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Private Vincent Ferguson Stevens
Company "A", 13th Iowa

Vincent F. Stevens was born in either in Cumberland or Richhill, Muskingum County Ohio on May 4, 1842 to Mr. Isaac Stevens and Mrs. Elsie (Haines) Stevens. Vincent spent his beginning years there learning to farm with his father moving from Morgan County to Hamilton County near Cincinnati. Vincent's other brothers and sisters were: Henry H. born in 1829 in Morgan County Ohio; Sarah Ellen born 1830 in Morgan County Ohio; Mary Delilah born October 13, 1832 in Ohio; Heulda Ann born August 18, 1834; Mary Jane born May 2, 1836; Elizabeth Ann born in 1850 and Amos Stephen born July 12, 1839.

A search of the 1840 Census Index reflected a large Stevens Clan in the Hamilton County, Ohio area. Those names were: Henry A., Giles, Ira, Issac L., Jacob, John W., Isaac, Earl, Elijah, Elizabeth, Enoch, George P., James, Job, Jonathan, Lowig, Marus, Mary, Oliver, Reuban, Thomas, William, and William L. Stevens. Some of these names were most likely Aunts and Uncles of Vincent F. Stevens that moved to Ohio in this timeframe.

In the 1850 Census the Isaac Stevens family was found in Richhill, Muskingum County, Ohio.

Somewhere in 1853-56 Vincent and his family moved from Ohio to a Farm near Springville, (Linn Country) Iowa. (My Grandfather (Kenneth) told a story that during this timeframe Vincent's Grandfather passed away after having been married twice due to the death of his first wife and upon his death left all his wealth and possessions to his second set of children. Thus a huge family rife insued and with that rife, Vincent and his brothers started towards Iowa and the Great West in hopes of making a better life.) Vincent Assisted his brother's in farming during this time.

Vincent led his older brothers Henry (Co H. 24th Iowa) and Amos (Co H. 24th Iowa) in joining the Union Army during the Civil War. Vincent joined a Private on September 27, 1861 to Co A, 13th Iowa at Davenport Iowa and re-enlisted on December 15, 1863 to Company A, 13th Iowa Infantry as a Veteran Soldier at Vicksburg Mississippi. Vincent was listed as a farmer with blue eyes, dark hair, dark complexion and 5'11" tall.

His unit saw service in the Battle of Shiloh, Siege of Corinth, Battle of Corinth MS, Central Mississippi Campaign, Battle of Port Gibson, Battles of Raymond, Battle of Champion Hill, Big Black River, Siege of Vicksburg, Expedition to Mechanicsburg, Expedition to Monroe, LA, Meridian Campaign, Denesaw Mountain, Nickajack Creek, Siege of Altanta, Battle of Altanta, Battle of Jonesboro, Snake Creek Gap, Siege of Savannah, Battle of Bentonville, Cold Water River Fight Mississippi, Yazoo River Expedition, the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou on 27-29 December 1862 and the surrender of Johnston's Army in April 1865.

Vincent's 13th Iowa first saw action under Colonel Marcelius M. Crocker during the Bloody Battle of Shiloh (Shiloh Meeting House Sunday, April 6, 1862 through Monday, April 7, 1862) was under the Army of the Tennessee with Brig. General Ulysses S. Grant, First Division under command of Major General John A. McClernand, First Brigade under command of Colonel A.M. Hare (who was wounded and formally the commander of the 11th Iowa) and Colonel M.M. Crocker. Colonel Crocker from the 13th Iowa became the Brigade Commander when Colonel Hare was wounded and fell in the fighting. The First Brigade suffered 104 killed, 467 wounded, 9 captured or missing for a total of 580 men during the battle of Shiloh. Colonel Hare's Brigade consisted with the 8th Illinois, 11th Iowa, 13th Iowa and 18th Illinois.

During the Battle of Shiloh Hare's Brigade took heavy officer losses to include: 8th Illinois, Captain James M. Ashmore wounded, Captain William H. Harvey killed; 11th Iowa, Lieutenant Colonel William Hall wounded; 18th Illinois, Major Samuel Eaton wounded, Captain Daniel H. Brush wounded, and Captain William J. Dillon killed.

It was during this battle that Vincent's friend and fellow soldier Alonzo Smith who had joined with Vincent the same day to the 13th Iowa was wounded. Alonzo and Vincent fought side by side during the Battle of Shiloh and during the confusion and caught in heavy crossfire, Vincent accidentally shot Alonzo in the elbow. Private Alonzo Smith lost his arm from this wound and was sent back to Iowa. Alonzo and Vincent maintained their lifelong friendship even after this event at Shiloh. Alonzo also was married to Vincent's older sister, Mary Jane (Stevens) Smith.

During the battle of Corinth, Mississippi, the 13th Iowa Regiment now under command of Lieutenant Colonel John Shane along with the Third Brigade under command of the 13th Iowa's old commander, Colonel Marcellus M. Crocker fought. The Brigade losses during the Battle of Corinth were 14 killed, 111 wounded, 24 missing or captured for a total of 149 men. The Brigade consisted of the 11th Iowa, 13th Iowa, 15th Iowa and 16th Iowa Infantry Regiments making it entirely a Iowa Brigade.

The 13th Iowa was engaged at Jackson, MS, Raymond (12 May 1863), Black River (16 May 1863) and Vicksburg on 18 May 1863.

Vincent was part of the Iowa Brigade Successful Charge on Confederate earthworks at Champion Hill on 23 May 1863. During the Battle of Vicksburg, the 13th Iowa Infantry Regiment under command of Colonel John Shane was assigned to the Army of the Tennessee under Major General Ulysses S. Grant, Thirteenth Army Corps under Major General John A. McClernand and Major General Edward O.C. Ord, Sixth Division under Brig. General John McArthur, Third Brigade under Colonel William Hall. The 13th Iowa saw action on May 22 and during the assault lost one soldier killed and 2 wounded.

During the Battle of Atlanta, the 13th Iowa under command of Colonel Marcelius M. Crocker was assigned to the Army of the Cumberland under Major General Thomas, XVII Army Corps under Major General Blair, 4th Division under Major General Gresham, 3rd Brigade under Brig. General Hall. Once again 3rd Brigade consisted of the 11th Iowa, 13th Iowa, 15th Iowa and 16th Iowa Infantry Regiments.

Vincent was captured Febuary 9, 1864 during the Meridian Expedition at Hillsboro, Mississippi (La Grange) by the Confederate's and sent to Andersonville Prisoner Camp in Georgia. At the time of his capture COL Shane, Regimental Commander for the 13th Iowa, listed Vincent as killed in action. Vincent was moved from Andersonville Prison to Jacksonville, Flordia on June 11, 1865 and paroled on April 28, 1865. He was moved by rail to College Green Barracks in Maryland on May 29, 1865 and then sent to Benton Barracks, Missouri on June 8, 1865. From Benton Barracks he was sent home to Davenport and arrived on June 11, 1865 and mustered out there on June 12, 1865. Vincent was discharged from the 13th Iowa on July 8th, 1865 as a Private at Davenport, Iowa.

Vincent lived in Linn County Iowa from 1865 to 1868 and then moved to Walnut Creek Station Iowa until 1875. In 1875 he moved to Shelby County Iowa until 1882. On March 12, 1882 he accompanied his brother Amos S. Stevens in moving from Shelby County Iowa to Nebraska and later became a member of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Post 140, Local St. Edward Post.

Vincent was married on July 4, 1865 in Marion, Linn County, Iowa to Ms. Almira Mann (sister to Benjamin Mann, first husband to Mary Jane Stevens) whose father was John Mann and mother was Cary Phillips. Vincent and Almira had seven children. They were: Mary Katheran. (B: June 24, 1867 married Joseph L. Reeves of Des Moines, Iowa), Johnny Isaac (B: April 1, 1869 married Pauly Maryedda and died in Colorado in 1932), Amos Oliver (B: February 4, 1871 in Shelby County Iowa, married Laura and died in 1924), Sarah Margarett (Maggie) (B: December 27, 1872 married in 1892 to Thomas J. Reeves with one daughter Carrie of Longmont Colorado in 1911), Henry H. (B: November 7, 1877 married Phillis Irene Heath wit one son Earl), Rosetta Eda or Rose (B: October 5, 1879 married William Frank Spencer) and Albert George (B: April 5, 1888 married Sarah Wharton), Smith Marton (born and died January 7, 1875), Jeronia A. (born and died 1885) and had great number of great-grandchildren (unknown).

Vincent died May 8, 1911 of Cancer of the Pancreas and is buried in the St. Edward Evergreen Cemetery. Almira Stevens returned to Des Moines Iowa after Vincent's death and she died on December 15, 1915. Pension checks to Almira were mailed to 408 West Day Street, Denison Texas in 1913 and 901 East, 21st Street, Des Moines Iowa up till her death in 1915.

Biography submitted by Randall Stevens on 1/24/98.
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