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JOHN PUGH is Superintendent and proprietor of the Eagle Hotel at Troy Mills, Linn County, and is one of the most popular landlords in this part of the Hawkeye State.
He is a native of North Carolina, born March 12, 1824, and is the son of Jacob and Dorcas(GLASGLOW) Pugh , also natives of North Carolina.
Jacob Pugh was born 1790, and died 1826, at the age of fifty six years. his wife was ten years his junior, and survived him many years dying in 1865. The household circle included eleven children: Enoch, Nancy, Penina, Dorcas, Jacob,Thomas,Jessie,(deceased), one died in fancy unnamed, Lydia, Mary and John.
The subject of our sketch was the youngest member of his fathers family and remained at home with his parents untill he grew to manhood. He was married to Mrs. Charlotte THURSTON in 1854: by whom he had four children, names as follows: Charles, Edmund B. , Hrriedt and Sarah Ellen. Charles and Sarah Ellen are deceased.
Mr. Pugh was again married Feb. 24, 1867, to Miss Temperence HARVEY. She was a native of Illinois, born November 17, 1841, Her Parents were Henry S. and Rachael (ELLIS) Harvey, natives of the prairie State. They became the parents of four children. The father departed this live in 1847, and his wife survived him twenty nine years, dying in New Mexico in 1876.
Of the marraige of Mr. and Mrs John Pugh four children have been born, three of whom are living-Harvey,Alice and May. the one deceased was named May.
Mr Pugh came to Iowa while it was yet a Teritory, and with his characturistic energy at once identified himself with the interests of his adopted home. He is a man of great force of character, but temperate and gentlemanly in the expression of his views. He is a strong Republican in politics, and a sincere believer in the principles enumerated by Robert Ingersoll. He is honorable and upright in his dealings, and endeavers, to the best of his ability to do unto others as he would have them do unto him.
Besides the hotel building and the ground upon which it stands, Mr. Pugh is the possessor of 250 acres of farming land . he keeps a first-class public house, which is the resort of the best class of travelers in this section. As one of the leading and most enterprising business men of the county, the publishers take pleasure in including in the galazy of portraits of representative citizens given in this volume, that of Mr. Pugh.

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