Kafer Chris Company F(not given)
    Kafer Mathias Company F(not given)
    Kain Henry Company A(not given)
    Keeney Luther J. Company F(not given)
    Kellogg Winfield S. Company A4th Sergeant
    Kelly Horace W. Company K(not given)
    Kelly William Company B1st Lieutenant
    Kent John L. Company B6th Corporal
    Kepler Edward Company F8th Corporal
    Kepler John H. Company F(not given)
    Kepler L. Monroe Company F4th Corporal
    Kester John F. Company F(not given)
    Kester William E. Company F(not given)
    Kettell Henry P. Company B(not given)
    Kiebler William Company G(not given)
    Kimball John M. Company K(not given)
    Kindred James F. M. Company A(not given)
    King Alanson T. Company E(not given)
    King David W. Company G(not given)
    King Edward M. Company H6th Corporal
    King Walter S. Company E(not given)
    Kinkead George Company H(not given)
    Kinkead John Company H(not given)
    Kinney Aaron Company K(not given)
    Kinsey John B. Company C(not given)
    Kintnor Lewis S. Company A4th Corporal
    Kirkwood Thomas J. Company H2nd Sergeant
    Kizer George S. Company C(not given)
    Klinach J. Chris Company F(not given)
    Knight Alfred B. Company E(not given)
    Knight William J. Company E(not given)
    Knott Abraham R. Company HCaptain
    Knott Abraham R. LiCompany H1st Lieutenant
    Knott John Company D(not given)
    Knouf George Company G(not given)
    Koontz William H. Company I(not given)
    Krauth Siemon Company D(not given)
    Krumweide Frederick Company A(not given)
    Kuntz Henry Company F(not given)
    Kurtz Abram E. Company F(not given)
    Kurtz Christian H. Company F1st Lieutenant
    Kurtz Henry C. Company F(not given)
    Kyle John Company G(not given)
Index of the 24th Iowa Inf. Roster | Linn County

Transcribed for the by Donald Cope.
Copyright 1998 by Donald Cope, All Rights Reserved.

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