey, Sheriff.

23 Jan 1810

Wilkenson Co. Commissioners:
Stephen Johnson
John Eady Se.
Elkanah Lofton
Philip Pitman
William Cauley

James B. M'Cready,Taylor.....

30 Jan. 1810

Mrs. Sarah Devereux, consort of J. W, Devereux .

Putnam Co 23 Jan. Robert Sturges son of Rev. Daniel Struges of Columbia
Co. age 38

6 Feb.1810

Sheriff's Sale..
Morgan Co.
Land ,on the waters of  Oconee and Appalatchee Rivers. property of Henry
D. Stone  in favor of Joshua Moody...was pointed out by Pascal H
Harrison...signed A. M'Affee...D.Sheriff.

13 Feb. 1810

1 Feb. James Rousseau, to Miss Lavenia Few. dau of  Ignatius Few esq.. of
Columbia Co

Died 1 Feb. Mrs. Margaret Twining ....

27 Feb. 1810

Married..  By A. M Devereux.. Robert Hill to Miss Luey Wilkinson.

20 March 1810

Putnam County
Superior Court
Robert Wallace for retailing liquors without a license,witness John
James Wood for the same offence...witness..Aristarchus Wood....
John Kimbro and Charles Scaggs for fighting..witness >>Maj. Lewelling
Thomas Napier and Joseph D.Fannin for same.witness..Gaberieal
Thomas Lawson for stricking and otherwise abusing Caleb Mercer,and
insane person.
Wlliam D.Lane..forman
Robert Weddington
James Williams
John Zachry
Stephen Marshall
Isaac Holland
James Langley
John C.Meson
James Allen
Gideon George
Anthony Hillaway
John Manly
Gabriel Richardson
Burwell Rogers
David D.Phelps
Benjamin Whitfield
George Williams
John Perry

3 April 1810

Putnam County
Strayed from my plantation,on Murder Creek, 22 March...2 Horses...Reward
signed,,Kitchen Curl

My wife,Amy Hardee, has left my bed and board...signed Thos. Hardee..

17 April 1810
My wife, Peggy Ann Williams,has left my bed and board..signed Arthur

Laurnes County..
Nancy Brazeal,has appiled for letters of adm., on the estate of Willie
Brazeal..signed A.Love,C.C.O.

24 April 1810

Cotton Bagging,and cotton cords  # 10,just recieved and for sale by
Peter Menard

1 May 1810

Baldwin co.
Estate Sale
Property of John Peterson,tract of land lying on the Water-fork of the
Buffaloe in Hancock Co..adj. Thomas Moughon.. signed John Crowder,agt'
for the exo'r...

15 May 1810

Green County
Superior Court..

James Nisber,forman
Robert Greer
Jeremiah Early
Elijah Robbins
George W.Foster
Lemuel Greene
John Riley
Jesse D.Greene
Malichi Murden
James R.Jenkins
Douglas Watson
Francis Boykin
Littleberry Watts
Jacob Mitchell
Redman Thornton
Thomas Greer
John Bush
William McGibbony
William Smith
Littleberry Gresham
Samuel Harper
Robert Rea

12 June 1810

Reward; Horse strayed or stolen fom Milledgeville,,,Horse was raised by
Major James Evans of Hancock Co.   Singed J.W.Devereux...

For Sale;;;2021/2 acers...#185 /6dist.  Jones County...on Commissioner
Creek. at the Flat Shoals..
Daniel Cobb,living on the premises..signed Ezekiel Cobb...

Sheriff's Sale
Telfair County.
2021/2 acres... 8 dist of Wilkinson,Co. now Telfair Co.
Property of Solomon favor of William Harris
Signed Cullin Edwards..S.T.C.

4 July 1810

My wife Catharine Perdue,has left my bed and board...signed James

11 July 1810

Eleazar Early,esq ,has been chosen  as Cashier of the Bank of Augusta...

18 July 1810

My wife Susan, has left my bed and board...signed Batts Newsom...

25 July 1810

My wife,Eliza, has left my bed and board..signed  James Cupp...

Died;  21 July age 55 ..William Sims,..was a hero of '76...

1 Aug. 1810

$10 Reward.
Runaway, a negro woman named Hannah,about 30 years...of a yellow
signed John White, Capt...Putnam County....

8 Aug.1810

Sheriff's Sale
Jones Co.
Property of of favor of George Cross.....signed, James

Estate Sale...
Jones Co.
Property of Philip Hunter ...One lot 10 dist...on waters of big Cedar
Creek...Signed Elisha Hunter adm...

29 Aug. 1810

Runaway.. Negro,named Farmer..about 23/24 years...In the employ of Joel
M'Clendon,to whom he was hired....deliver him to me at Flat Shoals,Jones
County..signed William Lee....

Grand Jury
Wilkinson Co.
Robert Jackson,foreman
Reuben Ard
William Stokes
William Ross
John Eady Sr.
Joseph Paine
John T.Fairchild
Britton McCullers
John Smith
Mark Faulk
Francis Ray
Philip Pittman
John Hardie
John Mims
Samuel Beckcom
William Lord Sr.
John A.Williams
Samuel Dick
William Ford

5 Sept.1810

My wife Eda has left my bed and board..signed Jonathan Domini..

Clarke County..
Estate sale
170 acrs...on Wildcat Creek..adj. Thomas Wood and Elijah Brown..Property
of Jeremiah Brown..signed Jarret Beasley adm'.

Wilkinson Co.
Persons indebeted to the estate of William Keener..make immediate
payment..Signed Hardy Harrell,  JohnKeener .  Admrs.

10 Oct.1810

Married 19 Thomas White's in Jones County...Maj. John C.Easter
of Miss Ann P.Clark,late of Orange co. VA...

17 Oct. 1810

Committed to jail
Jones County.
Negro man. 30 age...Tom,says he belongs to a Mr. Gardiner, near Savannah,
The owner is requsted to pay charges and take him away...signed
Jas. Thompson, jailer...

Tax Collectors Sale
Jones Co.
50 acers...on Commissioner's Creek granted to Cleveland, given in by
William Vann .
tax due $0.35.
Montgomery Co.
70 acres...on the Oconee ...given in by Daniel McDuff
tax due $9.24
Jones Co.
101 acres...on Cedar Creek...granted to W. Barnett..given in by Lewis
tax due $1;08
Wilkinson Co.
2021/2 acres...on Oconee.granted to D. Edmunds. given in by L. Alexander
tax due $0.46

Sheriff's Sale
Pulaski Co.
One lot...21 dist..  property of Thomas Reeds Sr ,in favor of Dixon
Signed Elisha Higgs Sheriff...

Morgan Co
Robert Penick has applied for letters of admr. on estate of Daniel P.
Penick..31 Oct. 1810..
signed Isham S.Fannin C.C.O.M.C.

28 Nov. 1810

Randolph Co.
Estate sale
Property of Theophilus Hill...signed Amy Hill and Isaac McClendon

Sheriff's Sale
Wilkinson Co.
Lot # 125 23/ of Benjamin and William Duncan, in favor of
A. and R. Atkins.
signed Reddick Bell...

Jones County
Abraham Borland and Charity Boswell have applied for letters of admr. on
estate of Alex. Boswell.
24 Nov.1810..signed Roger McCarthy, clerk..

12 Dec. 1810
Elbert Co. 26 Nov.. by Rev.Seals..Octavius Miss Elizabeth
Ann dau of Hezekiah Gray...

Putnam county
29 Nov. Rev. Pendleton.. Thomas Beytop Stubbs  to Miss
Catherine Palmer Stubbs, dau of Peter Stubbs....

26 Dec. 1810

Married; in Louisville Jefferson Co.
12 Dec. John Guytonesq. to Miss Henrietta Bostwick..

30 Jan 1811
All persons indebted to the estate of Anthony Butts are requested to
make payment..signed
John Butts, Sally Butts, admrs...

6 Feb. 1811
Sheriff's sale
Randolph Co.
Property of Jacob Mercer and James favor of Ranson
Swinney. signed J. Evans D. Sheriff..

6 March 1811

Sheriff's Sale
Washington, Co.
804 acers ,on Williamson Swamp. Property of Thomas L. favor
of Thomas P. Sumner. signed John Crowell. Sheriff..

20 March 1811

Greene County
Libel for Divorce
Nancy Stark vs John Stark..
Defendant is not to be found in the county...
Signed John Bethune  C.S.C.G.C.

3 April 1811

Baldwin co.
Jame Fleming...candidate for sheriff....

Twiggs, Co.
Ruth Outlaw has applied for letters of adm.on the estate of Frederick
signed A. M'Intyre, C.C.O.

Laurens County;
Thomas Dixon and John G. Underwood has appiled for letters of admr.  on
the estate of John Dixon.

Hancock Co.
James H. Jones
Candidate for Clerk of the Inferior Court..

1 May 1811

Married..21 April ...Reuben Sufford,esq. of Randolph, to Miss Mary
Phillips, dau Col. Joseph Phillips, of Morgan co.

Married ..Farish Carter,of Sandersville to Miss Eliza, of Hancock county.

Died;....Joseph Patterson (of a gun shot wound)....

8 May 1811

Sheriff's Sale
Washington co.
200 acres, on cow-pen Creek, property of James Lyon, in favor of
William Buck Jr

one horse, property of William Goza. in favor of William Buck signed
H. Crowell , D. Sheriff..

15 may 1811

Wikinson Co.
Estate Sale
Property of Edward Mitchell,,, Elizabeth Mitchell .and Willis

Boarding House...opened in the tenement opposite the market...and lately
occupied by  Zach.Lamar...signed Peter Gent...

Joseph Whedbee...has just opened a House of entertainment in the town of

Morgan County;
My wife, Anne Gordon has left by bed and board, and taken 2 children,
Richard and Priscilla
Gordon...I caution all person against keeping the children, or trading
with her.I will not be accountable for any expense on the account of the
children...Signed Ephraim Gordon...

29 Jan.1812

Sheriff's Sale
Twiggs Co.
Lot # 59..28dist...Property of Ambrose favor of George
Elliott..poined out by Isham S.Fannin   signed Mathew Hodges,Sheriff.

Pulaski County
Lot # 354/ 21 dist. of Wilkinson,now Pulaski ...Property of Amos favor of Robert Daniel...signed F.Harvey D.Sheriff..

5 Feb. 1812

Married....23 Jan. by Rev. Robert E.Kennon...William Montcrief to Miss
Ann F.Beall,of Warren Co.

Foreclosure of mortgage..
Morgan co.
2 negros..
1 woman ,Patience..1 small gril, Sukey
Property of Bedney favor of James Smith..signed A.

12 Feb. 1812

Putnam County
All persons indebted to the estate of Joel  Reese..are requested to make
immediate payment..Rebecca Reese,James Shackleford,Henry

19 Feb. 1812

Warren County
Joseph Busson.appiled for letters of dismission on the estate of Joseph
Signed.. John Torrence C.C.O.

Hancock Co.
All persons having demands against the estate of Gray Andews,are
requested to render them in properly attested...signed William

11 March 1812

Wilkinson Co.
Sheriff's Sale
Lot #177..26/dist..Property of William favor of John Mock..
signed James Taylor Sheriff..

Sheriff sale
Jones county
Lot # 90/9th dist..
2021/2 acres..Property of Solomon favor of the admrs' of
Martin Martin,dec'd...
signed Ezekiel F.Smith D.Sheriff...

Hancock County
Sheriff sale
25 acres on the waters of Fort Creek...and livestock...Property of David favor of Wyatt Collier..signed R.Mitchell D.Sheriff..

Washington Co.
For sale
Plantation,formerly belonging to Gabriel Moffett...good dwelling...2500
peach trees...300 acres
Apply to Selbt Franklin, on the premisses...

18 March 1812

Meeting of the Jockey Club..
Home of Enoch Lunsford...

City of Hartford;
Commissioners will proceed on 24 day of April to sell lots in said
Murdock M'Leod
James I.Thomas
Edmund Hogan
Henry Fulgham
James M. Taylors

25 March 1812

Laurens Co.
For Sale
Plantation of Andrew Grant,deceased...All Personal property..
signed...Mark Mayo...Benjamin Daniel   admrs...

1  April 1812

Laurens co.
To be sold;
Personal property of Benjamin Harrison.. signed.. Charity and James
Harrison,Daniel O.Neel admrs...

Sheriff's sale
Twiggs Co.
Property of Aaron satisfy  an execution against
him..signed..John N.Oglethorpe D.  Sheriff....

A note of hand, for $11,given by Thomas Bohannan to Mathew Davis.All
persons are warned against trading for said note.signed...Mathew Davis.

Baldwin Co.
Superior Court.
Libel for Divorce
Jacob Mordecia vs Sarah Mordecia...
Sheriff having returned that the defendant redises out of the state...On
motion of Thomas Fitch,attny. for the plantiff is ordered that the
defendant appear and answer the action...
Signed Thomas H.Kenan...clerk..

Sheriff 's Sale
Jones county
721/2 acres..part of lot # 208 12/dist..Property of William Kelley...

Greene Co.
342 acres..on Dry fork of Little possession of Edmund
Alexander, property of  Elias favor of Henry Pearson &
Co.signed Thomas Dawson... Sheriff

Morgan Co.
2021/2 acres..Lot # 219 4/dist formerly Baldwin Co...Property of  Thomas favor of  Polly Steel and Samuel Harper..for the use of
T.W.Cobb vs. Thomas and John Davis...

22 April 1812

A general assortment of the best materials in his line of
business.....signed. J.Gilbert..

Now in Baldwin jail.. Small negro Isabel,says she belongs to
Robert Carr of Hancock County..owner is asked to comply with the law and
take her away...signed Alex Greene,Jailor..

Wilkinson Co.
Samuel Buffington has a valuable tract of swamp land.. for sale..just
above the mouth of Black Creek,drawn byTthomas Stark...any person
wishing to purchase a great bargin may apply  to me in Milledgeville...

Death..12 March..Mrs. Catharine J.Scurry,consort of Richardson

Estate Sale.
Hancock Co.
At Springfield on spring Creek..Property of Francis Webb..Thomas Webb

29 April 1812

Death.. Jonathan Thomas ..of this city..

I warn all persons not to trade with my wife Kitty...she having left my
bed and board...signed Jeremiah Cooper...

Sheriff's Sale
Randolph Co.
1 of William favor of Robert How..Signed J.

The co-partnership between Washington Randle and Zachariah
Phillips..this day dissolved by mutual consent..7 April...

Sheriff's Sale
Laurens Co.
One negro girl age about 6 of William favor
of William Whitehead.
signed Milles Smith.. Sheriff.

The Rev. James Russell will preach in the Methodist Church..30 May...

Jones Co.
John and Gustavus Hendrick ,has applied for letters of admr..on the
estate of William Hendrick..
signed L.S.M'Carthy,clerk ..

11 Sept 1811

Twiggs Co.
Mary Durham applied for letters of admr. on estate of Samuel
Durham..signed A.M'Intyre ..Clk.

Washington Co.
Estate Sale.
Property of John T.Bryant...signed Thomas Bulter and Joseph Bryant,,

$10 Reward..Runaway,a Negro,named Isaac 23 age....Deliver to

Washington Co. Sheriff's Sale.
600 acers. on the waters of Ogehee river,where on Mrs. Ranton now lives,
property of Grey Edwards...signed Jno. Crowell sheriff..

Wilkinson County
Sheriff's Sale
Lot # 78 3rd dist...Property of Roderick favor of Mathew
Roby"s execution of the esate of Stokley Morgan ...signed

Twiggs Co.
Lot # 80 23 dist..Wilkinson Co.,now Twiggs Co.
Default.. to satisfy Jacobs Langton's tax...
Signed James Spain..T.C.

Washington Co.
Samuel Smith,will not be accountable for any debts,by his wife

A track of land granted John Simpson..600 acres.. on the head of Crooked Camden Co.
confiscated as the property of said Simpson..Purchased by Thomas
F.Williams for $2000..
Extract from the commissioner's books..signed Will Robertson...

Putnam Co
Will be sold at the dwelling of Hugh Hall,dec'd. Crop of corn, household
signed. Francis Lewis and Dixon Hall ..admrs'...

Jones Co.
John Dean and Francis Martin have applied for letter of admr'. on the
estate of Godfrey Martin,,
Signed ..Roger M'Carthy..

25 Dec. 1811

Jones Co.
Burwell Greene will be candidate for Tax collector...

Green County
Estate Sale.
Property of Edward favor of Adam Hunter..signed Thos Dawson
Sheriff .G.C.

7 Jan. 1812

Sheriff Sale
Wilkinson Co.
Property of Abraham favor of John Lambirth..signed William

Sheriff's  Sale
Morgan Co.
2 negros's..Letty ,a woman and Milly a of Willie favor of Samuel Davis and Co. vs. Willie Davis and Michael

15 Jan 1812

Hancock County,
To be sold to the highest bidder,at the house of Jeremiah Edge..all
personal property..signed Katy Edge Adm'x...

22 Jan.1812

For Sale;
Lincoln co.
900 acres ..for terms apply to Mathew Talbot esq.Wilkes Co.or Walter

27 May 1812

Tattnall County
Elizabeth Daniel,,applies for letters of admr' on the estate of Elias
Daniel..signed James Perry,clerk...

Sheriff Sale
Hancock Co.
Property of  Homer favor of Elisha Harris..

Jones County
Property of Captian Samuel favor of David Fluker,for the use
of John H.Broadnax..
signed F.F.Smith D.Sheriff...

10 June 1812

Married 31 May   by Moses Spears esq..Dr. Reuben C.Shorter to Miss Mary
B.Gill,both of Randolph Co.

Estate Sale
Green County
1 tract of land on the Apalachee River ,,part of the estate of William
Jenkins...signed James R.Jenkins admr'...

1 July 1812

Rev'd Edmund Shackleford and Jesse Mercer will preach at the Baptist
Meeting House,in this place...

Baldwin County
All persons indebted to the estate of Col. John Jones,and (Abraham Jones
of Montgomery Co). are requested to call and settle the same.
Signed Seaborn Jones Jr..John A. Jones ,Exo'rs.....

Sheriff's SAle
Greene County
81 acres..on waters of Little River,adj. Lemuel  of
Griffin favor of
George Cabiness Jr. signed Thomas Dawson, Sheriff...

Wilkinson Co.
2021/2 acres.. 3rd of Thomas Mitchel
signed William Beck..sheriff.

Warren Co
Defaulters,not paying taxes...
Joeph Grizzard
Thomas A.Jackson
John Peace
Lewis Pilsher
Richard Donald
John Brown
Isaac Carter
William Carter
Rene Jones
David Wiley
William Slaughter
Thomas Gordan
Benjamin Averet
Thomas I.Pate
John Newsom
Abner Abbott
Henry Uptegroves
James MCormick
william Simmons
John Stewart
James Williams
Abner Raighley
Zephemiah Hicks
Joel Robertson
Ephraim Renfroe
Samuel Seelly
John Harry
Merridy Castleberry
Edward Bird
John M'Cart
Samuel Canady
Edward Harris
John Kitchens
William Pace
Marinor Culpepper
Joseph Culpepper
John Pierson
James Smith
Stephen Grizzle
William Harrison
Robert Castleberry
Michael Weeks
John Fountain
James Pevyr
Milburn Simms
Robert Hill Jr.
William Latimore
signed James Morris R.T.R.

29 July 1812

Died; 22 Savannah,at the house of Col. Shelman...Dr. William
Armistead Dandridge ,age 26..Surgeon in US Army..

Hancock Co.
Major Chappel Sledge..candidate of Tax. Receiver...

Clinton,Jones Co.
Robert Beasley,has opened a house of entertainment,where may be found at
all times,good attention..accommodations as least equal to any the up

5 Aug. 1812

I forwarn all persons from trading with my wife Frances on my
account...signed John Brown

Sheriff Sale
Laurens Co.
Property of Howell favor of John Barton vs.Susannah
Harp,now Susannah Hargrove..signed James Smith D.Sheriff...

Morgan Co.
Luranah Luker has appiled for letters of admr' on the estate of William
Luker..signed Isham S.Fannin C.C.O....

26 Aug. 1812

Washington Co.
Rebecca Peacock has appiled for letter of admr' on the estate of Micheal
Peacock...Signed John Irwin..C.C.O.

Morgan Co.
Will be let to the lowest bidder,the building of a brick jail for said
William Brown
Graves Harris

2 Sept 1812

Elbert Co.
William Barnett will be candidate to fill vacancy in Congress..

Estate Sale
Hancock Co.
150 acres  on the head waters of of James
Garey..signed Hartwell Garey adm..

9 Sept 1812

Randolph Co.
Grand Jury
John Moore-foreman
John Martin
Jesse Clay
Zephanian Harvey
David M'Coy
Joseph Phillips
T.P. Hambeton
James Armor
James Grace
Abner Denham
Thomas Carter
signed Henry Walker \,clerk

16 Sept 1812

Washington Co.
Estate sale
Property of Benjamin Tomlinson...100 acres lying on Williamson's
swamp..signed George Prince admr'

Baldwim Co.
Nancy Slatter,widow  of Solomon Slatter,has appiled for letters of
adm'..signed L.S.M'Carthy.Clerk

23 Sept 1812

Jones Co.
Died..William D. Bunkley age 32,,leaving wife and 2 small sons..

Putnam Co.
Grand Jury
William D. Lane... foreman
Peyton Holt
Reuben F.Bennett
Reuben Dejernatte
Martin Kendrick
Thomas Wooldridge
John Moreland
James Gray
William Hammer
Stephen Marshall
John Ashurst
Isaac Jackson
John Robertson
Elijah Stephens
Mathew Jones
William Germany
Mathew Gage
Isaac Moreland
William Williams ...Clerk

Hancock Co
Candidate for Reciever of Tax Returns..  J.Denton

Putnam Co.
Estate sale
Property of Hugh Hall...signed Dixon Hall,Frances Lewis..adm's...

Greene Co.
William Johnson and William E. Adams appiled for letters of adm' on the
estae of John Adams
signed Ebenezer Torrence C.C.O.

30 Sept.1812

Persons who have watches in my shop,requested to take them out
immediately;or will be sold at public auction...signed....R.B.Wingit

Charles W.Sturdivant,a soldier of the Rev...

Died 15 Sept...Mrs. Jane Johnson,wife of Rev. Samuel Johnson of
Randolph  Co. Age 26..Member of the Methodist Church..

Persons are warned from trading with my wife Ella Williams.having left
my bed and Board,I am determined to comply with none of her
contracts...signed Wilson Williams,,,,

Washington co.
Estate Sale.
to be sold at the house of John belonging to Reuben
Kincheon Taylor,Willis and John Williams, Exo'rs...

Putnam Co.
Estate Sale...
96 acres on Little River..Lot # 31  18/dist.of Twiggs Co. property of
Abraham Smith..
signed...William D. Lane and Winney Smith..admr's...

Putnam Co.
Cantidate for Tax Collector...Joseph Stovall

Jones County
Shurly  and Collin Sledge and Robert Adams applies for letters of adm'
of estate of James Admas..
signed L.S.M'Carthy Clk.C.O

7 Oct. 1812

Putnam co.
Coroner's Sale
50 acres ..part of Lot # 204 4/dist.formerly Baldwin Co. where John
Hooks now of of said Hooks,,in favor of William
Varner..signed Norman McKay,Coroner...

Estate Sale
Morgan Co.
2021/2 acres # 235 5/dist ,formerly Baldwin co...Property of James
N.Brown and George favor of Thomas S. and Charles
Carter,admrs..signed Martin P.Sparks D.Sheriff...

Jones Co.
Sheriif's Sale
property of John Barron in favor of Brux Stokes & Co. 2021/2 acres..Lot
# 149  11 dist...of Baldwin co.,now Jones co.

14 Oct. 1812

Died;. Solomon a. Hopkins,Esq,,,Hartford,Pulaski co.

Putnam Co.
Candidate for Tax Collector..William E.Adams..

An overseer,who is industrious ,sober and attentive..apply to Thaddeus

Green Co.
All person indebted to the estate of of James Cunningham,are requested
to come forward and make payment..signed...Frances
Cunningham,ex'x...James K.Daniel,Jeremiah Early and Thomas

Baldwin Co.
Candidate for Tax collector...signed Hiram Perry.

21 Oct. 1812

Died..15 Oct.   Mrs Lucy Long,consort of Evans Long..

Tatnall Co.
Estate Sale
Property of  Thomas Griffin...signed Lucy Griffen..

Jones Co.
Property of Solomon Slatter..signed Nancy Slatter..

Wilkinson Co.
Arthur Burney and Wilie Cannon,has appiled for letters of admr. on
estate of Caleb Cannon...

Wilkinson Co.
Tax Defaulters..
Capt Kettle Dist;;
Reuben Kemp
William Holder
Robert Warren
Wiley Jones
Francis Williamson
Elijah Jones
Samuel Oliver

Capt Gilbert Dist
Isham Payne
Jesse Gilbert
William Wright
Daniel Wise
Joseph Rye
James Tass
Wiley Ogletree

Capt Holland Dist

William Slawter
John Gray Jr
Sanders Culley
Powell Brown
Mark Brown

Capt Johnston Dist

William Davis
William John
Hector Bowie
Ebenezer Dunham
Wilson Williams
Adam Kimbrough
Thomas W. Mitchell
Colson Copeland
Jonas Mathis

Capt Spright Dist
Moses Smith
Nelson Thompson
James Corlee
Joshua Spears
John Brown
Federick Land

Capt Barney Dist
John Turner
Jonathan Childs
Anthony Sce
James Dennard
Nathan Hudson
Jesse   Dennard
Charles Anderson
Elisha Hogan

Capt Russell Dist

James Johnston
Samuel Drewer
James Richardson
Shadrach Adams
Jesse Sampford
William Darby

Capt Wright Dist.

William Ogleshy
William Taylor
Clein Grizzle
Presly Mathis
Elexander Adams
James Robinson
James Low
John Sheperd
Joel Miller
John Dixon

signed John Hatcher Jr. R.T.R.

28 Oct. 1812

Jones Co.
Candidate for Tax-Collector.
Robert  Hutchings

Putnam Co.
Candidate for tax collector
John H.Broadnax

Hancock Co.
Estate Sale
Property of James M'Lomore...signed William M'Lamore,Adm'

2 Dec.1812

Rev'd Robert M'Ginty will preach at the Baptist Meeting House,Sat and
Sun. next.

All persons are hereby cautioned against trading with my wife Nancy
Finley,she having left my bed and board,without
provocation.signed.Thomas Finley.

16 Dec. 1812

List of Acts.Passed by the Leegislature

William A.Dunham.. the exclusive right  and privilede of running a line
of stages from Savannah to St.Mary's.for a term of ten years..

To relieve and exonerate Samuel Wilkinson, from a Judgment obrained
against him in the superior court of Morgan co.

Jones Co.
Estate Sale.
one tract of land on the waters of Black Creek..4/dist of Wilkinson Co.
2021/2 acres...granted to James Parrish, being property of  said
Parrish..signed Johnathan Parrish adm'r.

Warren Co.
Estate sale
Property of David Neal ..signed James Neal,  Thomas Maddox..Adm'rs...

Three miles from Milledgeville ,one horse...Deliver to Augustine
Harris.Reward offered...

For Sale;
Wilkinson Co.
3 tracts of land,with a complete Saw-Mill..Apply to Robert
Rutherford, Milledgeville or to John H.Sanderson on the

Washington co.
Mary B. and William A. Tennille has appiled for letters of admr. on the
estate of Francis Tennille...
Signed John Irvin,clerk.

23 Dec. 1812

Turner Reeves,of Washington Co. to Mrs Harriet E.Bedingfield,of this

Hancock County
Candidate for Tax Collector..Thomas W.Shivers..

Putnam County
Candidate for Tac Collector...William Reese

Putnam County
Estate Sale.
Property of John Weeks..signed Joseph Cogner and George Stovall Adm'rs.

Jackson Co.
Frederick Thompson and William Luellen have applied for letters of admr.
on estate of Robert Hughes...

Washington C
. Simon Reeves has appiled for lettes for letters of dismission on
estate of Isaac Betsell..Signed John Irvin.. Clerk...

30 Dec. 1812

Irby Hudson Esq..of Eatonton to Miss Jane Flournoy,of Hancock Co.

22 Dec. 1812,,Henry Rogers to Miss Allelujah Love,both of Greene Co..

Greene Co.
Estate Sale
Property of Clement Early..signed Peter and Jeremiah Early..

Laurens Co.
Estate Sale
Property of John Price..signed J.G.Underwood and J.Sawyer Adm's...

Sheriff's Sale
Hancock Co.
Property of Greene Mitchell..

100 acres on the waters of of John  favor
of Nicholas Bulter..

1 negro woman named Aggy,property of Catherine favor of Joseph
B. Chambers..
signed H.Greene,Sheriff.

6 Jan.1813

Morgan Co.
Thoams and John Allen has applied for letters of admr on the estate of
Nathaniel Allen..
signed Jephtham Fannin,Clerk...

Putnam County
To be sold..
Lot of of land # 284 3rd dist..Balwin Co.,now Putnam Co. ,for the
benefit of heirs of  T.Harrison..
signed Carter B.Harrison,Guardian...

10 March 1813

Pulaski County
Josiah Pope has applied for letters of admr, on estate of Alfa
Pope...Signed Turner Everett,Clerk

Pulaski Co.
Diana Dunn has applied for letters of admr. on estate of Jacob Dunn...
Signed T.Everritt,Clerk..

Putnam Co.
Estate sale
Property of Martin Kendrick..signed Jane Kendrick  and Allford

31 March 1813

Tattnal Co.
Estate sale...
Property of Thomas Griffen, 700 ac. adj. John Langford...signed Lucy
Griffen,  Adm'x...

Laurens Co.
Sally Trammel and Charles A.Hill have applied for letters of admr. on
the estate of Jared Trammel,late of Washington Co. now
Signed Amos Love. clerk..

Sheriff's Sale
Jasper Co.
Property of William Pearson,,in favor of Benjamin W.Beard..Propery
pointed out by Zachariah Pearson..signed a.M'Clendon D.Sheriff..

Jackson Co.
Estate Sale
At the house of Robert of Robert Hughes...signed
Frederick Thompson,William Lewellen adm'rs..

Baldwin co.
Candidate for Clerk,
William Rousseau,esq...

Twiggs Co.
Estate Sale
Property of Gabriel Mobley..signed James Johnston Jr. Adm.

Morgan Co.
Estate Sale
Property of Nathaniel Allen..signed  Elizabeth J. and  Thomas Allen.

Wilkinson Co.
Estate Sale
Property of Thomas Fort..260 acrs on Fort Creek in Laurens co. ..Lot # 7
3/dist on Wilkenson Co.
on Cerar Creek...signed. William O'Neal and Charles Culpepper,adm'rs..

Jones Co.
Estate Sale
Property of Jonathan Parker...signed John Breedlove, and Isaiah Parker

Jones co.
Reward $15
Ranaway for the plantation of James Perdue.3 miles from Clinton...Negro
woman ,Peg..rather yellow in complextion...has no use of her arms in the
elbow joints..Signed Solomon Betton..

9 Aug. 1813

Wanted immediately..300 bbls..flour.
20 hhds..whiskey or Peach-Brandy,cash will be pd..
signed Farish Carter

22 Sept 1813

Sheriff Sale
Jasper co.
2021/2 acres..Lot #186  17 dist..Property of Elisha B.
favor of William Lambert
signed Allen M'Clendon D.Sheriff

Oglethorpe Co.
Estate Sale
At the home of Lucy Baily...the following property...3 Negroes,
household goods...Signed
William Baily and William Tablot..adm'rs..

6 Oct. 1813

Rev'd Peter Williamson will preach at the methodist  Meeting House.

Burke Co.
Setate sale
400 acres, lying on the waters of Ogechee,with all improvements, 16
miles below Louisville,on the Savannah of Benjamin
Cornelius...signed James B.White, George Connelius,J.Bower...admr's...

Cash:::.Ten cents per lb. will be paid for hard country made soap.
delivered to me in Milledgeville within 20 days..signed Jabez Roberts

Wilkinson county;
Tax Defaulters;

Capt. Kittle dist...
Thompson Harris
Simon Sackett
Reuben Kemp
William M'Gowin
John Bruner
Thomas Allen
Joel Williams
Aaron Davis
Michael Smith

Capt Porter Dist
Henry Harrill
John Bulter
Samuel Hudson
Calvin Mims
Jonathan Harrington
John Poulk Jr.

Capt. Russell Dist
William Darby
Whitmell Wood

Capt. Holland Dist.
Theodore Gray
John Jones
Thomas Collins
Jesse Harwood
Samuel J.Brown
Eboch Ward
Stafford Long
Benjamin Underwood

Capt.Johnston Dist
Archibald M'Bryde
John H.Manderson
Gilbert Copeland
Reuben Thompson
Samuel Beckum
John English
William Davis
Henry Eady

Capt Pearson Dist.
Amos Barns Jr
Clem Davis
Joseph Jones
Adam Kimbro
James Robinson
William Dabbage
Wade Nelson
Signed,Henry W. Raley R.T.R.

13 Oct.1813

Whereas my wife Mary Walden having left my bed and board without any
just cause...I am determined not to be accountable for any of her
signed Edward Walden

Jasper Co
Estate Sale
Property of Samuel Bozeman..signed James Bozeman.

20 Oct.1813

To rent
Property in Milledgeville.For terms apply at the store of Samuel

15 Dec. 1813

Baldwin Co.
Estate Sale
Property of John Smith.
signed Joel Smith and Stephen Renfroe  Adm'rs...

Green Co.
2 Negro fellows.
Kandal..age 32
Isaac age 20
Reward $20
Signed; .Alexander s. Johnson..

Baldwin Co.
Candiate for tax collector...Michael Bayne.

Hancock Co.
For sale or rent ..the Sparta Eagle Tavern..for terms apply to John
Abercrombie..on the premises.

New Goods;
Just recieved a fresh supply of dry goods and groceries,low prices,cash
signed Richard Morgan..

Jasper Co.
James Fretwell has applied for letters of adm. on the estate of Micajah
H. Fretwell..

All persons indebted to the estate of James Dorough,dec'd. are requested
to make payment..
sighned John Dorough.

Putam County
Estate sale
Proberty of James Singleton..signed Mathew Jones and Eden

Jones County.
Estate sale
Property of Anderson Comer..signed Robert Balswin,Leo Abercrombie,Nancy

Tax Sale
Washington co.
Property of Joseph Perkins. tax due 921/2 cents on 2021/2 acres..

Warren Co.
Property of John M' due 523/4 cents on 200 acres.

Jefferson Co.
Property  of Arthur due 52 cents..on 300 acres.
signed T.Dixon,C.T.W.C.


21 Sept. 1814

Jasper Co.
James Bullard and Richard Head,has appiled for letters of adm'r on
estate of William Bullard.
signed Robert Robey C.C.O.

Green Co.
Estate Sale
Personal property of John Copeland ,live stock and household
Nancy Copelnad,Mathew Dossy,John Bush ,admr's..

$50 Reward.
Deserted ...Jacob Brison..43d Regt.U.S.Infantry
5' tall
dark hair,blue eyes,dark complexion..
age about 21..
He formerly lived Columbia Co. GA.
Since removed to East Tn.
signed Thomas Hyde Long near Washinton...

Jaxkson Co.
Peter Boyle esq..age 60 years

Baldwin Co.
Dr. Broomfield R.Burton,formerly of NC...

Washington co.
Candidate for Tax Collector;
Drury Stokes;;

Jones Co.
Sheriff's Sale
Lot # 13  11dist. of Balswin of William favor of
John Vance
signed Samuel Feagin,Sheriff

Greene Co.
Grand Jury
Archibald Gresham,foreman.
George Tuggle
Eden Coleman
George Irving
George Watkins
Ross Conyers
John Myrick
Douglass Watson
James Nisbet
Abner Veazy
John Mapp
Thomas Greer
John Johnson
William Watson
George W.Dillard
John Walker
John Garrett
William Cone
James Hall
signed  John Bethune C.S.C.

Putnam Co.
Grand Jury
Alexander Reid,Foreman
William D.Lane
William Melton
Stith Daniel
Thomas Kimbrough
William Turner
John Webb
Thomas Wooldridge
James Espey
Gideon George
William T.Morton
Aaron Benson
William Jackson
Henry Dixon
Edmund Abercrombie
Thomas Sparks
Edmund Oneal
John Sturdivant
David D.Felps
Edmund Shackleford
Signed William Williams

5 Oct. 1814

Balswin Co.
Grand Jury
Zachariah Lamar,forman
William F.Peebles
Elisha Wood
James Lester Sr.
Smith Scogin
Dempsey Justice
James Irwin
William Sanford
John Sneed
Willaim Ball
James Stanford
William Johnston
Benjamin Taliaferro
C. Murphy
Robert Wynn
John Evans
John Dennis
Sterling Evans
Signed; Thomas H.Kenan Clerk..

Hancock County
Mrs. Ann Lewis,Hamlin Lewis,applied for letter of adm'r on estate of
Gale Lewis..

Mrs. Rhoda Reynolds applied for letters of adm'r on estate of James
Reynolds...late a soldier in US Army

Thomas Vickers appiled for letters of adm'r on the estate of Thomas
Vickers Jr....

Jeremiah Mershon appiled for letter od adm'r on the estate of Enos

signed James H. Jones...C.C.O. Hancock Co.

Deserters...From Camp Jackson,GA. Reward $50
Lewis Graddy..
age 23
light hair, grey eyes.
B. Green Co. TN

Alexander George
age 26
blue eyes, dark hair
The great probability is,he has gone to Jackson Co. GA.

26 Jan. 1814

Twiggs Co.
Robert Radford has applied for letter of adrm' on the estate of Noah

Elizabeth Bozeman has appiled for letters of admr'.on the estate of Luke
signed Archibald M'Intyre,C.C.O.

Baldwin co.
Died; 18 Dec. 1813..Mrs. Nancy Barrow,consort of James Barrow...

Died. Robert b. Carter esq...contractor for furnishing the troops in
several of the southern states..

Jackson Co.
Hannah Hendrex and Phennel Wilson has appiled for letters of admr' on
the estate of James Hendrex.. signed Edward Adams C.C.O.

Morgan Co.
Estate sale.
At the dwelling house of  John E.Dawson,dec'd. property to be
sold....signd Admr's....

2 Feb. 1814

Morgan co.
Sheriff's Sale
One brown mare,property of Robert favor of Silais
B.Forister.signed Martin P.Sparks

9 Feb. 1814

Morgan Co.
John Hawkins has appiled for letter os admr' on the estate of William
Jephthah Fannin  C.C.O.

Washington Co.
George Greer has applied for letters of admr' on the estate of Laven
Greer..Signed J.Irwin C.C.O.

16 Feb. 1814

Jones Co. Strayed or stolen;; one horse
Abner Davis,living at Flat Shoals of Commissioners Creek. Reward is

Baldwin co.
The Grand Jury;
Hubert Reynolds,foreman
Samuel Boykin
Fleming Grantland
Augustin Harris
Thomas B.Stubbs
Harris Allen
Wlliam Horton
Goodwin Myrick
William Robertson
John A.Jones
James Wilson
John Mathews
Leonard Sims
Henry Moss
Evans Long
James Rousseau
Jabez Roberts
Arthur C.Perry
Samuel Beall
Tomlinson Fort
signed..Thomas H.Kennan,clerk

4 Feb. 1814
Mrs. Tabitha Napier,consort of Major Thomas Napier of Putnam County...

Wilkinson Co.
Charles Riley applies for letters of admr'.on the estate of Joseph
Riley..signed N.M'Bryde C.C.O.

Green Co.
William King has appilied for letters of admr' on estate of David
King..signed Ebenezer Torrence..

My wife Charity has eloped from my bed and board without the samllest
provocation given her...I am determined not to be any way answerable for
her contracts.. signed Moses Davis...

Jackson Co.
Nancy Blackwell applies for letters of admr' on the estate of Ambrose
Blackwell..signed Edwards Adams C.C.O...

2 March 1814

Jasper Co.
Sheriff's Sale
One stud horse name of Dare of Russel favor of
of John Stewart..assignee,for the use of the representatives of Aquilla
Burroughs,against said Russel Jones and James Kidd. signed Allen

22 Feb. 1814
Capt Robert Cunningham,of Laurens Miss Louisa Bird of Hancock Co.

9 March 1814

My wife Nancy King,has left my bed and board..I am determined not to pay
for her contracts..
signed John King..

Greene Co.
Charles Maddox has applied for letters of admr'. on the estate of Sarah
Ray and John Maddox...
signed Ebenezer Torrence C.C.O.


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