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1860 Linn
County, Iowa Census Surname Index

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Andrews, Jacob BROWN TWP 128
Abbe, Mary MARION 195
Abbe, Mary MARION 195
Abbermethea, Mary CEDAR RAPIDS 440
Abbot, Nathaniel CEDAR RAPIDS 453
Abbott, Jesse MONROE TWP 277
Abbott, Richard MONROE TWP 274
Abel, William H. MARION 217
Abnaugh, George C. CEDAR RAPIDS 443
Acason, Aloournes W. FRANKLIN TWP 038
Ackerman, Erastus BOWLDER TWP 148
Ackley, Sarah MARION 197
Adams, A. A. CENTRE POINT 309
Adams, Adnire MARION 221
Adams, Anna CEDAR RAPIDS 460
Adams, Edward H. MARION 223
Adams, Griffin FAYETTE TWP 336
Adams, Hudson OTTER CREEK TWP 295
Adams, James CEDAR RAPIDS 480
Adams, James C. CEDAR RAPIDS 474
Adams, M. MAINE TWP 187
Adams, Nelson MARION 221
Adams, Robert FAYETTE TWP 335
Adams, Samuel C. MARION 222
Adams, William FAYETTE TWP 335
Addy, Jacob A. BROWN TWP 125
Aigen, Dennis MARION TWP 252
Akers, Clark MARION 217
Akers, Edgar MARION TWP 251
Akers, George W. MARION TWP 253
Akers, Jane MARION TWP 230
Akey, Henrietta J. A. MT. VERNON 050
Albaugh, Daniel MONROE TWP 280
Albert, S Loesa LISBON 074
Albone, Thomas WASHINGTON TWP 321
Albright, F. W. RAPIDS TWP 427
Albright, Henry D. MT. VERNON 060
Albright, James CLINTON TWP 362
Alden, Israel D. CEDAR RAPIDS 471
Alderman, A. J. RAPIDS TWP 432
Aldrich, Ria P. CENTRE POINT 314
Aler, Samuel CLINTON TWP 366
Alexander, John OTTER CREEK TWP 298
Alexander, Robert FRANKLIN TWP 031
Alexander, Thomas KINGSTON CITY 484
Alford, John PUTNAM TWP 401
Allen, Eri FRANKLIN TWP 040
Allen, Franklin BERTRAM TWP 019
Allen, M. B. MARION 218
Allen, Sarah BERTRAM TWP 008
Allen, Sarah RAPIDS TWP 433
Allensworth, Fayette WASHINGTON TWP 322
Alme, Mary J. CEDAR RAPIDS 436
Alspaugh, Charity OTTER CREEK TWP 299
Alspaugh, Reuben OTTER CREEK TWP 298
Ames, Adelia MARION 215
Amick, Gideon PUTNAM TWP 400
Ammerman, J. R. F. MARION 207
Ammon, James CEDAR RAPIDS 441
Amos, Alane CEDAR RAPIDS 475
Anderson, Charles MONROE TWP 272
Anderson, Elizaebth MT. VERNON 063
Anderson, John BUFFALO TWP 136
Anderson, John CEDAR RAPIDS 474
Anderson, John OTTER CREEK TWP 294
Anderson, John SPRING GROVE TWP 155
Anderson, John, Jr. BUFFALO TWP 136
Anderson, Margaret RAPIDS TWP 422
Anderson, Maria E. MONROE TWP 273
Anderson, Mary W. OTTER CREEK TWP 291
Anderson, Richard OTTER CREEK TWP 304
Anderson, Richard RAPIDS TWP 419
Anderson, William LINN TWP 094
Anderus, Sophronia MARION TWP 264
Andews, Philander MARION TWP 263
Andrew, William C. KINGSTON CITY 487
Andrews, Aretus B. WASHINGTON TWP 319
Andrews, Christopher C. MARION TWP 230
Andrews, Ellis OTTER CREEK TWP 284
Andrews, Eugene KINGSTON CITY 488
Andrews, George H. JACKSON TWP 163
Andrews, Henry F. SPRING GROVE TWP 158
Andrews, James MARION TWP 264
Andrews, Jason OTTER CREEK TWP 296
Andrews, Nathaniel JACKSON TWP 170
Andrews, P. D. WASHINGTON TWP 326
Andrews, Secrisia LISBON 075
Andrews, Thomas OTTER CREEK TWP 282
Angel, A Rnold RAPIDS TWP 431
Angle, H. G. CEDAR RAPIDS 468
Angle, Ira S. CEDAR RAPIDS 440
Angle, John P. CEDAR RAPIDS 435
Anthony, Abram MARION TWP 251
Anthony, John A. JACKSON TWP 169
Antles, Eliza E. MT. VERNON 051
Antles, Richard MT. VERNON 049
Antony, James A. CEDAR RAPIDS 469
Appleget, Benjamin BERTRAM TWP 005
Archer, Mike KINGSTON CITY 485
Archer, Simon FRANKLIN TWP 023
Arehart, Abraham OTTER CREEK TWP 293
Arford, John J. BERTRAM TWP 004
Arhcer, John LISBON 078
Armstrogn, Thoma Sk. LISBON 075
Armstrong, James M. LISBON 077
Armstrong, L. B. CEDAR RAPIDS 441
Armstrong, Levi LISBON 078
Armstrong, Rebecca CEDAR RAPIDS 460
Armstrong, W. B. MT. VERNON 049
Arnold, S. S. CENTRE POINT 314
Arnold, Willis BUFFALO TWP 137
Arrasmith, Abenr PUTNAM TWP 406
Arwine, Isaac SPRING GROVE TWP 151
Ash, Reuben FRANKLIN TWP 043
Ashlock, James OTTER CREEK TWP 301
Atherton, Charles CEDAR RAPIDS 472
Atherton, J. W. CEDAR RAPIDS 471
Atkins, Philintus BOWLDER TWP 145
Atwood, Elmer SPRING GROVE TWP 153
Atwood, Infant BERTRAM TWP 007
Atwood, Nicholas BERTRAM TWP 006
Auckett, Richard FRANKLIN TWP 030
Auspaul, Elizabeth MT. VERNON 052
Aussiker, D. CEDAR RAPIDS 459
Austin, Charles BROWN TWP 114
Austin, Ebenezer BROWN TWP 120
Austin, S. E. BROWN TWP 129
Austin, William MARION TWP 244
Awell, John H. CEDAR RAPIDS 460
Axtel, Caleb MARION TWP 262
Axtet, Caleb MARION TWP 262
Ayers, Holden CEDAR RAPIDS 462
Ayers, Liman CEDAR RAPIDS 471
Aylworth, Levi P. RAPIDS TWP 413
Bacon, Isaac H. MAINE TWP 186
Bagley, Henry MT. VERNON 048
Bailey, Elizabeth MONROE TWP 270
Bailey, Mary E. SPRINGVILLE 106
Bailey, Orin LINN TWP 102
Bailey, Smith WASHINGTON TWP 315
Bailiff, John CENTRAL CITY 178
Baily, Mary R. OTTER CREEK TWP 282
Baily, Stephen C. BROWN TWP 122
Baker, A. M. COLLEGE TWP 387
Baker, Bennet C. BERTRAM TWP 007
Baker, George W. LINN TWP 089
Baker, H. W. LINN TWP 099
Baker, John L. FAIRFAX TWP 357
Baker, Joseph W. MARION 212
Baker, Margaret BROWN TWP 122
Baker, Mary COLLEGE TWP 394
Baker, Prudence CEDAR RAPIDS 465
Baker, Vinal CENTRAL CITY 178
Balck, Abram MARION TWP 243
Balck, Jonathan C. MARION TWP 261
Balderson, Jacob BROWN TWP 126
Balderson, Joseph LINDEN 107
Baldwin, Thomas LISBON 066
Ball, John BROWN TWP 117
Ball, Louisa MARION 198
Ball, Maria JACKSON TWP 169
Ballard, Josephus LINN TWP 084
Ballard, Warren LINN TWP 083
Ballard, William LINN TWP 084
Banks, Stephen BERTRAM TWP 013
Bannaman, Warren FRANKLIN TWP 029
Banner, Nobel L. LISBON 074
Barble, Anderson COLLEGE TWP 393
Barbour, Richard JACKSON TWP 167
Barclay, Edward BROWN TWP 123
Barclay, Gabriel FRANKLIN TWP 027
Barclay, James FRANKLIN TWP 023
Barclay, Lazarus FRANKLIN TWP 023
Barclay, Mary L. FRANKLIN TWP 026
Barclay, Robert C. MAINE TWP 188
Barcly, John KINGSTON CITY 489
Bardwell, Lucy P. D. MARION 198
Bargelt, E. S. MT. VERNON 063
Barger, Louisa RAPIDS TWP 420
Barger, William G. CEDAR RAPIDS 440
Barke, R Carlos S. BOWLDER TWP 142
Barker, Augustus MARION TWP 246
Barker, Calista W. PUTNAM TWP 398
Barker, Phebe BOWLDER TWP 139
Barker, Rodney MARION 197
Barks, G. S. MT. VERNON 054
Barks, George MT. VERNON 055
Barkus, Joel FRANKLIN TWP 027
Barley, H. MT. VERNON 058
Barlow, Esther MONROE TWP 275
Barlow, Sarah MARION 206
Barnard, Asher BOWLDER TWP 149
Barnard, Joseph BOWLDER TWP 141
Barnes, Myron C. FRANKLIN TWP 044
Barnes, Seymour MAINE TWP 183
Barr, Solomon COLLEGE TWP 380
Barrett, Jaemsneeland, Jam CEDAR RAPIDS 447
Barrick, Malne RAPIDS TWP 428
Barrows, Samuel MARION 217
Barry, Stephen JACKSON TWP 166
Barter, Mary MARION 224
Barter, Thomas CLINTON TWP 370
Bartholomew, Jason C. COLLEGE TWP 393
Bartholomew, Mariah CEDAR RAPIDS 444
Bartish, Joe PUTNAM TWP 410
Bartleson, Elim CENTRE POINT 308
Bartleson, Jame, Sm. CENTRE POINT 309
Bartlett, Moses W. COLLEGE TWP 384
Bartlett, Norman COLLEGE TWP 380
Bassett, D. J. MARION TWP 248
Bassett, Thomas BROWN TWP 109
Bassett, William LINN TWP 091
Bassett, William H. MARION TWP 250
Batdorf, Daniel COLLEGE TWP 378
Bateman, Victoria CEDAR RAPIDS 439
Bates, D. B. CEDAR RAPIDS 437
Bates, Elizabeth PUTNAM TWP 408
Bates, Ellsworth A. CEDAR RAPIDS 460
Bates, Hiram C. FAIRFAX TWP 356
Bates, James CEDAR RAPIDS 435
Batlesson, Noah B. MARION TWP 260
Batterson, Noah B. MARION TWP 260
Batty, Thomas C. BROWN TWP 119
Baughman, Michael MONROE TWP 267
Baumgardner, John D. CENTRE POINT 313
Baxley, Susan LINN TWP 081
Beach, Stephen A. MAINE TWP 186
Beales, Hiram MARION TWP 232
Beall, James MARION TWP 241
Beall, Jeremiah MARION TWP 246
Beam, Charles COLLEGE TWP 383
Beam, Leory M. SPRINGVILLE 107
Beam, Phebe A. COLLEGE TWP 384
Beaman, William H. OTTER CREEK TWP 293
Bear, Samuel MT. VERNON 064
Bear, Willaby COLLEGE TWP 382
Beasley, Josiah BUFFALO TWP 131
Beasley, William BUFFALO TWP 135
Beattie, Andrew MT. VERNON 054
Beatty, James FAYETTE TWP 335
Beatty, Walter FAYETTE TWP 335
Beck, Jacob MONROE TWP 267
Beck, Jesse MARION TWP 249
Beck, John MARION TWP 239
Beck, Margaret MARION 216
Beckner, John MARION 210
Beckner, Paulina MARION 211
Bedell, Cornelisu C. MARION TWP 256
Bedell, David PUTNAM TWP 401
Bedell, James PUTNAM TWP 400
Beebee, George JACKSON TWP 171
Beechly, Jesse LINN TWP 088
Beeler, Frederick MARION TWP 247
Beermaker, Peter CEDAR RAPIDS 466
Beldin, G. W. MT. VERNON 058
Bell, Albert KINGSTON CITY 489
Bell, Alonzo G. RAPIDS TWP 421
Bell, J. LISBON 076
Bell, James M. CEDAR RAPIDS 435
Bell, John KINGSTON CITY 488
Bell, John A. JACKSON TWP 166
Bell, Mary E. MARION TWP 241
Bellington, Israel LINN TWP 086
Bellow, Electa JACKSON TWP 171
Bellus, Adelburt WASHINGTON TWP 315
Belt, A. S. CEDAR RAPIDS 459
Benedict, Emily MARION 206
Benedict, Levi J. CLINTON TWP 371
Benedict, Lyman D. MARION TWP 261
Benedict, Nelson KINGSTON CITY 490
Benentt, William MAINE TWP 189
Benham, Evaline SPRINGVILLE 107
Benham, Jacob MARION TWP 243
Benham, Jacob L. WASHINGTON TWP 324
Benham, Richard SPRINGVILLE 106
Benham, William L. MARION TWP 262
Bennedict, James MARION 200
Bennedict, Sarah MARION TWP 247
Bennest, Charles MARION 224
Bennest, Joshua MARION 223
Bennet, Ezra BROWN TWP 123
Bennet, Morgan L. CEDAR RAPIDS 444
Bennett, Henry CEDAR RAPIDS 455
Bennett, Henry LINN TWP 103
Bennett, John F. CEDAR RAPIDS 441
Bennett, Jsoeph MAINE TWP 189
Bennett, Kate MARION 227
Bennett, Milly RAPIDS TWP 433
Benonish, Mary CEDAR RAPIDS 468
Bently, Daniel MARION TWP 242
Benton, Alva W. BROWN TWP 118
Bereman, Mary BOWLDER TWP 141
Berger, Jacob COLLEGE TWP 383
Berger, John MARION TWP 253
Berk, William RAPIDS TWP 421
Berkdall, Sarah E. MONROE TWP 281
Berkeley, William N. CEDAR RAPIDS 471
Berlington, Mary CEDAR RAPIDS 445
Bernard, Joe CEDAR RAPIDS 442
Berresford, Samuel CEDAR RAPIDS 469
Berry, James BERTRAM TWP 005
Berry, James BERTRAM TWP 006
Berry, James M. MARION 199
Berry, John BERTRAM TWP 005
Berry, John L. WASHINGTON TWP 326
Berry, Robert BERTRAM TWP 007
Berry, S Arah MARION 203
Berryhill, Joseph T. BROWN TWP 113
Berryhill, Laura J. BROWN TWP 113
Besec, Martin BUFFALO TWP 137
Betts, George FAIRFAX TWP 352
Betzer, Aaron LISBON 077
Betzer, John R. SPRING GROVE TWP 157
Betzer, John W. MT. VERNON 060
Betzer, Peter MT. VERNON 059
Bever, Francis N. BROWN TWP 127
Bever, George CEDAR RAPIDS 471
Bice, Charles SPRING GROVE TWP 155
Bice, James SPRING GROVE TWP 156
Bickel, Jonathan BOWLDER TWP 143
Biebee, Burnabel BOWLDER TWP 143
Bigger, Jane MARION TWP 234
Bigger, Joseph W. MARION TWP 230
Bigger, Samuel BERTRAM TWP 017
Biggerstaff, Samuel OTTER CREEK TWP 293
Biggs, Charles MARION TWP 241
Biggs, James BERTRAM TWP 016
Bill, Joseph A. MT. VERNON 064
Binford, Austin RAPIDS TWP 433
Birch, Jesse CLINTON TWP 367
Bird, Jaems CEDAR RAPIDS 476
Bird, William H. CLINTON TWP 361
Birdsall, William MARION TWP 254
Birk, Ahart BOWLDER TWP 143
Birkinsha, Harriet LINN TWP 104
Bishop, Emily MARION 222
Bishop, Homer CEDAR RAPIDS 468
Bishop, John H. CEDAR RAPIDS 471
Bishop, Seth JACKSON TWP 164
Bivers, Chancy CLINTON TWP 361
Bivins, Ebenezer COLLEGE TWP 384
Bixby, Benjamin B. MARION 220
Bixley, Nahum MARION 198
Bixley, Simon MARION 198
Black, Adam FRANKLIN TWP 033
Black, Goerge MARION TWP 243
Black, H. S. CEDAR RAPIDS 439
Black, John MARION TWP 263
Black, Joseph CEDAR RAPIDS 439
Blackburn, Caroline MARION 213
Blackburn, David FAYETTE TWP 336
Blackburn, James FAYETTE TWP 343
Blackburn, John WASHINGTON TWP 319
Blackburn, Sarah MARION 216
Blacker, Frank CEDAR RAPIDS 463
Blackford, John LINN TWP 095
Blackledge, Thomas LINN TWP 092
Blackman, Augustus MARION 199
Blackman, Jame Sh. MARION 205
Blackmar, Laman CEDAR RAPIDS 437
Blackwell, William CLINTON TWP 367
Bladner, Harmon RAPIDS TWP 431
Blair, Albert FAYETTE TWP 346
Blair, Cyrus MONROE TWP 271
Blair, Elizabeth MONROE TWP 271
Blake, Thomas LINN TWP 090
Blakeley, David JACKSON TWP 165
Blakesley, John KINGSTON CITY 486
Blakesley, Mary J. PUTNAM TWP 400
Blakesly, Cordleia MARION TWP 242
Blank, Siran COLLEGE TWP 394
Blankeinship, E. M. OTTER CREEK TWP 294
Blankenship, Sarah OTTER CREEK TWP 295
Blauvart, Malen COLLEGE TWP 392
Blauvert, Clara COLLEGE TWP 393
Blessing, Catharine LISBON 070
Blessing, Frederick LISBON 072
Blessing, John LISBON 065
Blessing, Michael LISBON 067
Blessings, Mary A. LISBON 076
Bliss, Isaac RAPIDS TWP 424
Bliss, Jacob BERTRAM TWP 015
Bliss, John RAPIDS TWP 424
Bliss, Jsoeph BERTRAM TWP 015
Bliss, Nancy PARIS 159
Bliss, Thomas LINN TWP 081
Bliss, W. S. CENTRE POINT 314
Blodgett, Allen C. MT. VERNON 063
Blodgett, Joseph JACKSON TWP 161
Blodgett, Simeon JACKSON TWP 172
Blood, Alvan MARION 218
Blood, Nathan MAINE TWP 184
Bloom, James MARION 196
Bluebaugh, Jacob MONROE TWP 276
Bodget, George W. KINGSTON CITY 489
Boebel, Adam OTTER CREEK TWP 306
Boebel, Jacob OTTER CREEK TWP 306
Boggs, Lorame KINGSTON CITY 484
Boheg, Rosa CEDAR RAPIDS 468
Bohemian, Anne CEDAR RAPIDS 455
Bohemic, Anne CEDAR RAPIDS 460
Bohemy, Catherine PUTNAM TWP 409
Bohr, Godfrey LISBON 071
Boice, Margaret CENTRE POINT 312
Boice, Mary CEDAR RAPIDS 454
Bolender, Johnathan CEDAR RAPIDS 462
Bolescheck, Francis FRANKLIN TWP 039
Boley, Silas CEDAR RAPIDS 452
Bolinbaugh, Mosses COLLEGE TWP 380
Bolinger, Henry OTTER CREEK TWP 306
Boltinghouse, Benjamin MAINE TWP 191
Boltinghouse, Henry MAINE TWP 190
Boltor, Samuel BUFFALO TWP 136
Bond, Thomas S. MAINE TWP 182
Bond, William LISBON 071
Bonsteel, William J. KINGSTON CITY 483
Bonty, John COLLEGE TWP 391
Boos, Elizabeth RAPIDS TWP 428
Booth, Isiah COLLEGE TWP 376
Booth, John FAIRFAX TWP 356
Booth, Sam CEDAR RAPIDS 451
Booze, George MONROE TWP 274
Booze, John M. KINGSTON CITY 484
Booze, Sarah MONROE TWP 274
Bordman, John OTTER CREEK TWP 287
Borghart, Frederick COLLEGE TWP 394
Borne, Catharine KINGSTON CITY 483
Boss, Nicholas RAPIDS TWP 431
Boston, Abagail LISBON 066
Botton, Abram BROWN TWP 109
Botton, Noah LINN TWP 104
Bottorff, Harriet MARION 219
Boughton, Frnak CEDAR RAPIDS 454
Boughton, Mathew CEDAR RAPIDS 475
Bourne, Meltah J. CEDAR RAPIDS 472
Bowdish, Baily MAINE TWP 180
Bower, Charles JACKSON TWP 162
Bower, Mathew COLLEGE TWP 387
Bower, Wesley J. COLLEGE TWP 380
Bowers, John D. COLLEGE TWP 382
Bowers, Mary KINGSTON CITY 482
Bowers, Samuel MARION 204
Bowers, Solomon CENTRE POINT 314
Bowling, David L. KINGSTON CITY 484
Bowling, O. S. RAPIDS TWP 433
Bowls, Silas A. MT. VERNON 055
Bowman, Benjamin MARION TWP 256
Bowman, D. J. COLLEGE TWP 385
Bowman, G. B. MT. VERNON 059
Bowman, Henry G. COLLEGE TWP 386
Bowman, Jacob SPRING GROVE TWP 154
Bowman, John LISBON 067
Bowman, John H. WASHINGTON TWP 325
Bowman, Josephine E. LISBON 068
Bowman, Martin COLLEGE TWP 385
Bowman, William A. LISBON 073
Boxwell, John LINN TWP 093
Boxwell, Robert LINN TWP 092
Boxwell, William LINN TWP 093
Boyce, John CEDAR RAPIDS 448
Boyce, Nancy MARION TWP 255
Boyd, J. E. FRANKLIN TWP 032
Boyd, Robert FRANKLIN TWP 033
Boye, Harmon FRANKLIN TWP 039
Boyer, Jackson BROWN TWP 125
Boyer, Michael COLLEGE TWP 381
Boyer, Michael COLLEGE TWP 386
Boyles, Isaac OTTER CREEK TWP 284
Boyles, James T. BROWN TWP 122
Brackett, William PUTNAM TWP 404
Bradford, Edwin R. CEDAR RAPIDS 464
Bradshaw, Harvey MT. VERNON 057
Bradshaw, Mary E. MT. VERNON 053
Brady, James D. FRANKLIN TWP 041
Braen, Frances FAYETTE TWP 335
Braga, Amanda CEDAR RAPIDS 474
Braga, Curtis CEDAR RAPIDS 474
Brainard, Byron S. WASHINGTON TWP 320
Brainard, O. N. MARION TWP 233
Branch, Edwin SPRINGVILLE 106
Brandaberg, Mary KINGSTON CITY 482
Brandon, Hamilton FAIRFAX TWP 356
Brandon, Hamilton KINGSTON CITY 484
Brandon, Harriett FAIRFAX TWP 356
Brandt, Joseph COLLEGE TWP 395
Brass, Moses MARION 220
Breckenridge, James FRANKLIN TWP 038
Breed, Alonzo CEDAR RAPIDS 458
Breer, Mary MARION 220
Breese, Henry WAUBEEK 176
Brenezer, Levi MT. VERNON 050
Brenizer, Rebecca MT. VERNON 052
Brenneman, Amos MT. VERNON 056
Brenneman, Anna FRANKLIN TWP 023
Brenneman, Jacob FRANKLIN TWP 022
Brenneman, Simon MT. VERNON 050
Bressler, Emma L. LISBON 073
Bressler, George OTTER CREEK TWP 283
Bressler, Jacob CEDAR RAPIDS 449
Bressler, John LISBON 072
Bressler, Rebecca LISBON 066
Bressler, Samuel LISBON 073
Brice, Margaret M. CENTRE POINT 309
Brice, Marian A. CENTRE POINT 309
Brice, S. M. CENTRE POINT 308
Brice, Stephen K. MONROE TWP 277
Bridenthall, Henry MARION TWP 248
Briggs, A. W. MT. VERNON 053
Briggs, Chester COLLEGE TWP 385
Briggs, David FAYETTE TWP 336
Briggs, James S. CEDAR RAPIDS 477
Briggs, Joseph RAPIDS TWP 421
Briney, E. R. FRANKLIN TWP 032
Briney, F Ranis BERTRAM TWP 015
Briney, J. S. F. FRANKLIN TWP 030
Briney, James R. MARION TWP 253
Briney, John B. FRANKLIN TWP 030
Briney, Mary MARION TWP 254
Briny, Marzellus BERTRAM TWP 002
Brisbin, George N. BOWLDER TWP 142
Brislawn, James BOWLDER TWP 145
Brislawn, Miles BOWLDER TWP 145
Brobst, Samuel MARION 209
Brockett, Louis PUTNAM TWP 402
Brockman, Albert OTTER CREEK TWP 302
Brockman, Andrew J. FAIRFAX TWP 355
Brockman, Benjamin F. OTTER CREEK TWP 301
Brockman, Chesley MONROE TWP 270
Brockman, Josiah L. MARION TWP 248
Brockman, Margaret OTTER CREEK TWP 290
Brockman, Tandy MARION TWP 249
Brody, John CEDAR RAPIDS 447
Brokeep, Francis BUFFALO TWP 134
Brokeep, Joseph BUFFALO TWP 133
Bromaele, James E. MARION TWP 239
Bromwell, John M. D. BERTRAM TWP 016
Brookes, R. L. MT. VERNON 056
Brooks, James LINN TWP 090
Brooks, Mackeridge COLLEGE TWP 385
Brown, Alen S. PUTNAM TWP 409
Brown, Alpheus MARION 221
Brown, Christina SPRINGVILLE 107
Brown, David D. MONROE TWP 274
Brown, David S. MARION 210
Brown, E. G. CEDAR RAPIDS 445
Brown, Eliza M. CLINTON TWP 372
Brown, Elizabeth FRANKLIN TWP 041
Brown, Ellen FRANKLIN TWP 033
Brown, George OTTER CREEK TWP 286
Brown, Helen L. CENTRAL CITY 178
Brown, Hester A. CEDAR RAPIDS 477
Brown, Horace B. BOWLDER TWP 149
Brown, Horrace N. BROWN TWP 112
Brown, Jaems E. CLINTON TWP 372
Brown, Jame Sp. MARION TWP 258
Brown, James MARION TWP 249
Brown, James MARION TWP 253
Brown, John BOWLDER TWP 145
Brown, John OTTER CREEK TWP 300
Brown, John RAPIDS TWP 412
Brown, John F. WASHINGTON TWP 318
Brown, John H. BROWN TWP 112
Brown, John H., Jr. BROWN TWP 113
Brown, John S. COLLEGE TWP 390
Brown, Joseph CLINTON TWP 368
Brown, Maria WASHINGTON TWP 328
Brown, Mary KINGSTON CITY 489
Brown, Micahel MARION TWP 257
Brown, N. B. CEDAR RAPIDS 456
Brown, Ossawottomei RAPIDS TWP 433
Brown, Russell MAINE TWP 189
Brown, S. JACKSON TWP 174
Brown, Samuel BROWN TWP 110
Brown, Samuel BROWN TWP 113
Brown, Siabel MAINE TWP 180
Brown, Thomas BUFFALO TWP 138
Brown, W. C. WAUBEEK 176
Brown, William BUFFALO TWP 134
Brown, William JACKSON TWP 172
Brubaker, Joseph CEDAR RAPIDS 438
Bruce, Harvey SPRINGVILLE 106
Bruce, William JACKSON TWP 162
Bruce, William J. FRANKLIN TWP 031
Bruer, Margarett RAPIDS TWP 420
Bruner, Adam MAINE TWP 182
Bruner, Alexander MAINE TWP 181
Bruner, Elizabeth BUFFALO TWP 138
Bruner, Elizabeth PUTNAM TWP 401
Bruner, Hannah BUFFALO TWP 137
Bruner, J. H. PUTNAM TWP 409
Bruner, Mathias M. CEDAR RAPIDS 478
Bruner, Simon P. BUFFALO TWP 136
Bryan, John CEDAR RAPIDS 445
Bryan, Joseph P. BUFFALO TWP 134
Bryan, Legare CEDAR RAPIDS 445
Brygan, Sarah J. BERTRAM TWP 004
Buchannon, E. R. FAYETTE TWP 344
Buchannon, John CLINTON TWP 360
Buchannon, William CLINTON TWP 360
Buchanon, George CLINTON TWP 359
Buck, Daniel LISBON 074
Buck, John JACKSON TWP 175
Buckstaller, John MT. VERNON 051
Buckstaller, Mary MT. VERNON 050
Bugby, George WAUBEEK 177
Bugby, William WAUBEEK 177
Buhler, Joseph BOWLDER TWP 144
Bulinbam, Harvey BUFFALO TWP 136
Bull, D. S. FAYETTE TWP 333
Bull, Mercer FAYETTE TWP 334
Bullen, Lowell MARION 219
Bumbaugh, Mary JACKSON TWP 168
Bumgardner, Cristian KINGSTON CITY 491
Bumgardner, Jacob WASHINGTON TWP 319
Bumgardner, John BERTRAM TWP 013
Bumgardner, W. L. CENTRE POINT 311
Bumgirdly, William RAPIDS TWP 422
Bundy, David BROWN TWP 115
Bundy, Joel BROWN TWP 119
Bundy, Joseph BROWN TWP 115
Bundy, Sally BROWN TWP 114
Bunn, Henry CLINTON TWP 362
Bunn, John M. CLINTON TWP 362
Bunnell, Jessie MARION TWP 239
Bunting, John MARION TWP 231
Burch, Malvina MARION 209
Burch, Rollen CLINTON TWP 365
Burge, Fanny FRANKLIN TWP 035
Burge, J. C. FRANKLIN TWP 036
Burge, Jame, Sm. FRANKLIN TWP 036
Burge, James FRANKLIN TWP 040
Burge, Jeremiah FRANKLIN TWP 036
Burge, Minor FRANKLIN TWP 035
Burge, Sarah Ann LISBON 078
Burk, H. W. LINN TWP 086
Burk, J. J. LINN TWP 099
Burk, James M. LISBON 072
Burk, Robert LISBON 075
Burk, Thomas RAPIDS TWP 432
Burkdall, Catharine MARION 223
Burkhart, John C. MONROE TWP 280
Burkhart, Joseph WASHINGTON TWP 316
Burkhart, W. W. WASHINGTON TWP 317
Burlingame, Arthur MONROE TWP 270
Burnett, John MARION 210
Burnett, Morris BERTRAM TWP 013
Burnham, Elmore JACKSON TWP 171
Burnham, Harriet PARIS 159
Burns, Gardner MARION 202
Burns, James B. WASHINGTON TWP 317
Burns, M. S. BROWN TWP 115
Burns, Richard E. JACKSON TWP 163
Burrett, George MAINE TWP 194
Burrett, Lydia MAINE TWP 194
Burroughs, Nathan E. MARION 218
Burt, Calvin CLINTON TWP 368
Burt, Calvin W. CLINTON TWP 368
Burt, James B. MONROE TWP 271
Burt, John W. MONROE TWP 272
Burt, William MARION 216
Burtis, James JACKSON TWP 172
Burtis, Sarah MAINE TWP 188
Burtis, William JACKSON TWP 172
Busche, Charley CEDAR RAPIDS 460
Busenbaric, James E. LINN TWP 085
Busenbarrick, Henry LINN TWP 080
Busenbarrick, John LINN TWP 085
Bush, Elizabeth BOWLDER TWP 151
Bushnell, George CEDAR RAPIDS 475
Buskdall, Arsemus R. MONROE TWP 280
Butcher, William LINN TWP 094
Butler, A. M. S. BROWN TWP 109
Butler, Benjamin MT. VERNON 047
Butler, Harlan BROWN TWP 110
Butler, Joseph F. BROWN TWP 117
Butler, Rosetta LISBON 074
Butler, Samuel BOWLDER TWP 147
Butler, William LINN TWP 103
Butler, William O. MARION 202
Butoff, David CEDAR RAPIDS 460
Butorph, Thomas CEDAR RAPIDS 442
Buxton, Samuel T. MAINE TWP 191
Byam, Alanson W. WASHINGTON TWP 315
Byam, E. C. MARION 209
Byer, Partwell CEDAR RAPIDS 450
Byers, Levi MARION 223

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