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Isaac and Elsie (Haines) Stevens Family History
Linn County, Iowa
(Springville and Mount Veron Area)

Isaac Stevens born either in 1808 or 1809 in Vermont or Waterbury, Connecticut to Mr. Oliver Stevens and Mrs. Hulda (Clark) Stevens. Oliver Stevens is thought of been born in Vermont around 1782 to Henry A. Stevens. Henry A. Stevens immigrated from Ireland to Vermont in the 1780s.

Isaac accompanied his family in moving from Vermont to the Ohio River Valley somewhere between 1809 to 1820. Isaac Stevens is the only child known to Oliver and Hulda Stevens.

In 1831 Isaac Stevens met Elsie Haines (Born: 1802 in Ohio and died 1882 in Iowa) and married Elsie Haines in Washington County Ohio on October 2, 1831. Isaac and Elsie had eight children. They were: Sarah Ellen born 1830 in Morgan County, Ohio; Mary Delilah born October 13, 1832 in Morgan County, Ohio; Hulda Ann born August 18, 1834 in Morgan County, Ohio; Mary Jane born May 2, 1836 in Muskingum County Ohio; Henry H. born in 1829 in Morgan County Ohio; Elizabeth Ann born in 1850 in Muskingum County Ohio; Amos Scott born July 12, 1839 in Morgan County Ohio; and Vincent Ferguson born May 4, 1842 in Morgan County Ohio.

The 1840 U.S. Census Record has a huge listing of Stevens' in the Hamilton County area of Ohio (Cincinnati). These names maybe aunts, uncles or cousins to the Isaac Stevens Family. They are: Amos S. Stevens, Hamilton Co., Cincinnati 4th Ward; Henry A. Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati 5th Ward; Giles Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati 1st Ward; Ira Stevens, Hamilton Co, Anderson Township; Issac L. Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, 1st Ward; Jacob Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, 1st Ward; John W. Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati 1st Ward; Elijah Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, 7th Ward; Elizabeth Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, 6th Ward; Enoch Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati 1st Ward; George P. Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati 5th Ward; James Stevens, Hamilton Co, Whitewater Township; Job Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati 1st Ward; Lowig Stevens, Hamilton Co, Crosby Township; Marus Stevens, Hamilton Co, Columbus Township; Mary Stevens, Hamilton Co, Fulton Township; Oliver Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati 3rd Ward; Reuben Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati 2nd Ward; Thomas Stevens, Hamilton Co, 2nd/6th Ward; William Stevens, Hamilton Co, Green Township; William L. Stevens, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati 6th Ward; and Jonathan Stevens of Hamilton Co, Delhi Township.

The U.S. Census Record of 1850 found the Isaac Stevens Family in Richhill, Muskingham County, Ohio with a listing of children of: Henry H., Sarah Ellen, Mary Delilah, Hulda Ann, Mary Jane, Elizabeth Ann, Amos S., and Vincent F.

Several of Isaac's children were married while in Ohio during this timeframe. Mary Delilah Stevens married Richard Reeves on December 26, 1850 in Muskingum County Ohio by Justice of the Peace St. Clair. Henry H. Stevens married Sarah C. Davis on April 15, 1852 by Justice of the Peace St. Clair in Muskingum County Ohio. Hulda Ann Stevens married Joshua Hartman on April 21, 1853 by Justice of the Peace G. Johnson. Sarah Ellen Stevens married Enoch Davis on June 13, 1850 in Muskingum Ohio by Justice of the Peace J. McIntire.

In 1853 Isaac and Elsie Stevens moved the family from Muskingum County Ohio to Linn County Iowa. The Census records of 1856 and 1860 have the family residence in Springville, Linn County Iowa.

In the 26 June 1860 Linn County Iowa Census, Isaac (50), and Elsey (57) Stevens (Stephens) are listed with children Elizabeth (20 born in Ohio), Amos (19 born in Ohio) and Vincent (17 born in Ohio). Henry H. Stephens (Stevens) is also listed at 31 years of age from Ohio with a wife named Sarah C. (Davis) age of 33 or 23 as the writing is faded born in Virginia and a daughter Lydia Ann age 11 years old born November 14, 1849 in Muskingum County Ohio.

Isaac's daughter and Son-in-law are also listed in the Linn County 1860 Census. Mary Delilah (Stevens) Reeves age 28 with her husband Richard Reeves age 30 are listed with a family of Isaac M. age 9, James O. age 7, Elsey M. age 5, Henry V. age 3, and George William age 1.

On the same page is a John (53) Whitlach from Virginia and his wife Ann (53) from Pennsylvania. John Whitlach is the father of Sarah Whitlach, wife of George A. Stevens. George (Dick) Albert Stevens is the Great-Grandfather of Kenneth M. Stevens and the great-grandson of Issac.

Isaac and Elsie's family responded to the Governor of Iowa's call for Volunteer's for the Civil War in 1861. Isaac's sons all joined Iowa Volunteer Infantry units that were formed in or around the Linn County Iowa area. Vincent F. Stevens was the first to answer the call to war along with his future brother-in-law Alonzo Smith. Both enlisted as privates in Company A, 13th Iowa Infantry on September 27, 1861. Alonzo Smith was wounded and lost his left arm below the elbow at the Battle of Shiloh Mississippi on April 6, 1862. Alonzo was discharged from the 13th Iowa on August 4, 1862 and returned to Springville Iowa. Vincent was captured on February 9, 1864 during the Meridian Campaign in Hillsborough, Mississippi while foraging and was sent to Andersonville Prison in Georgia. Vincent was released from Andersonville and rejoined his 13th Iowa on May 26, 1865 in Jacksonville Florida.

Isaac's other sons Henry H. and Amos S. both enlisted as privates into Company H, 24th Iowa Volunteer's on August 8, 1862 along with their brother-in-law Benjamin Mann (Mary Jane Stevens first husband). Benjamin Mann was one of the regiment to die of disease on January 4, 1863 and Henry H. was killed in action at the Battle of Champion Hill Mississippi on May 16, 1863 (Vicksburg Campaign). Private Henry H. Stevens was initially buried on the field of battle and in 1867 his remains were removed from the battlefield at Champion Hill and interred in Section O of Vicksburg National Cemetery. Sadly, of the 17,000 Union soldiers interred in Vicksburg, Private Henry H. Stevens is one of the 13,000 unidentified "Unknown" soldiers buried there. Private Amos Scott Stevens survived the Battle of Champion Hill and later fought at the Battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia on September 19, 1864.

Private Vincent F. Stevens was discharged from Company A, 13th Iowa 8 July 1865. Private Amos S. Stevens was discharged from Company H, 24th Iowa on July 7, 1865 at David's Island, New York State. Both brothers returned to Isaac's homestead in Linn County Iowa after the end of the Civil War.

Mary Jane Stevens married Mr. Benjamin Mann on March 13, 1856 in Linn County Iowa. Private Benjamin Mann Company H, 24th Iowa Infantry died of Chronic Diarrhea on January 4, 1863 and Mary Jane Stevens later remarried to Mr. Alonzo Smith of Linn County Iowa on September 2, 1867.

Henry's wife Sarah C. (Davis) and his daughter Lydia Ann returned to the Rixhill/Richhill, Muskingum Ohio area after the death of Henry in 1863 (per Civil War Pension Records). Sarah Ellen (Stevens) and her husband Enoch Davis last known location was in Muskingum County Ohio. Joshua and Hulda Ann (Stevens) Hartman are thought to have moved to Linn County Iowa with her parents but they whereabouts are unknown at this time.

Alonzo Smith and Vincent F. Stevens became very good friends during the Civil War as they were both members of Company A, 13th Iowa Volunteers and Alonzo's later married Vincent's sister Mary Jane Stevens on September 2, 1867.

After Vincent's discharge from the 13th Iowa and return to Linn County Iowa; he met and later married Ms. Almira Mann on July 4, 1865 in Marion, Linn County Iowa. Almira Mann was a sister of Benjamin Mann who was the first husband to Mary Jane Stevens. Vincent and Almira farmed near his parents until Vincent moved his family on to Nebraska in March 1882.

Amos returned to Linn County Iowa in 1865 to met and later marry Ms. Sarah Whitlach on April 2, 1867 in Linn County Iowa. Ms. Sarah Whitlach was the daughter of John and Ann (Mann) Whitlach. The Whitlach's were originally from Virginia and moved to Iowa before the Civil War. Ann (Mann's) Whitlach's father Levi Mann was married to Elizabeth Ann Stevens. This makes Sarah Whitlach and Amos double second cousins. Amos and Sarah remained active in farming in and around Linn County Iowa until they moved to Nebraska in March 1882.

Amos and Vincent moved their families from Iowa to Platte and Boone County Nebraska in March 1882 while the rest of Isaac Stevens' children stayed in Iowa moving from Linn County to Livermore Iowa in Humboldt County and Shelby County Iowa.

Vincent and Almira had seven children. They were: Mary Katheran (B: June 24, 1867 in Linn County Iowa and married Joseph L. Reeves); Johnny Isaac (B: April 1, 1869 in Linn County Iowa and married Pauly Maryedda, D: 1932 in Colorado); Amos Oliver (B: February 4, 1871 in Shelby County Iowa, married Laura and died in 1924); Sarah Margarett or Maggie (B: December 27, 1872, married Thomas J. Reeves in 1892); Henry H. (B: November 7. 1877, married Phillis Irene Heath); Rosetta Eda (B: October 5, 1879, married William Frank Spencer in St. Edward Nebraska); Albert George (B: April 5, 1888 in St. Edward Nebraska and married Sarah Wharton in Boone County Nebraska); Albert George (Born and died on January 7, 1875) and Jeronia A. (Born and died in 1885). Vincent died on December 15, 1915 and after his death; Almira returned to Iowa and died in the Des Moines Iowa area while living with family.

Mary Jane and Alonzo Smith remained in Iowa after the Civil War and moved to Livermore, Humboldt County Iowa in 1871. Mary Jane's first children from her marriage to Benjamin Mann remained with them. Elsy Mann born May 1, 1859 and Amos Mann born September 11, 1863 remained in the Linn County Iowa area. Alonzo and Mary Jane had seven children and they were: Lydia (Mrs. Joshua Pugh of Glenville MN), Sarah E. (Mrs. Ben Hartman of Eldora, Hardin County Iowa), Isaac (married Mable Hanchett and moved to Northome Minnesota in 1905), Henry F. (married Jan Bordwell of Livermore, Iowa) Ann E. (Mrs. Ed Scribner of Livermore Iowa) and two other children that died in infancy. Alonzo died on December 13, 1921 in Livermore at 79 years of age and Mary Jane died in Livermore on September 3, 1902 and are both burned in the Livermore Union Cemetery.

Amos and Sarah applied for and granted a Homestead on March 4, 1886 for 160 acres in Boone County Nebraska. Amos and Sarah had two children and they were: George Albert (B: March 17, 1869 and married Clara Justus on August 2, 1887) and Lucy (B: 1870 and died 1881). Amos died December 8, 1914 in St. Edward, Boone County Nebraska and Sarah died November 23, 1914 in St. Edward, Boone County Nebraska. Both Amos and Sarah are buried in the St. Edward Evergreen Cemetery.

Isaac and Elsie (Haines) Stevens remained active farming in around Springsville, Mount Veron and Clay Township, Shelby County Iowa from 1865 until their deaths. Elsie died in 1882 and Isaac Stevens died in 1886 at Clay Township, Shelby, Iowa and is buried in the Monroe Township Cemetery (Lot 42).

Biography submitted by Randall Stevens on 1/24/98.
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