ADAMS, James
Farmer. Born October 1812 near Perth, Scotland. In 1853, he came to St. Charles, IL; in 1854 cam eto Kane Co., IL; in 1864 removed to his farm in Linn Co., IA (105 acres). Married Ann Miller in 1833 (she was born in 1807 in Scotland) and had five children, three of which were living at time of printing: John, Elizabeth, and Charles. They were members of the Presbyterian Church. Marion PO.
Farmer. Born June 26, 1836 in Scotland. In 1853 he came to Kane Co., IL; in 1864 he came to Marion Twp., Linn Co., IA; in 1868 he purchased his farm (80 acres). Married Mira J. Gray November 28, 1865 (she was born December 1846 in Marion Twp., Linn Co., IA) and had four children: Anna R., Lonnie, Charles L., and Mabel E. They were members of the Presbyterian Church. Marion PO.
J. Akers
This well-known resident of Cedar Rapids, who is now serving as deputy sheriff of Linn county, Iowa, was born in Rockland county, New York, July 30, 1851, and is a son of W. J. and Eliza Akers. The father was born in the same county in 1822, and at an early age learned the blacksmith's trade, which he followed until his death. In 1876 he removed with his family to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he died in 1882, and his wife departed this life in 1899. Their family consisted of six children, namely Julia, wife of W. W. McDonald, of Cedar Rapids; Emma, wife of Horace Gates of the same place; Isabella, of Cedar Rapids; Charles W., also a resident of Cedar Rapids; Lysander, of New Mexico; and Jonathan, of this review.
(This paragraph is jumbled and meaning not clear) Our subject was reared in the county of schools. When his school days were over his nativity and educated in its public he entered upon the duties of a clerk with the firm of Cooper & Hewitt, proprietors of the iron works at Hewitt, New Jersey, (Mr. Hewitt was the former Mayor of New York) and in 1873 entered the service of the National Bank Note Company, in the Cooper Institute Building, New York city. In 1876 he came to Cedar Rapids, where he has been variously employed. For a time he held a position in the paint department with the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railroad, and later served as constable.
In 1900 he was appointed by Sheriff Morton Evans as deputy for a term of two years, and is now capably and satisfactorily filling that office. Mr. Akers was married in 1877 to Miss Carrie D. Justice, a daughter of Martin R. and Lou Justice, of Cedar Rapids. Her father is a cooper by trade and is still a resident of Cedar Rapids. Our subject and his wife have three children: Charles A., Gladys May and Hazel Ruth. They both hold membership in the Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church of Cedar Rapids, and Mr. Aker is also connected with the Knights of the Maccabees, having served as keeper of finance for his tent. By his ballot he supports the men and measures of the Republican party and he takes an active and commendable interest in public affairs.
E. B. Alderman
ALDERMAN, E. B., dealer in farm machinery and seeds, Marion; born in West Springfield, Mass., April 3, 1826; removed to Chenango, Broome Co., N. Y., with his parents, in 1828; in 1843, went to Suffield, Hartford Co., Conn.; lived there until 1850, when he came to Brown Twp., Linn Co., Iowa, and located land in that township; lived in Anamosa until the Spring of 1851, when he went on his farm in Brown Twp., and resided there until February, 1856; then went East and spent a few months and returned to Iowa and located near Anamosa, in Jones Co.; engaged in farming there until the Spring of 1860, when he commenced mercantile business at Anamosa. In August, 1862, he enlisted in Co. E, 31st I. V. I [Iowa Volunteer Infantry]; he raised that company of 106 men in three days, and was commissioned Captain of the company when it was first organized; on account of ill health, he resigned Feb. 13, 1863.
Returned to Anamosa, where his partner had continued their mercantile business during his absence; although broken down in health for several years, he continued his business, and in 1869 he engaged in farm machinery trade exclusively; carried on that business at Anamosa until 1875; was engaged in the lumber business in 1876; Jan. 1, 1877, he engaged in his present business at Marion. Married Lydia A. OSBORN in January, 1848; she was born in Westfield, Mass., April 25, 1826; they have had eight children--Louis E., died aged 2 years 4 months and 8 days; Amaret L., died aged 19 years; the living are Mary Imogene, Fannie E., Ada M., Edwin G., Ettie and Jennie V. Mr. and Mrs. ALDERMAN and their four oldest children are members of the Baptist Church.

J. S. Alexander
ALEXANDER, J. S., dealer in lumber, sash, doors, blinds, etc., Marion; born in Franklin Tp., Linn Co., Iowa, May 21, 1842; engaged in farming until Aug. 16, 1862, when he enlisted as a private in Co. A, 31st I. V. I. [Iowa Voluntary Infantry]; promoted to Second Lieutenant March 19, 1863; promoted to Captaincy of the same company July 29, 1864; he was in all the engagements the regiment participated in, and was mustered out June 27, 1865. Came to Marion, Iowa, and engaged in the lumber business Aug. 23, 1866. He was City Councilman in 1876 and 1877. Married Anna C. GIFFEN in January, 1875; she was born in Northumberland Co., Penn., in June, 1852; they have two children--Jay Giffen, born Nov. 1, 1875, and Jeremiah S., born March 28, 1877. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander are members of the Presbyterian Church.
ALSOP, Daniel
Farmer. Born May 1843 in England. In 1850 he came to Waterloo, NY; in 1868 he purchased his farm (150 acres). Married Anna McCurdy on March 3, 1869 (she was born February 22, 1830 and died February 21, 1877) and had three children: Jessie, George, and Bertie. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Marion PO.
Samuel G. Armstrong
The subject of this review, who is the senior member of the firm of Armstrong & McClenahan, has through his own exertions attained an honorable position and marked prestige among the representative business men of Cedar
Rapids, and with signal consistency it may be said that he is the architect of his own fortunes and one whose success amply justifies the application of the somewhat hackneyed but most expressive title, "a self-made man."
Mr. Armstrong was born near the present village of Clarence, Cedar county, Iowa, August 24, 1858, and is one of a family of seven children, all living at the present writing in 1901. His father, Charles Cornelius Armstrong, was born in Connecticut, and when young went to Ohio, where he married Miss Lucy Dawson, a native of Virginia. About 1845 they came to Iowa and were among the early settlers of Cedar county. The father first located on a farm near what is now Clarence in Cedar county, where he lived till 1866, when he moved to Mt. Vernon, where he lived one year, and then to a farm near Marion, afterward living at Marion and Mr. Vernon again. The father died in 1885, and the mother passed away in 1893.
The primary education of our subject was received in the public schools of Marion, and later he attended Cornell College at Mt. Vernon for a few terms. At the age of seventeen he commenced teaching school and followed that profession quite successfully from 1876 to 1879, attending school in the meantime. He began his mercantile career as a clerk in a country store at Bertram, Iowa, where he was employed for one year, and in the fall of 1880 came to Cedar Rapids, and commenced work for the dry goods firm of Foote & Whitney, remaining with them about two months, but not liking the business, he entered the employ of I. N. Isham, a pioneer merchant of Cedar Rapids, then conducting a clothing business, being with him and his successors until the fall of 1890.
On the 3rd of September, that year, Mr. Armstrong embarked in business for himself as a member of the firm of Armstrong, Fletcher & Company, opening a clothing store in a room 40 x 70 feet, the site being a part of their present location. Two years later the firm was changed to Armstrong, McClenahan & Company, the company being H. W. Fagley, of St. Paul, Minnesota, whose interest Mr. Armstrong purchased in 1897, when the firm name was changed to Armstrong & McClenahan, as it now stands.
They carry a fine line of clothing and gents' furnishing goods and have met with remarkable success from the start. Their rapidly increasing trade has compelled them to enlarge their stock from time to time, and to make many improvements in their store. At first they occupied only one floor, but now use all of the three stories with a basement at numbers 120-122-124 South Second street, having sixteen thousand square feet of floor space. They have on an average of fifteen in their employ, and their extensive trade is not only in the city and county, but extends throughout this section of the state. The following is an extract from the Evening Gazette:
"Largest in Iowa - Armstrong & McClenahan's Remodeled Clothing Store - Now equipped with an electric passenger elevator and every modern convenience - Children's Department on Second Floor. The people of Cedar Rapids ought to take civic pride in the remodeled clothing store of Messrs. Armstrong & McClenahan, for that popular institution is now the very largest of its kind in the entire state of Iowa. The immense stock covers four floors including the basement, with sixteen thousand eight hundred square feet of floor space, giving the store front rank among all the great mercantile establishment of Iowa."
Mr. Armstrong was in his teens when his mother was left a widow and he was called upon to contribute to the support of the family. For nine years he was employed as a clerk, during which time, by economy and judicious investments, he managed to save a nucleus, with which to embark in business for himself. A man of good business ability, sound judgment and keen discrimination, he has met with well deserved success in his undertakings, and is now interested in a number of different enterprises. He is connected with the store of the Armstrong Clothing Company at Lincoln, Nebraska; is a stockholder in the Clark McDaniel's Company, manufacturers of overalls and shirts, and the Cedar Rapids National Bank; and a stockholder and director of the Cedar Rapids Loan & Trust Company, the latter of which he helped to organize.
On the 5th of September 1896, Mr. Armstrong married Miss Anna Cooper, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Cooper, old residents of Cedar Rapids, who were born in Ireland and are now well advanced in life. Our subject and his wife have one child, Robert Cooper, born July 4, 1897. They have a pleasant home at 1015 Fourth avenue, and are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. In his political affiliations Mr. Armstrong is a Republican, and he is deeply interested in public affairs and the good of the community in which he lives. He is genial, courteous, enterprising and progressive, of commendable public-spirit and the highest integrity, and well deserves the success that has come to him.
Farmer. Born August 20, 1836 in Knox Co., OH. In 1852 he came to Muscatine Co., IA; in 1853 he removed to Marion Twp., Linn Co., IA and purchased 170 acres of land. Married Julalia Lucore in 1863 (she was born in 1843 in Marion Twp., Linn Co., IA) nd had eight children, seven of which were living at time of printing: Mattie, Maggie, Katie, William, Sadie, Ina May, and Edward. He enlisted in Co. K, 9th Iowa Volunteer Infantry and served about fourteen months. He was wounded at Pea Ridge, AR and was discharged. Marion PO.
Farmer. Born September 18, 1821 in Onondaga Co., NY. In 1841 he came to Coldwater, MI; in 1844 he removed to Hillsdale Co., MI; in 1869 he came to his farm (owned 874 acres of land). He married Hannah D. Smith (born April 30, 1818 in Auburn, NY) in 1840 and had twelve children, nine of whom were living at the time of printing: Susan, Eunice, R. D., Rosa, M. L., Libbie, Arthur F., George H., and Sarah M. Served as Town Trustee and Assessor. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Marion PO.
BARROW, R. E. (Mrs.)
Widow of Samuel Barrow. He was born July 17, 1822 in Frederick Co., VA and died January 28, 1874. She was born April 6, 1823 in Frederick Co., VA. In 1856 he came to Marion; in 1868 he purchased their farm (125 acres). They had seven children: Sarah C., Martha E., Mazy J., Eliza A., Mary V., Ailee A., and George W. Marion PO.
BEALL, Jeremiah
Farmer. Born October 20, 1818 in Ross Co., OH. In 1841 he came to Linn Co., IA; in 1854 he purchased his farm (200 acres). Married Elizabeth Whiteley in 1848 and had twelve children: Ellen A., Julia, Isora M., James H., Albert, Leman, Mary D., James H., Frederick, William, Samuel V., Clarance, and Clara. Was a Republican. Marion PO.
BELL, James A.
Farmer. Born September 29, 1839 in Canada. In 1850 he came to Rochester, NY; in 1856 he came to Lyons, IA; in 1857 he came to Jackson Co., IA; in 1860 he moved to his farm (215 acres). He married Harriet (Murray) Armstrong in 1857 (she was born February 19, 1831 in Mahoning Co., OH). They had seven children, five of which were still living at time of printing: William E., Roxey E., Lucy E., Nellie E., and Hattie M. Mrs. Bell, by a former marriage, had one son, Henry M. Armstrong. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Marion PO.
BEELER, Frederick
Farmer. Born February 28, 1814 in VA. In 1823, he came to Marion Co., IN; in 1840 he came to IA; he remained for about one year on the Mississippi River then removed to his farm (860 acres). He married Nancy Dollarhide in 1839 (she was born in 1821 in IN) and had fifteen children: Sarah Ann, Melissa, Fred, John S., Lewis, Mary, Ellen, Nellie, Jones E., George M., Emily, Ada, Stephen A. D., Charles, and William. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Marion PO.
BIGGER, Joseph O.
Farmer. Born August 18, 1851 in Linn Co., IA. His father, J. W. Bigger, was born April 24, 1811 in Ireland and died August 6, 1875. His mother is the daughter of Benjamin Akers, now Mrs. Frances Bigger. She was born September 13, 1823 in Fayette Co., PA and was married November 19, 1847. They had nine children, seven living at the time of printing: Mary L., Elizabeth T., John H., Joseph O., Julia A., Sarah A., and James E. William T. enlisted in 1862 in the 9th Iowa Volunteer Infantry and was discharged on account of sickness. He died March 7, 1874. They owned 123 acres of land and were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Marion PO.
BLACK, Isaac
Farmer. Born November 15, 1814 in Ross Co., OH. In 1845 he came to Linn Co., IA and one year later removed to his farm (61 acres). Marion PO.
BOWMAN, Benjamin
Farmer. Born February 2, 1830 in Lancaster Co., PA. In 1850 he came to OH; in the winter of 1855-6 came to Linn Co., IA; in 1860, he removed to his farm (415 acres). Married Eliza Wilson in 1856 (she was born June 15, 1832 in Licking Co., OH) and they had seven children, five of which were still living at time of printing: A. W., J. W., Mary L., Nettie L., and Myrtie E. They were members of the Presbyterian Church. Marion PO.
BOWMAN, Abraham
Farmer. Born March 28, 1837 in Lancaster Co., PA. In 1860 he came to his farm (160 acres). He married Pauline Beckner (born 1840 in OH) in 1865 and had five children: Kittie, John D., Benjamin F., David C., and Harmie E. He enlisted in 1861 in Co. K, 9th Iowa Volunteer Infantry and served at the close of the war. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Marion PO.
Farmer. Born May 16, 1839 in Belgium. In 1853 he came to Dubuque, IA; in 1856 he removed to KS; in 1869 he came to Marion Twp., Linn Co., IA and owned 70 acres of land. He married Adaline Causley in 1869 (she was born June 15, 1845 in Dubuque, IA) and had five children, four of whom were still living at time of printing: Mary (b March 25, 1860), Benjamin (b November 23, 1873), Sophia (b January 30, 1876), and Malda (b March 7, 1878). They are members of the Roman Catholic Church. Marion PO.
Farmer. Born April 30, 1818 in Talbot Co., MD. On May 9, 1838 he left for Quincy, IL; in 1839 he came to IA; in 1843 he settled on his farm (150 acres). He married Catherine Gray (b 1825 in KY and died in 1853) in 1841. They had four children: W. H., Caroline, L. H., and G. T. His second marriage was to Mary Bunnell in 1854 (she was b 1831 in PA) and they had two children: J. E. and Ada B. W. H. enlisted in 1861 in Co. K, 9th Iowa Volunteer Infantry and served to the close of the war. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Marion PO.
BROWN, Samuel
Farmer. Born December 11, 1821 in Harrison Co., OH. In 1839 he came to Shelby Co., IL; I 1850 he came to Dubuque Co., IA; in 1856 he came to Jones Co., IA; in 1870 he came to his farm and owned 420 acres. He married E. J. Ogden in 1846 (she was b Feb 1825 in VA) and had three children: W. J., L. C., and C. M. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Marion PO.
Farmer. Born July 12, 1837 in Ross Co., OH. In 1852 he came to Marion Twp., Linn Co., IA; in 1875 he came to his farm (180 acres). He married E. J. Johnson on April 3, 1861 (she was b Sept 1838 in NY) and had three children: Charles, Mary M., and Sarah E. He enlisted in 1862 in Co. H, 24th Iowa Volunteer Infantry and served to the close of the war. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Marion PO.
Farmer. Born November 23, 1832 in Muskingum Co., OH. In 1852 he came to Dubuque Co., IA; in 1856 he came to Marion Twp., Linn Co., IA where he owned 135 acres. He married Rosalinda P. Cline on April 5, 1864 (she was born in 1840 in McLean Co., IL and she came to Jones Co., IA in 1838) and they had three children: Mary Rebecca, John Phillips, and Carrie O. Marion PO.
BUNTING, John Farmer. Born January 29, 1804 in Culpepper Co., VA. In 1811 he came to Belmont Co., OH; in 1816 he came to Muskingum Co., OH; in 1856 he came to his farm (185 acres). He married Mary Edwards in 1831. She was born May 11, 1808 near Baltimore, MD. They had ten children, nine of which were living at time of printing: Eli, Amelia, Ann, Mary E., Sophia, Mordecai, John W., Maggie, Sarah F., and Cornelius. James H. enlisted in 1862 with Co. A, 31st Iowa Volunteer Infantry. He was nine months in the service and died of a disease contracted in the army. Mrs. Bunting was a member of the Baptist Church. Marion PO.
BURCHELL, Sarah (Mrs.)
Daughter of J. North; widow of Francis Burchell. He was born November 1824 in PA and died July 4, 1876. She was born in October 1839 in Columbiana Co., OH. They were married in November 1860. She owned 160 acres. She came to Linn Co., IA in 1855. They had three children: Anna E., Elizabeth N., and Francis P. She is a member of the Society of Friends. Marion PO.
Farmer. Born Nov 12, 1816 in Pickaway Co., OH. In 1840 he came to Hancock Co., OH; in 1854 removed to Marion, Linn Co., IA; in 1866 came to his farm (120 acres). He married Minerva Groves in 1843 (she was born Aug 1823 in Pickaway Co., OH) and had nine children, six of which were living at the time of printing: D. B., Lizzie, Miles, Lewis, Clara, and Charles. Members of the Christian Church. Marion PO.
Stock breeder. Born Jan 29, 1851 in Hancock Co., OH. Came to Linn Co. with his parents who settled in Marion in 1854. He married Miss Dora Andrews on Sept 21, 1877 (she is a native of Linn Co., IA). Marion PO.
CASE, John M.
Farmer. Born Jan 13, 1808 in Cuyaga Co., NY. In 1850 he came to Medina Co., OH; in 1854 he came to Linn Co., IA and purchased 80 acres. He married Cornelia E. Sharp in 1836 (she was born 1821 Cuyaga Co., NY) and they had five children, three of which were still living at time of printing: Lovina J., Hannah, and William Austin. Charles E. enlisted in 1862 in the 24th Iowa Volunteer Infantry and died of a disease contracted in the army on March 18, 1863 in AR. Marion PO.
CORY, William
Farmer. Born Nov 5, 1812 in England. In 1853 he came to America; in 1860 came to Marion, Linn Co., IA. Owned 290 acres. Married Elizabeth Marshall on Jan 1, 1835 (she was born Jan 1810 in England) and had six children: William H., Samuel E., Daniel M., A. L., Sarah H., and Elizabeth A. Members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Marion PO.
Farmer. Born Oct 6, 1832 in Clark Co., OH. In 1866 he came to his farm (175 acres). He married Cyrena Dawson on May 4, 1854 (she was born May 4, 1835 in Clark Co., OH) and had nine children, six of which were still living at the time of printing: Anna E., George D., Jerry C., William T., Mary E., and Euphemia V. Rural PO.
COFFITS, Alexander
Farmer. Born Dec 19, 1847 in Buffalo Twp., IA. Owned 130 acres and came to his farm in 1873. Married Amelia Frisinger on Oct 15, 1871 (she was born oct 14, 1853 in Catskill, NY), and had three children: Alva (b Aug 25, 1872), Nellie (b Oct 12, 1873), and John (b May 29, 1876). Members of the German Reformed Church. Marion PO.
Farmer. Born Jan 26, 1809 in Clark Co., IN. In 1843 he came to Marion Twp., Linn Co., IA. He owned 137 acres. He married Rachel Hougland in July 1835 (she was born in 1815 in Scott Co., IN) and had six children, four of which were still living at the time of printing: Martha J., James M., John W., and Lizzie M. She is a member of the Christian Church. Marion PO.
COOPER, Joseph
Farmer. Born May 22, 1823 in Tick Hill, Washington Co., OH. Came to Linn Co., IA in May 1845; in 1847, settled in Marion Twp., Linn Co., IA. Owned 342 acres. Married Polly P. Smith in January 1843 (she was born in 1824 in Morgan Co., OH) and had five children, four of which were still living at the time of printing: Mary J., Oscar D., Emeline B., and Joseph A. She is a member of the Adventists. Mario PO.
Farmer. Born June 6, 1830 in Harrison Co., KY. In 1834 he came to Montgomery Co., IN; in 1841 he came to Linn Co., IA; in 1852 he came to his farm in Marion Twp., Linn Co., IA. Owned 120 acres of which he bought from the government. Married Mary A. Keenan in 1851 (she was born in 1828 in PA) and they had seven children: Emma E., Celora A., Mary A., Elizabeth A., Dora B., Wellington J., and Wilbur M. Members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Marion PO.
Farmer. Born Aug 29, 1842 in Washington Co., OH. In 1864 he came to Keokuk Co., IA; in 1865 he came to Tama Co., IA; in 1867 he came to Benton Co., IA; in 1876 came to his farm in Marion Twp., Linn Co. Owned 126 acres. Married Rebecca Whinery on Nov 5, 1868 (she was born July 1843 in Columbiana Co., OH) and they had three children: Walter E., William H., and Joseph E. Members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Marion PO.

The Biographical Record
Linn County, IA, 1901
Contributed by, Janis Owens
Page 981, Ely West
Ely West, an experienced farmer and stock raiser, who owns and successfully operates a farm of two hundred and thirty seven acres on sections 20 and 21, Franklin Township, claims Ohio as his native state, his birth having occurred in Fayette county, June 29, 1854. His parents were Wesley and Polly (McKay) West, natives of Kentucky and Ohio, respectively. They were married in the latter state, where they continued to make their home until the fall of 1859, and then came to Linn county, Iowa, locating on a farm in Franklin Township, which was their home for three years. They next removed to the farm now owned by Mr. Bair, and in the fall of 1877 returned to the farm on which they had first resided. Upon that place the father died in the spring of 1895, but the mother is still living and now makes her home in Peterson, Iowa.
In the family of this worthy couple were twelve children, namely: Sally, wife of Thomas Oldham, of Eldorado, Kansas; Margaret, who first married Peter Harmon, and second Jerry Thomas, of Mt. Vernon; Isaac, who married Eva Scott and lives on a farm near Mt. Vernon; Thomas, who married Lucinda Leonard and resides in Pawnee City, Oklahoma; Elijah, who married Clara Ziegler and makes his home in Mt. Vernon; David, who married Lou Pfantz and resides west of Mt. Vernon; Flora, deceased wife of George Waln, of Clarion, Iowa; Mary, wife of Rev. Charles Kirk of Peterson, Iowa; Ely, our subject; Hattie, wife of Homer Harper, of Minneapolis, Minnesota; and two who died in infancy.
The subject of this sketch was five years of age when in the fall of 1859 the family came to Linn county, Iowa, and took up their residence upon a farm of one hundred and twenty acres on section 16, Franklin Township, where he was principally reared. He attended the commom schools until eighteen years of age during the winter season, while the summer months were devoted to the work of the farm. He remained under the parental roof until after he attained his majority.
On the second of March, 1876, at Marion, Iowa, Mr. West was united in marriage with Miss Jane Hayden, who was born in Clinton county, Iowa, May 9, 1855, a daughter of Nathaniel and Maria (Pierce) Hayden, the former a native of Indiana, the later of Ohio, where their marriage was celebrated. It was in 1855 that her parents came west and took up their residence in Clinton county, Iowa, but after living there for three years they removed to Cedar county, and in 1862 came to Linn county, the father purchasing a farm in Franklin township. There he died March 1, 1897, and his wife passed away in February, 1895, both being laid to rest in the Mt. Vernon cemetery. They had seven children, namely; Angelina, who first married Daniel Grant, and after his death became the wife of Henry Taylor, of Oneida, Iowa; Lydia A., who married Jesse Thomas, of Mt.Vernon and died in 1892; Pierce, who married Alice Christman and lives in Pomona, Kansas; Zura, who married Jane Dill and resides in Bertram, Iowa; Sylvester, who married Louisa Pierce and both died in Mt. Vernon: Allen, who married Stella Winslow and makes his home in Lincoln, Nebraska; and Jane M., wife of our subject.
Nine children blessed the union of Mr. and Mrs. West, namely: Charles, born February 7, 1877, is a stenographer and bookkeeper of Tilton, Iowa. Clarence Earl, born July 7, 1880, was accidently drowned in Cedar river, June 13, 1897; Leila, born July 19, 1883, is at home with her parents; Glenn, born December 14, 1886, died November 6,1889; Ely, born December 31, 1887, died February 12, 1888; and Irwin, born February 20, 1889; Ruth, born September 14, 1891; Louis George, born December 10, 1894, and Clyde Lawrence, born November 23, 1895, are all at home.
After his marriage Mr. West rented one of his father's farms for a year, and then rented the farm belonging to his father, which his brother had previously operated. A year later he leased the farm adjoining the one he now occupies, and after living there for three years he moved to a place north of Mechanicsville, in Pioneer township, Cedar county, where he purchased one hundred and five acres, making it his home for a year and a half. In the spring of 1882 he sold out and returned to Linn county, buying a farm of one hundred and thirty four acres on section 21, Franklin township, to which he has since added until he now has two hundred and thirty-seven acres on sections 20 and 21. He has made many improvements upon the place in the way of building, but the house which he erected in 1896 was destroyed by fire May 27, 1900. With characteristic energy, however, he at once set to work to replace it, and now has an elegant and commodious home supplied with all modern improvements. He makes a specialty of stock raising, and feeds all the grain raised upon his place to his stock. Socially he belongs to Lodge No. 522, I.O.O.F., and Eureka Lodge, No.45, Legion of Honor, both of Mt. Vernon, and polically he affiliates with the Republican party. He is a genial, companiable gentleman, who makes many friends and is highly respected by all who know him.
KOHL, Henry S.
The Iowa Biographical Record, 1901
page 178
Contributed by, Janis Owens
Henry S. Kohl, a well-to-do and successful farmer and stock raiser residing on section 36, Franklin township, was born in Cedar county, Iowa, on the 22d of May, 1853. His parents, Solomon and Elizabeth (Blessing) Kohl, were both natives of Pennsylvania, but became acquainted and were married at Lisbon, Iowa, having come to this state at an early day. For many years the father was one of the most active and progressive agriculturists of his community, but his last days were spent in retirement from labor. He died in April, 1894, at the age of sixty-seven years, and was buried in the Lisbon Cemetery, but his wife is still living on the old homestead farm. They had a family of five sons, of whom our subject is the oldest; Fred married Millie Pfaugh and resides on a farm in Cedar county; Emanual married Alice Tyson and lives in Cass county, Iowa; John married Flossie Nix and resides in Cedar county; and Samuel married Ollie Mitchell and lives on the old homestead in Cedar county. The father of these children was for a great many years a minister in the United Brethren church.
During the winter months Henry S. Kohl attended the district schools near his boyhood home until twenty years of age, while the summer seasons were devoted to farm work. He remained under the parental roof until he was married, in Cedar county, July 1, 1878, to Miss Susan Bittle, who was born in Pennsylvania August 12, 1853, and came west in 1869 with her parents, Henry and Rebecca (Becker) Bittle, also natives of the Keystone state. Her family located on a farm in Cedar county, where the father still lives, but the mother died in August, 1891. Mr. Bittle since early manhood has been a minister in the Church of God. They had ten children, namely: David married Eliza Bucher and lives on the old homestead in Cedar county; Jesse, deceased, wedded Mary Glantzey, now a resident of Franklin county, Iowa; Susan is the wife of our subject; Amelia died at the age of two years; Stephen married Becky Smith, and resides in Shelby county, Iowa; George died at the age of ten years; Clara is the wife of Robert McLaughlin, of Mapleton, Iowa; Rebecca is a resident of San Diego, California; Alexander, deceased, married Nettie Mason and resided in Mapleton, Iowa; and Walter married Lula Briegle and makes his home in Tindall, Missouri.
Mr. and Mrs. Kohl have a family of four children: Laura, born July 1, 1878 is the wife of Fred Huey, a farmer of Cedar county, and they have one child, Harold; Clyde, born January 14, 1880, assists his father in the management of the farm; and Ray, born October 16, 1882, and Clarence, born October 21, 1887, are also at home.
After his marriage Mr. Kohl leased a farm which he operated for three years, and then came to Linn county, purchasing one hundred and twenty acres of land on section 36, Franklin township, which was only partially improved. To the further developement and cultivation of his land he has since devoted his energies, and now has a most attractive place, supplied with all the conviences and accessories found upon a model farm. In connection with general farming he raises horses, cattle and hogs. He gives his political support to the Republican party, and for a number of years has served as school director.

Contributed by, Merton Franklin
Chicago: The S.J.Clarke Publishing Company 1901 ~~ Miller, Milo, 364
This gentleman dates his residence in Linn county from January, 1853, and as a progressive agriculturist he was prominently identified with the growth and development of the county for over a quarter of a century, but he has now laid aside all business cares, and is living retired in Cedar Point. A native of New York, he was born near Syracuse, September 8, 1821. His father, William Miller, was born and reared in England, and when a young man came to the United States. He was married in New York to Miss Loraine Fountaine, who was born in that state of French and German parentage, and there they continued to make their home throughout life.
Milo Miller remained a resident of the Empire State until nineteen years of age, and then went to Warren county, Pennsylvania, where he worked in the lumber camps for about six years. The following year was spent near Milan, Ohio, and at the end of that time he removed to McHenry county, Illinois, where he rented land and engaged in farming for a time. He next made his home near Valparaiso, Indiana, for about five years, and from there removed to Jackson county, Iowa, where he bought a farm of two hundred acres, of which sixty acres had been placed under the plow.
After residing there for two years he sold that place and came to Linn county, in 1853, purchasing a partially improved farm of two hundred and twenty acres in Grant township. He planted the first crop raised upon that place, and to the cultivation and improvement of that farm he continued to devote his time and energies until his removal to Center Point in 1876. He added to his property and erected thereon good and substantial buildings. For some time after locating in Center Point he was engaged in the real estate business and has handled considerable property. He has made several farms by buying raw land which he has broke and improved by the erection of a good set of farm buildings, and he has also improved considerable village property, which he either sells or rents. He is still the owner of about a dozen residences in Center Point and two business blocks, besides five farms aggregating six hundred acres of valuable land. He has been a man of industrious habits, progressive and enterprising, and to his excellent business and executive ability he owes his success in life, for he started out in the world for himself empty-handed.
Mr. Miller has been twice married. In 1843, in Pennsylvania, he wedded Miss Patience Meeker, who died in Indiana, by that union he had two children, of whom one died in infancy. The other, Elmira married George Fee, of this county, and died in 1899. Mr. Miller was again married in Indiana, in 1848, his second union being with Miss Cynthia Sprague, who was born in Allen county, Ohio, and removed to Porter county, Indiana, with her father, Solomon Sprague, locating near Valparaiso. Unto them were born four children, namely: Delia, now the wife of Theodore Lampman, a farmer in Linn county, Iowa; Samuel, a resident of Center Point; Paulina, wife of Edward Sarchet, also a farmer of this county; and Anna, wife of Oliver Hines, of Center Point.
Mr. Miller takes no active part in politics or has never cared for office. During his long residence in this county, covering almost half a century, he has materially aided in the growth and building of his town and county, and has become widely and favorably known as an upright, reliable business man of strict integrity and sterling worth.
Auditor of State, was born in the county of Fermanagh, Ireland, February 17, 1857. His parents were both natives of Ireland. Removed with his parents to Rock Island county, Illinois, in October, 1863, and to Linn county, Iowa, in March, 1872. His education was acquired in the public schools of Illinois and Iowa and the Cedar Rapids Business College. Taught for several years in the schools of Linn county, Iowa, and in 1882 removed to Ida Grove, Iowa, where he entered as a bookkeeper the banking house of Baxter & Rule. Occupied this position for three years, and at the end of that time he entered the mercantile business in Ida Grove and continued thus engaged until the year 1900, when, on account of ill health, he was forced to retire from active business. In 1903 he was elected State Senator for the Forty-sixth District and served in the Thirtieth, Thirty-first and Thirty-second General Assemblies. He was elected Auditor of State November 3, 1908. A Republican in politics.
Representative from Linn county, was born of American parentage on a farm adjoining the city of Marion, April 18, 1862, and resided there until the fall of 1896, when he was elected Clerk of the District Court of Linn county, in which capacity he served for two terms. Has been quite active in the Republican party, having served four years as chairman on the Republican county central committee. Is at present cashier of the First National Bank at Marion, Iowa. Elected Representative in 1908. A Republican in politics.
James William Good,
Of Cedar Rapids, Linn county, Representative from the Fifth District, composed of the counties of Benton, Cedar, Grundy, Jones, Linn, Marshall and Tama, was born September 24, 1866, near that place; graduated from Coe College, Cedar Rapids, in 1892, receiving the degree of bachelor of science; also graduated from the law department of the University of Michigan in 1893, receiving the degree of bachelor of laws; is a lawyer by profession; has never before held any office of a public nature except that of City Attorney for the city of Cedar Rapids from April, 1906 to April, 1908; was elected to the Sixty-first Congress November 3, 1908.
Republican in politics.
Warren Appleby
Warren Appleby, proprietor of the Bowlder House, Prairieburg; best of accomodations for travelers, and good stabling, with attentive hostlers. Mr. A. was born in Orleans Co., N.Y., Aug. 17, 1826; when 4 years old, moved, with parents, to Chautauqua Co., N.Y., and when about 16 moved to Cattaraugus Co., N.Y., where he followed lumbering on the Allegany River till 1855, then moved to Winnebago Co., Ill., where he lived till 1864, then moved to this county and settled on Sec. 8, in this township, where he carried on farming till 1876, when he purchased the hotel property which he now occupies, and immediately took possession. Married Sophronia Bloss Jan. 10, 1849; she was born in Genesee Co., N.Y., May 11, 1827; they have one daughter--Helen M., now Mrs. Tilton, who resides in this town.
William Boyd
William Boyd, farmer and physician, Sec. 19; P.O. Prairieburg; owns eighty acres, worth $2,000; born in Westmoreland Co., Penn., Sept. 11, 1825; came to Noble Co., Ohio, in March, 1852, where he remained till 1873, when he moved to this county. Married Rachel DeLancey Sept. 7, 1861; she was born in Noble Co., Ohio, Sept. 12, 1836; their children are EBERLE N., born Sept. 7, 1862; Lenora A., born Dec. 14, 1866; Endora M., born May 13, 1868, and Rebecca E., born May 4, 1870. Is a Republican.
W.A. Fay
W.A. Fay of the firm of C. f. Fay & Co.,; dealers in lumber, sash, doors, blinds, etc., Marion; born in Grafton, Worcester Co., Mass., Dec. 13, 1845; came to Fond du Lac Co., Wis., in Sept., 1850; lived there until 1858,then went to Marquette Co., Wis.; made that county his home until 1872. He enlisted in Co. G, 32d W. V. I., Dec. 16, 1863; served until May 10, 1865; in 1867, engaged in the lumber business in Northern Wisconsin; came to Oxford, Jones Co., Iowa, in 1872; in 1874, he came to Marion; engaged in the lumber business all the time since he came to Iowa. He married Alice Merrill, Jan. 11, 1876, in Chicago; she was born in New York City, in 1849; they have one child - Maud, born July 10, 1877. Mrs. Fay is a member of the Baptist Church.
Philip Kuhn
Philip Kuhn, farmer, Sec. 24; P. O. Cedar Rapids; owns sixty acres land, probable value $3,000; was born June 20, 1825, in Frederick Co., Md., and was married Jan. 23, 1846, to Mary, daughter of Jacob and Julia Ann Kuhn; she was born Jan. 12, 1826; they have twelve children - Simon P., born Oct. 22, 1848; Josiah, Feb. 13, 1851; James R., March 13, 1853; Mary E., may 19, 1855; Eva A., April 12, 1857; Louisa, Aug. 17, 1859; Sarah J., Aug. 30, 1861; Martha E., March 28, 1863; Emma, March 9, 1865; Stella, April 4, 1867; Auster P. L, Nov. 24, 1868, and Esther M., March 19, 1874; they lost one child - Lydia A., born July 6, 1847, died May, 1852.
Mr. Kuhn left Maryland in the Fall of 1855, for the West, and lived in Lee and Ogle Counties, Ill., for about four years; he came to Iowa in 1865, and settled in Linn Co. In 1862, he enlisted in the 75th I. V. I., and because of disability was honorably discharged the same year at Nashville, Tenn. He is a Republican in politics, and a member of the Lutheran Church, of which denomination Mrs. Kuhn is also a member.
John Brown
John Brown Bowlder Township farmer, Sec. 31; P.O. Prairieburg; owns 155 acres, worth $6,000; born in Germany, July 19, 1815; came to America in 1837, settling in Fairfield Co., Ohio, where he remained twelve years and came to this county in 1850; there was but one cabin in what is now Bowlder Tp., at that time. Married Mrs mary E. Fenstermaker, whose maiden name was Minehart, Feb. 14, 1847; she was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio, Sept. 6, 1820; their children are George Ward and William H. (twins), Lydia N. , Sarah, Carrie and Kate; Mrs. Brown's children by a former marriage to Mr. Fenstermakerare Noah and Mary Jane.
Lewis Brown
Lewis Brown, farmer, Sec. 7; P.O. Prairieburg; owns eighty acres of land worth $2,000; born in Madison Co., N.Y., Feb. 22, 1852; came to this county in 1854. Married Emily Ary , Oct. 30, 1875; she was born in Bureau Co., Ill., Feb. 6, 1854; they have one child--Aurilla, born April 9, 1877. Is a Republican and Universalist.
Henry Bucher
Henry Bucher, contractor and builder, Lisbon; born in Ohio in 1848; came to this State in 1875. Has worked at his trade for eleven years.
Daniel Buck
Daniel Buck, dealer in dry goods, groceries, crockery and clothing, Lisbon; born in Dauphin Co., Penn., in 1820; came to this county in 1856. Has held office of Town Trustee and School Director. He married Miss Jane Runkle, who was born in Pennsylvania; has two children--Daniel E. and Alice R.; one son, John A., enlisted in the 13th Iowa Inf., and was killed before Atlanta. Daniel E. Buck was born in Pennsylvania, and came to this county in 1856; he married Miss C.C. Armentrout in 1871; she was born in Ohio; has one child, Willie, by former marriage, and one daughter, Katie, by present marriage.
William Gard Contributed by, Susie Martin Roth Author of The Original Muscatine Co IA Genealogy Home Page
Biographical Sketch from A History of Linn County, Iowa, containing a History of the County, Its Cities, Towns, &c., a Biographical Directory of its Citizens, War Record of Its Volunteers in the Late Rebellion, General and Local Statistics, Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men, History of the Northwest, History of Iowa, Map of Linn County, Constitution of the United States, Miscellaneous Matters, &c. (1878, Clinton Twp.)
GARD, WILLIAM, far., Sec 27; P. O. Cedar Rapids; owns 40 acres of land, valued at $1,600; he was born in Preble Co., Ohio, Nov. 17, 1813; he engaged in the occupation of farming; in 1845, he went to Delaware Co., Ind., and lived there until he came West to Muscatine Co., Iowa, in 1856, when he engaged in the practice of medicine.
During the war of the rebellion, he enlisted in Co. B, 37th I. V. I., to serve three years or during the war, and was engaged with his regiment in doing guard and picket duty, at Memphis and other points, until he was honorably discharged because of disability, Nov. 22, 1864, at Gallipolis, Ohio; while in the army, he became disabled by rheumatism, brought on by fatigue and exposure, so that now he is a cripple, and obliged to go about on crutches;
Mr. Gard not only served his country in person, but gave four sons to his country's cause--Benjamin F., William H., John W., and Bartley G.; William H. was wounded in the shoulder at the battle of Shiloh, and was disabled; Benjamin F. served three years and received slight wounds on the lip and hip, at Atlanta, but was not deterred from serving with his regiment; John W. served for four years and was wounded in the scalp; all of them, though engaged in the most severe battles of the Southwest, had the good fortune of returning to their home, after being honorably discharged; Mr. G.'s son-in-law, Capt. Wm. D. Conn, of the 35th I. V. I., died in Muscatine Co., Iowa, from sickness brought on while in the army; his son-in-law, Homer Yeager, of the 11th I. V. I. served four years in the army.
Mr. G. was married Nov. 8, 1834, to Chloe, daughter of Richard Shamlee, of Wayne Co., Ind.; they have nine children--Benjamin F., Mary A., William H., John W., Bartley G., Clarissa J., Levi K., Hannah M. and Rachel R.; they lost one child, Lucretia E., who died Feb. 15, 1854; Mrs. Gard is a member of the Morgan Creek Christian Church; she was born Sept. 3, 1816.
They settled in the place they now reside in 1866. In politics Mr. G. is a Republican, and was School Director two years; he is a member of the Morgan Creek Christian Church, and is Clerk of it; in 1877, he was president of the Northeastern Iowa Christian Conference, and is now a member of the standing committee of the same.

Taken from the History of Linn County Iowa from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time: Volume II, Biographical
Contributed by,Nickie Neal
Chauncey Neal
Born on a farm in Linn township, his natal day was May 4,1850. His father Chauncey Neal, Sr. born in St. Lawrence County, New York 28 Jan, 1836 and died June 1866 in Millersburgh, English Township, Iowa and was one of five children, being the second in order of birth. The others were Arvilla, Horace, Rosanna and Ira.

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