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 I Nov. 1, 1826-Deceased. 26, 1832.

Aug. 20, 1831:  Married in Clinton, Mr. Thomas WARD, of Burke, to Miss Emily C. CAIN.

Sept. 3, 1831:  Sheriff's Sales; Crawford Co.  At Knoxville, by
William B. FILES, Sheriff.: Lot 104, 6th District.,    property of Franklin MITCHELL and John POWELL, fi fa of Stephen IVENS.

Sept. 10, 1831:  Died in Talbot Co. by the accidental discharge of a fowling piece which he was loading, Col. John P. BLACKMON, aged 46.

Sept. 17, 1831:  Sheriff's Sale; Talbot Co: Lot 87, 15th District.,    property. of John GUTTREE.

Sept. 24, 1831:  At Knoxville, Crawford Co. by Sarah UNDERWOOD and Luke ROBINSON, Administrtors.  Negro fellow, John, and a wench, Patsey, belonging to the estate of William UNDERWOOD, deceased.

Admr.'s Sales.  At Horry, Marion Co. by Mary and John WELLS, Administrtors. Lots 9
and 12, 12th District.,    property. of Elijah Wells, deceased.

Guardian.'s Sale.  At the Ct. House in Knoxville by Hiram WARNER, Guardian.  Lot 119,
2nd District.,    property. of the heirs of Core HOWELL, deceased.


Vol. V #40, Oct. 1, 1831:  Tax Collector's Sales:  At Knoxville, Crawford
Co. by William McGEE, T. C.
Lot 165, 2nd District. Crawford,    property of John D. SMITH.
Lot 63, 1st District. Crawford,    property of Giles WILKINS.
Lot 94, 8th District. Crawford,    property of Nathan TANTON.
Lot 103, 13th District. Talbot,    property of Elisha BROOKS.
Land, 7th District. Crawford,    property of William DIGBY.

Sheriff's Sale:  Crawford Co.  At Knoxville, by John WHITTINGTON, .Sheriff.:
Lot 249, 2nd District., Lot 9, 3rd District.,    property of John W. ELLIS, fi fas, one of
A.R. FREEMAN, the other of John SOWELL.

Vol. V #44, Oct. 29, 1831:  Died in Crawford Co., 14th inst., Mr. Ephraim
in his 72nd yr.

Admr.'s Sale.  At the Court House in Talbotton, Talbot Co. by Charles McCarthy, Admr. Lot 97, 24th District., and one negro woman, Harriet, belonging
to the estate of James McCARTHY, deceased.

Mary Ann BLACKMON applies to William B. GOSS, C.C.O., Talbot Co., for
Letters of Administrtor on the estate of John P. BLACKMON, deceased.

At the time, 20 newspapers are published in this state:
Athens - the Athenian
Augusta - Augusta Chronicle, Georgia Courier, and The Constitutionalist
Bainbridge - Georgia Reporter
Columbus - Columbus Enquirer, The Democrat
Macon - Macon Telegraph, Georgia Messenger, The Macon Advertiser &
Agricultural and Mercantile Intelligencer, Georgia Christian Repertory (a  MethoDistrict paper).
McDonough - McDonough Jacksonian
Milledgeville - Georgia Journal, Southern Recorder, The Federal Union
Mount Zion - Hancock Advertiser
Savannah - Savannah Republican, Savannah Georgian
Warrenton - Rural Cabinet
Washington - Washington News

Tax Collector's Sale:  Lot 249, 11th District., Crawford,    property of Marshett LIGON.

Nov. 5, 1831:  Married at the residence of Maj. Thomas FORD,
Thurs. evening, 27th by Rev. G. CAPERS, Mr. Turpin G. ATWOOD to Miss Elvira ROGERS all of Jones Co.

Deceased. 3, 1831:  Brought to Jail by W. B. FILES, Sheriff., Knoxville,
Crawford Co.  Negro man, Jim, 25 or 30 yrs., belongs to the State, runaway
from the overseer of the public hands, working the roads between Flint and
the Chattahoochee River.

Sheriff's Sales:  Crawford Co.  At Knoxville, by W. B. Files, Sheriff.:  Negro woman, Delpha, 20 yrs.,    property of Cogdell HAMILTON, fi fa of James R. JONES.

Jan. 7, 1832:  Walter STONE applies to William S. GOSS, C.C.O.,
Talbot Co., for Letters of Administrtor on the estate of Anson TOOLEY, deceased.

John R. CANNON applies to William S. Goss, C. C. O., Talbot Co., for Letters
of Administrator on the estate of Reuben TUCKER, deceased.

During the Fall and Winter more heads of families have been swept off than we recollect in many yrs.  There have been more cases of influenza in the
past 10 days than have taken place for a long time.  Many families have had 6 or 8 sick at the same time.  It is diseases worse than influenza which so
many of our more aged inhabitants have fallen victim.  Richmond Compiler, Deceased. 27.

Sheriff's Sales:  Crawford Co.  At Knoxville, by William B. Files, Sheriff.: Lot
78, 1st District.,    property. of Thomas DAVIS, fi fa of Alexander KENNADY.

By John Whittington, Deputy .Sheriff.: Southwest part of Lot 215, 2nd District.,    property of
Cynthia S. HAMNER, fi fa of the officers of the court of Crawford Co.

Feb. 11, 1832:  Indian Removal, 29th December., 90 large wagons with teams of 4 and 6 horses and oxen left this place, conveying the emigrating
Choctaw.  One portion has about 550 emigrants under chief Col. Folsom.  They are bond for the new Choctaw country.  They will settle within 30 miles of
the western boundary line of this territory (Arkansas) on the waters of Mountain and Glover Forks.  Thousands more are preparing to emigrate.  The
other portion to convey another party to Kiamechia.  The residue will settle near Fort Smith.  Arkansas Advocate, 4th ult.

Mar. 3, 1832:  Married 22d ult. by Rev. James HENDERSON, Maj. Benjamin LLOYD of Talbot Co., to Miss Naomi Ann, dau. of Cary COX, Esq. of
Putnam Co.

Mar. 31, 1832:  Married 22d inst. by Rev. G. CAPERS, Col. James WIMBERLY, of Jones, to Mrs. Rebecca C. JAMESON, of Houston Co.died at the residence of Mr. Wilson POPE, Clinton, Jones Co., Mr. Harvey H. SQUIRE, born in Mass., aged 22.

Reuben ALDREDGE applies to William S. GOSS, C.C.O., Talbot Co., for Letters
of Administrtor on the estate of William BONNETT, late of AL, deceased.

Aug. 1, 1832:  Tax Collector's Sale; At Clinton, Jones Co. by
Gideon MASON, T. C., Jones Co.

Lot 93, 5th District. Coweta,    property. of Edwin BOWEN.
Land,   property of John WYNANS.
Land,    property of John H. McMATH.
Land,   property of Benjamin HEATH.

Sept. 19, 1832:  In Crawford Co., by Frederick SIMS, Esq., on the 13th inst., Mr. Elisha A. HARRIS to Miss Caroline HICKS, daughter of
Robert Hicks, Esq., all of said county.

Guardian.'s Sales, At the Court House in Knoxville, Crawford Co. by W. L. CLEMENTS, Guardian.  Lot 151,1st District., sold for the benefit of the minors of
William McCOY, deceased., late of Jasper Co.

Application will be made by Cynthia R. ALLEN, Admnx., for leave to sell a house and lot of land in Clinton, and Lot 263, 3rd District. Coweta,    property. of
Harris ALLEN, deceased.

 Sept. 25, 1832:  David A. PERRYMAN applies to William S. GOSS,
C. C. O., Talbot Co., for Letters of Administrator on the estate of Peter DAVIS, deceased.

17 Sept 1846
 Legal Notice
Upson co.
Andrew J. White and Reuben H. White appiles for letters of dismission from estate of Maxfield H. Williford,
signed William A. Cobb C. C. O.

24 Sept 1846

Upson Co. 10 Sept.. Capt. Joseph Wheaton, at an advanced age, native of
Providence R. I. for many years a resident of this county....

Legal Notices

Monroe Co....
William W. Hardy files for letters of dismission from estate of Charles Hardy.

Roland Bivins, George W. Bivins and Pemberton West applies for letters of
administrator. on the estate of Samuel Bivens.
signed E. G. Cabaniss C. C. O.

1 Oct. 1846

Legal Notices

Houston Co. Estate sale;
Property of Virginia Cox, minor, sold for her benefit.
F. M. White, guardian

Sheriff's Sale;

Houston co.
Lot # 186/ of Stephen R. Ham in favor of of Warren E. Sanders.
signed Calvin Leary, Sheriff..

8 Oct. 1846

Legal Notices

Twiggs Co.
Estate Sale
Property of Edward Swinney,  Signed Eason B. Swinney, administrator

Bibb Co.
Estate Sale
Property of Margaret Mann
Hiram T. Mann Guardian.

Died;;  Houston Co. 1 Oct. Malcolm T. Gilbert age 28 Left widow and 2

15 Oct. 15

11 Oct.  by Rev. Crumly Ainsley , H. Wyche to Miss Harriot Sullivan.

14 Sept ,at the residence of James D.Gilmer, in Bossier Parish LA. by
J. C. G. Key Esq. Andrew Lanson Esq. of Minden, Claiborne Parish to Mrs. Mary E. W. Shotwell of Nacogdoches Co. Tx.

Monroe co.  21 Sept. Roger MacCarthy age 88. Native of Ireland, but has resided in this state for the last 50 years...

Bridgeport, Conn.1 Oct.  Fordyce Wrigley age 43,a native of Spencer Mass., but a resident of this city for the last 15 years

22 Oct. 1846

Houston co. by Rev. Edward T. McGehee, James A. Stubbs to Miss Mary Julia Rentz..

Died; 19 Oct. Andrew Rainey age 48.

Legal Notice

Jones Co.
Estate Sale
Property of Solomon Baker
Robert V. Hardeman

29 Oct. 1846

Died.  James Goddard esq. Greenfield, Mass..19 Oct. Our most valued fellow-citizen.

Died..25 Oct. age 37..Abraham P. Patrick esq. Native of NC. 18 years a resident of this town.

Died  24 Oct. John Rose age 66..formerly of Jones Co.

Died..20 Oct. at the residence of Judge Pearce Upson Co.  George
W. Maddox.

Sheriff's Sale
Houston Co.
Lot # 167/9  District..
 Property of Jessee Stallings in favor of James B. Hooton John H. Blounts 

Lot # 172 5 District.
Property of John H. Wright in favor of Thomas King. Sarah J. Wright .sec.. levy made by David Reid, Calvin

Died..29 Oct. Mrs. Elizabeth Wadsworth age 44,wife of Daniel Wadsworth leaving 3 small children. Also on same day a daughter. age 2

William Deveaux for coroner election Jan. next.

5 Nov. 1846

Legal Notices
Dooly County
Estate Sale
Property of David Jones, deceased.  signed.. Eliaz Jones, administrator

Crawford County
Estate Sale
Property of Jesse B. Drew. signed.. Charles H. Walker, administrator

Houston County
Estate Sale
Property of Jeremiah W. Williams signed John S. Williams. administrator

Pulaski County
Estate Sale
Property of John Rawls.. signed.. Charles E. Taylor ..Caroline M. Rawls. administrators.

Twiggs County
Estate Sale
Property of Hillory Hasty signed Joel Horne. administrtor.

12 Nov. 1846

Houston Co. Grand Jury

Benj. H .Rutherford
John J. Forsyth
Andrews H. Smith
James A. Bryan
James T. Davis
John E. Dennard
George R. Clayton
Thomas Ellison

John Barton
Samuel Dinkins
Isaac C. West
John Killen
Matthews H. Means
Wm. Lowman
John Murry
Dennis McLendon
Wm Thompson
Charles R. Law
Thomas Pollock
Jones Kinkrick
Daniel Adams
Hugh L. Dennard
Joseph Tooke
William H. Miller, Clerk...
R. H. McCune Solicitor General

Legal Notices

Jones County
Estate Sale
Property of Thomas Lowe
signed Elisha Davis administrator

Sumter County..
Estate Sale.
Property of Noah Golding
signed Eason Smith administrator.

Knoxville Academy, Crawford County
George R. Hunter
G. J. Green
L. F. Hicks
Ezekiel Hall
John L. Woodward

19 Nov.1846

Legal Notices

Sumter County
Estate Sale.
Property of Thomas M. Mann
signed Sarah T. Mann admx.

26 Nov. 1846

Legal Notices

Bibb County
Estate Sale
Property of Timothy Matthews signed T. M. Furlow, agent for Martha
Matthews, administrator.

3 Deceased. 1846

25 Nov. 1846, by Rev. Hooker, Allen Flemming to Miss Elizabeth
C. Martin...

Died..13 Nov. John R. Hayes age 39..In Thomas County formerly of this

Died 28 Nov. Milledgeville, Capt. William F. Scott, and old and highly respected citizen...

Sheriff's Sale
Upson co.

A tract of land adj. Martin B. Daniel, property of Leonard T. Doval in
favor of Mc Dade Dannelly.

One Jersey wagon .property of William D. Cobb in favor of Henry

Signed Samuel Caraway, D. Sheriff..

10 Deceased. 1846

Married;; 8 Deceased. by Rev. J. R. Kendrick.. M. R. Rogers to Miss M. E. Ledden.

Married..1 Deceased. by William Bateman, esq. Dr. John W. Walker to Miss Lucinda C. Culpepper, all of Houston Co...

Married..26 Nov. by Rev. W. H. Hebbard...Elias Mims, Miss Georgia
A. R. Rick all of Houston co..

Haynesville Academy
Houston Co.
Joseph Tooke
William S. Coalson
John Childers

17 Deceased.1846

Married: 9 Deceased. by J. R. Kendrick, Robert L. Mims, of Houston co. to Miss S. A. F. Gilbert, Bibb Co.

Columbus.25 Nov....John Hunter, age about 65..formerly a resident of this city and of Savannah.

Clark co...27 Nov...Maj. Jacob Wood, age 78...a prominent member of the legislature.

Macon Co., Al.  Isaac T. Cushing age 69 formerly of Milledgeville. [listing only, no date ]

Leon Co. Fl.  Major John Hardin, age 75, formerly of Twiggs Co. GA.

Savannah..5 Deceased. Joseph Cumming  one of the oldest merchants of that city.

Laurens Co. GA.
Justices of Inferior Court
F. M. Rowe
John Love
R. Robinson

24 Deceased. 1846

Married, by Rev. S. G. Bragg,  Henry Daniels to Miss Josephine Tissereau..

Died....21 Deceased. John Barr,a native of England, age about 50....

Legal Notices
Upson Co.
Estate Sale
Property of George W. Maddox...signed E. A. Pearce, administrator

31 Deceased. 1846

Married...22 Deceased. Rev. Hooker. Elijah A. Bradley to Miss Catharine H. Cutter

24 Deceased. Col. S. M. Baldwin age 37.

29 Deceased. Dr. James Wood age about 44.Native of Charleston SC.

All persons are hereby notified not to make any contracts with my
wife, Sarah Ann E. Willingham, as I will not be responsible..
signed John B. Willingham  Upson Co.

Sheriff's Sale

Macon County
Lot # 58/ of Thomas V. Youngblood  in favor of John E. Lewis.

Lot # 147/2District   property of Levi Barfield in favor of Brittain and Isaac Jessup.
signed Thomas Dixon, Sheriff

Houston Co.
Lot # 186/9 District.
Property of Stephen R. Ham in favor of Warren E. Sandres,  Allen Buzbee, security.
Calvin Leary, Sheriff

14 Jan. 1847

Married Lumpkin, Stewart Co. 
31 Deceased. by Rev. Joseph T. Talley,
John B. Kendrick, of Stewart Co.
and Mrs. Sarah M. Patton, of Macon...

21 Jan.1847
Married, Dooly Co. 17
Narrel R. Trulock, esq

Dr. B. C. M. Raiford of Travellers Rest
to Miss Amelia, dau of Rev. Benjamin Webb.

Died...Twiggs Co. 16 Jan. Henry Solomon esq. age 54...

28 Jan.1847

22 Jan in Vineville
Mrs. Martha W. Bailey wife of Samuel T. Bailey, eldest daughter of Hon. Christopher B. Strong.

Burke Co.GA.
20 Jan..
Benjamin C. H. Evans M.D. son of John P. Evans, formerly of Rochester NH  age 26

Sheriff's Sale
Upson co.
50 acres,10 District. .now occupied by Nathaniel Cobb and John M. Calhoun property of of William D. Cobb in favor of Henry Simmons.
signed Alexander Pace, Sheriff

Houston Co.
Lot #137/9District..
property of Thomas Moore in favor of William Pinkard, Peter Wiley, security
signed Calvin Leary  Sheriff.

January 31, 1827

DR. BUCHANAN  has located himself in MACON; where he may be found as a Practitioner  of

Died- At Augusta. Mr. Benjamin T. DAYCHING in the 53d year of his age.

Sale of Lots in Macon, on  Monday the 19th February next, at Auction on the  premises.

By his Excellency, GEORGE M. TROUP
Official Information has been received that on Monday, 16th Day of October  last, SAMUEL STEVENS of the County of TWIGGS, in this State, did stab and
wound Jacob GILDER
, of the County aforesaid, of which wound GILMER has died  since. The said STEVENS has abandoned  a two hundred dollar reward to any person or person to deliver him to the  Sheriff of the County aforesaid. 

On of before the 25th day of December 1826, I promise to pay JAMES CRAWLEY
five-hundred dollars, for value received, this 25th day of March 1826. 

GEORGIA- Pike County
Personally came before me JOHN SESSIONS, duly sworn
saith the original note of which is above a copy, as near as he can recollect  is lost or mislaid.

Wednesday, February 7, 1827
Notice. Will be sold on the 2d of March next, all the personal property of  JEREMIAH THOMSON deceased.-Terms made known on day of sale. 
Thomas B. GORMAN Admír   - Forsyth

Deaths- In Augusta, on the 19th ult. Mrs. NANCY McCARY consort of BENJAMIN  McCARY.

JAMES FINIGAN- Coach, house, sign and ornamental Painter in vicinity of

February 14, 1827
Branch Bank of Darien, Macon Jan. 31, 1827, SCOTT CRAY, Cashier

February 21,1827
Fifty Dollar Reward.
Whereas sometime ago Jemimah Armwood, a free mulatto woman, for the sum of  two hundred dollars ( in enable her to purchase her husband named Richard, or
more commonly called  Dick Youngblood) bound three of her girls, named Becky,  Teena and Dorcas, to me to serve as indentured servants a Reward of twenty
dollars will be paid for apprehending the said JEMIMAH, her husband Dick,  Becky, Teena and securing them in any jail, or fifty dollars to deliver them
to me in the Augusta jail. JOHN GUIMARIN

March 5, 1827
In S.C.

In Augusta
Mr. Patrick Bradley to Miss Mary Ann Mills.

In Pulaski County, on the 2d ult.
Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of JAMES BRACEWELL  Esq.
In Hancock County, JESSE WARREN Sr. in the 79th year of his age.
In Baldwin County , 18th ult. Jesse SANFORD esq. in the 64th year of his age.
and on the 23d
Martha G. Sandford, his wife in the 58th year of her age.

William V. White, Sheriff of Pike County.

From the Macon Telegraph
October 1, 1864
On Wednesday, 21st inst. a small LEATHER RETICULE, with broken chain.  It contained one one-hundred
dollar bill, one fifty dollar bill, and several small bills, and a small watch key, and $1.25 in silver, which are valued as mementos.  Also a letter
addressed to Mr. James J. Pryor, which was afterward dropped in the Post Office, probably by the finder of the Reticule.  A liberal reward will be paid for
the Reticule and contents if left at:
Mitchel & Smith
Macon, Sept. 30, 1864
Macon Telegraph
October 1, 1864
Having received orders to impress one fourth of all the male slaves of the county, between the ages of
18 and 50 (whether able-bodied or not) for the completion of the fortifications around the city of
Macon, you are hereby requested to meet me either at Bullard's Station on the 5th of October
next, in the morning, or at Macon in the evening of that day, with your quotes.  It is hoped that each
one will be prompt, as I shall be obliged to impress your slaves if you do not come upon that day.

L. A. Nash
Enroller of slaves of Twiggs Co.
Sep. 29, 1864




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