1920 United States Federal Census Boulder Township Linn County Iowa

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This index is a Head of household Index only. When the surname changes in a household the new surname is given also.

NAMEAGERACEBirth Pl.TownshipPage #
Abbey, Mary C76wNew YorkBoulder2b
Allender, Charles J48wIllinoisBoulder5a
Ammeter, Fred 24wIowaBoulder4b
Barker, Melven55wIowaBoulder4a
Bayley, Elmer E55wIowaBoulder9a
Bebie, Erven22wIowaBoulder1a
Bebie, George S53wIllinoisBoulder1b
Bednashek, Jae F45wIowaBoulder1b
Behnken, Henry42wDeutschlandBoulder4a
Benson, Mils J53wSwedenBoulder2b
Beranek, Jae V51wBohemiaBoulder3b
Bertschi, Fred40wSwitzerlandBoulder4a
Bobak, Wess G59wBohemiaBoulder5b
Bohren, John55wSwedenBoulder9b
Brady, Edward31wIowaBoulder7a
Bratsman, Harry S46wIowaBoulder4b
Braverman, Sam L39wSwitzerlandBoulder6a
Bresealan, Andrew63wIowaBoulder10a
Bresealan, Elsie43wIowaBoulder9a
Brower, Orvea C46wIowaBoulder9a
Brown, Earl F31wIowaBoulder8b
Brown, Freeman68wNew YorkBoulder4a
Brown, Grover C26wIowaBoulder5a
Burlenahan, Edd53wIowaBoulder1a
Burnside, Wallie M43wIowaBoulder1a
Bush, Jae C37wSwitzerlandBoulder8a
Caldwell, Oliver50wIowaBoulder9b
Came, Arther J40wIowaBoulder4a
Came, Harry Y35wIowaBoulder1a
Cane, Bridget64wIowaBoulder4b
Carl, Lyuk B42wIowaBoulder1b
Cass, Frank M48wIowaBoulder3b
Chesmore, Ross40wSwedenBoulder2b
Conklen, Harris D63wIowaBoulder1b
Conklin, Verner C44wIowaBoulder4a
Corn, Heron S53wIndianaBoulder2b
Crawley, Toula22wIowaBoulder3b
Crilley, John66wIowaBoulder7b
Crosley, William34wIllinoisBoulder2a
Crowley, John F30wIowaBoulder7b
Dalan, John J38wIowaBoulder1b
Davidson, Clem E43wIowaBoulder8b
Deen, Orval P48wIowaBoulder1a
Delancey, Elma F42wIowaBoulder3a
Delanoy, Otto A45wIowaBoulder2a
Dillard, Lewis S43wIowaBoulder7b
Donovan, Perrie56wIowaBoulder7a
Drexler, Fred J49wNew YorkBoulder1a
Drexler, John88wDeutschlandBoulder1a
Drexler, William J50wNew YorkBoulder1a
Drisdelle, Florance41wIowaBoulder8a
Droster, John C83wDeutschlandBoulder8b
Dwakoy, Mary24wIowaBoulder2a
Emanouil, Cress42wSwitzerlandBoulder8a
Fauseck, Emma L29wIowaBoulder2a
Fehr, John67wSwitzerlandBoulder7a
Fleming, Barton C32wIowaBoulder8b
Fleming, Clarence A43wIowaBoulder6a
Flemming, Ames N39wIowaBoulder7b
Flockhart, Adam P42wIllinoisBoulder1b
Floyd, Nitty L55wIowaBoulder2b
Franklin, Edward48wIowaBoulder8a
Freeman, Lawrence63wIowaBoulder4b
Funslemaker, George38wIowaBoulder8b
Gardner, Glen T31wIowaBoulder1a
Gekerenger, Catherine86wDeutschlandBoulder8a
Gellen, Charles A46wIllinoisBoulder1b
Grummer, Rand48wSwitzerlandBoulder3b
Halob, Antone L28wIowaBoulder4b
Halob, Charley J26wIowaBoulder5a
Halob, Jae B58wIowaBoulder3a
Halob, Jae J34wIowaBoulder4b
Halob, Jae M37wIowaBoulder4a
Halob, Marton63wIowaBoulder3a
Halob, Victor A23wIowaBoulder4a
Hames, Edger G46wIowaBoulder9a
Hashbarger, Philip M23wIowaBoulder3b
Hasley, Rudolf42wSwitzerlandBoulder8b
Hawkins, Alpha R21wIowaBoulder6a
Haws, Albert L25wIowaBoulder7b
Henderson, John J65wNew YorkBoulder2b
Hernes, William L40wIowaBoulder9a
Hill, William W44wIowaBoulder3b
Holub, Albert B32wIowaBoulder7b
Holub, Anna L46wIowaBoulder1b
Holub, Anna L56wIowaBoulder3a
Holub, Frank B37wIowaBoulder7b
Holub, Frank J41wIowaBoulder2a
Holub, Frank M33wIowaBoulder3b
Holub, Joseph F67wBohemiaBoulder1b
Holub, Nath R27wIowaBoulder6a
Holub, Victor M23wIowaBoulder6a
Holub, Wess J38wIowaBoulder7a
Homes, John G55wIowaBoulder7a
Houser, Joseph A34wIowaBoulder5b
Howard, Joseph51wIowaBoulder1b
Janes, Fealie E28wIowaBoulder4a
Johanek, Jae H41wIowaBoulder7a
Johanek, Wenselgar32wIowaBoulder6b
Joslin, James L75wIowaBoulder4a
Kalson, John M48wIowaBoulder5a
Kenley, Edward C37wIowaBoulder8a
Kinley, Thomas J47wIowaBoulder6b
Kula, Albert 64wat sea Boulder1b
Kula, Albert C30wIowaBoulder5a
Kula, Fanny29wIowaBoulder1a
Kula, Frank A38wIowaBoulder3a
Kula, John F51wIowaBoulder5a
Kula, John J74wBohemiaBoulder1b
Kula, Mike67wBohemiaBoulder2b
Kula, Ollie R24wIowaBoulder4b
Lamont, Charles W74wCanadaBoulder1b
Laurance, Mike L35wIowaBoulder3a
Laurance, Vitalar J44wIowaBoulder6a
Laurence, Frank37wIowaBoulder6b
Lawrence, Frank L32wIowaBoulder6b
Lawrence, John A34wIowaBoulder7a
Leanard, Hugh63wCanadaBoulder7b
Ledere, Emma51wIowaBoulder6b
Luken, Henry77wDeutschlandBoulder7a
Macinerney, James C43wIndianaBoulder2a
Mahoney, Danial P32wIowaBoulder7b
Mangold, William37wIowaBoulder5b
Mcdonell, John P33wIowaBoulder5b
Mcevoy, Frank42wIowaBoulder7a
Mclaughlin, Frank68wIrelandBoulder1a
Mcnamara, John J39wIowaBoulder4a
Minnis, Laos A39wIowaBoulder5b
Mirek, Elmer3wIowaBoulder7a
Morrisey, James R54wOhioBoulder5b
Morrissey, John47wOhioBoulder7b
Palan, John71wLouisianaBoulder7a
Palen, Edd P69wLouisianaBoulder6b
Pawers, Raymond A16wIowaBoulder4b
Pawers, William E68wNew YorkBoulder6a
Peek, Milven J45wIowaBoulder2a
Petrick, Joseph34wIowaBoulder2a
Pillard, Albert H56wIowaBoulder8a
Pillard, Alfred H49wIowaBoulder7a
Plover, John F54wIowaBoulder7b
Plower, Jae R84wBohemiaBoulder3a
Presler, Henry G29wIowaBoulder8b
Racker, Slian35wBohemiaBoulder7b
Raugack, August41wBohemiaBoulder2a
Rawley, Clayburn E44wIowaBoulder2a
Rhatigan, James M37wIowaBoulder2a
Richard, Baynard V36wIowaBoulder4b
Richard, Fredrick T62wWisconsonBoulder6b
Richard, Ralph L32wIowaBoulder6b
Riley, John57wIowaBoulder5a
Rodger, Elma L71wVermontBoulder2b
Sage, Richard R73wCanadaBoulder1b
Sauser, Paul F 31wIowaBoulder1b
Schoonover, William W 67wIowaBoulder1b
Shao, William 55wIowaBoulder9a
Shark, Tom P 34wIowaBoulder7a
Shavor, Bert 36wIowaBoulder5a
Sible, John 66wBohemiaBoulder2a
Simmens, Jae M 42wBohemiaBoulder3a
Sisler, Joseph C 43wIowaBoulder8b
Slick, Joseph F 52wIowaBoulder4b
Smith, Frank J 52wIowaBoulder4a
Smith, James P 76wPennsylvaniaBoulder8a
Smith, John T 30wIowaBoulder3a
Smith, Seward L 35wIowaBoulder5b
Snider, Herman 31wIowaBoulder5a
Soesbe, Earl C 35wIowaBoulder9a
Spindler, James 48wBohemiaBoulder6a
Stack, Frank W 41wIowaBoulder1b
Steavens, Patrick 62wIrelandBoulder1a
Sweed, George A 27wIowaBoulder8b
Taylor, Cara 57wIowaBoulder6a
Taylor, George C 40wIowaBoulder8a
Tham, William 54wIllinoisBoulder7b
Trefz, William 67wIllinoisBoulder6b
Trefz, William H 44wIowaBoulder6b
Truesdell, Albert 59wNew YorkBoulder1a
Unkefer, Alvan F 27wIowaBoulder2a
Vandusen, Walter 44wU.S.A.Boulder8b
Walmett, John 45wIowaBoulder1b
Welker, John A 38wIowaBoulder4b
Welson, Charles O 89wIowaBoulder4a
Wenger, Albert 27wIowaBoulder6b
Whitney, Arther D 30wIowaBoulder4b
Whitney, Elmo E 47wIowaBoulder4b
Whitney, Joseph W 65wIllinoisBoulder7a
Wilcox, Leo C 34wIowaBoulder9a
Willmott, George S 36wIowaBoulder8a
Winsor, Ralph E 23wIowaBoulder6b
Wood, James B 49wIowaBoulder8b
Woodard, Marton D 38wIowaBoulder5b
Woodward, William W 42wIowaBoulder5a
Yunker, John 65wSwedenBoulder2b
Zumbach, Edd 53wSwitzerlandBoulder8b