Mackrill Samuel R. Company K(not given)
    Major Malay Allen Company G(not given)
    Mann Benjamin Company H(not given)
    Manz Jacob Company A(not given)
    Marlow Emerson Company C(not given)
    Marr Isaac D. Company A(not given)
    Marr William F. Company A(not given)
    Marsh Lewis E. Company A(not given)
    Marshman Alexander Company G(not given)
    Martin George W. Company H5th Sergeant
    Martin James W. Company IMajor
    Martin James W. LinCompany ICaptain
    Mason Albert Company E(not given)
    Mason John E. Company I(not given)
    Mason Orville N. Company E(not given)
    Mason William K. Company I(not given)
    Mathany Aaron W. Company I(not given)
    Matson Daniel Company G(not given)
    Mattauch Anthony Company C4th Sergeant
    Matthews James A. Company G(not given)
    Maxon Johathan H. Non-CommissionedStaCommissary
    Maxon Jonathan H. Company DCommissary
    McAnulty John W. Company E(not given)
    McCafferty Charles Company A(not given)
    McCalmant Samuel Company K(not given)
    McCarter Josiah Company I(not given)
    McCauley Hiram Company H(not given)
    McCauley Marion R. Company C2nd Sergeant
    McCauley Sylvester E. Company H(not given)
    McCormick James Company K(not given)
    McCoy A. Clark Company F5th Corporal
    McCoy George W. Company F(not given)
    McCoy Joseph Company F(not given)
    McCoy Milton T. Company F(not given)
    McCracken John T. Company CDrummer
    McCroskey Cyrus Company C(not given)
    McCroskey Robert N. Company C1st Corporal
    McDaniel David A. Company K(not given)
    McDowell Chauncey Company G5th Sergeant
    McElroy Josiah Company F(not given)
    McGee Charles F. Company E(not given)
    McGee Sidney W. Company E(not given)
    McGowan Charles Company B(not given)
    McKay Isaac Company B(not given)
    McKee Cyrus Company I(not given)
    McKinley Cornelius Company A(not given)
    McKinley Randolph Company A(not given)
    McKinley Seymour J. Company ACaptain
    McKinley Seymour J. LCompany A2d Lieutenant
    McLane John Company B(not given)
    McLaughlin Daniel Company D(not given)
    McLaughlin Thomas L. Company A(not given)
    McLeod Joshua Company B(not given)
    McMichael Jesse Company ICaptain
    McNary Richard Company G1st Lieutenant
    McNary Richard LinCompany G2nd Lieutenant
    McNeil Henry S. Company A(not given)
    McQueen Allen F. Company G(not given)
    McQueen Ephraim Company G(not given)
    McQuiston William Company F(not given)
    McRoberts George M. Company F(not given)
    McShane Joshua P. Company H(not given)
    McVay John Company D(not given)
    McWilliams Francis Y. Company F(not given)
    Mead James H. Company ESee 1st MS.
    Colored Infantry
    Mercer Wilson Company D(not given)
    Merrill Henry Company E(not given)
    Merritt Alonzo Company H(not given)
    Mershon James M. Company F(not given)
    Metz Peter Company C(not given)
    Meyers Simon P. Company F(not given)
    Michell Wellington Company H(not given)
    Miesner John Company E(not given)
    Miles Elum C. Company E1st Lieutenant
    Miles Forest M. Company A(not given)
    Miller George Company G(not given)
    Miller Ira S. Company I(not given)
    Miller Isaac Company D(not given)
    Miller John Company E(not given)
    Miller John Company G1st Sergeant
    Miller John U. Company D(not given)
    Miller Nelson C. Company D(not given)
    Miller Noah Company D(not given)
    Miller Perry Company I(not given)
    Miller Samuel B. Company G7th Corporal
    Miller William O Company C(not given)
    Millet George S. Company D(not given)
    Mills Casper L. Company D(not given)
    Mills Gilbert E. Company DWagoner
    Milner Charles A. Company K5th Sergeant
    Milner Hastings J. Company K(not given)
    Mink Morris Company E(not given)
    Minturn Rufus C. Company B(not given)
    Mitchell Lafayette Company E(not given)
    Mitchell Mefford Company E2nd Sergeant
    Moir George Company B7th Corporal
    Montgomery Alexander Company B(not given)
    Moon Richard Company C(not given)
    Moor Jacob W. Company CWagoner
    Moore Albert G. Company D(not given)
    Moore Charles D. Company K(not given)
    Moore David Company K1st Sergeant
    Moore Hezekiah Company K(not given)
    Moore Jesse E. Company K(not given)
    Moore Seaborn Jr. Company K(not given)
    Morford Andrew J. Company D(not given)
    Morford James T. Company F(not given)
    Morford Joseph Company D(not given)
    Morrison James Company G4th Sergeant
    Morse Harvey S. Company E(not given)
    Morse John M. Company E(not given)
    Morse Salem L. Company E(not given)
    Mudge Aldin Company K(not given)
    Mudge Loyal Company K(not given)
    Mulcahy John Company E(not given)
    Munn Samuel Company B(not given)
    Munn Silas Company B(not given)
    Muntz Josiah Company G(not given)
    Murray Hugh Company C(not given)
    Murry Martin Company K(not given)
    Myers Samuel H. Company C1st Corporal
    Myers Wesley Company F(not given)
    Myers William Company E(not given)
Index of the 24th Iowa Inf. Roster | Linn County

Transcribed for the by Donald Cope.
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