The Stories Behind the Soldiers:

Biographical and Cemetery Records

Of the Men Of

The 24th Iowa Vol. Infantry Regiment


This page is dedicated to the memory of the veterans of the Civil War- long may they be honored.




In the summer of 1997, it became increasingly apparent that some action had to be taken to save the information surrounding the lives and the history of the men of the 24th IA. While it is true that much of this information still exists, it is also true that, like the crumbling headstones of the veterans, that information is slowly succumbing to the ravages of time. The purpose of this webpage is to gather as much of that information as humanly possible, and organize it in a useful manner for the consumption of the general public.

Therefore, these pages will include (as accurately as possible) detailed and organized information concerning the men of the 24th IA buried in cemeteries in the Cedar Rapids/ Marion (Iowa) vicinity. This information will include highlights from the veterans’ military records and civilian life in the hope that those soldiers might then receive the honor due them. It is my hope to incorporate all the soldiers of the 24th IA, regardless of where they died, into this rather unorthodox biographical webpage.

Until that day, this page may be considered under perpetual reconstruction. So, please, pardon the mess.




Cedar Rapids/ Marion Area

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Cedar Rapids Marion Iowa Area


Researched and Compiled by: H.K. Hunt

Oakshade Cemetery, Marion, Iowa OakLawn Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Linwood Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, Iowa