Palmer George W. Company I(not given)
    Palmer William Company D(not given)
    Pangborn Hewlet C. Company I(not given)
    Parcher George Company E(not given)
    Parker John B Company D(not given)
    Parker Robert Company E(not given)
    Parks Jacob F. Company K(not given)
    Parks Samuel S. Company E(not given)
    Parrott David W. Company D6th Corporal
    Pass Joseph Company E(not given)
    Patmore William Company E(not given)
    Patterson Archibald Company B(not given)
    Pattison Eli R. Company B(not given)
    Paul Benjamin G. Company KCaptain
    Paul Henry F. Company K(not given)
    Peck Watrous Company G(not given)
    Peddycoard John S. Company F(not given)
    Peden Alexander R. Company B(not given)
    Peet Wilbur R. Company H(not given)
    Pendergast Patrick Company A(not given)
    Pendergest James Company D(not given)
    Pendergest Thomas Company D(not given)
    Penderghast Edward Company F(not given)
    Penn Charles Company H(not given)
    Pennell Emory C. Company H(not given)
    Pense Abraham Company B(not given)
    Peregoy William J. Company H(not given)
    Perkins Thomas N. Company E1st Corporal
    Perry Dwight M. Company C(not given)
    Peters William H. Company C(not given)
    Phares Charles F. Company G3rd Sergeant
    Phelix Joseph Company H(not given)
    Phelps Thomas C. Company D(not given)
    Pherrin William H. Company H(not given)
    Phillips Henry Company E(not given)
    Pierce Andrew Company C2nd Lieutenant
    Pierce William L. Company D(not given)
    Pierson Christopher ACompany B(not given)
    Piffer Jacob Company G(not given)
    Pitman John S. Company B(not given)
    Porter James A. Company F(not given)
    Porter James H. Company I(not given)
    Porter John S. Company FColored Infantry
    Porter Thomas Company B(not given)
    Post Daniel L. Company H(not given)
    Post George W. Company H(not given)
    Potter James G. Company I1st Lieutenant
    Potter Nelson J. Company G(not given)
    Pound Edwin H. Company CCaptain
    Pound Edwin H. LiCompany C2d Lieutenant
    Powers Charles H. Company F(not given)
    Powers Samuel Company K(not given)
    Prather John F. Company G(not given)
    Prouty Ethan A. Company K(not given)
    Pruden David Company C(not given)
    Pruett Martin Company B(not given)
    Pruett* Samuel Company B(not given)
    Prusia George Jr. Company A1st Corporal
    Pulsifer Newel Company K(not given)
Index of the 24th Iowa Inf. Roster | Linn County

Transcribed for the by Donald Cope.
Copyright 1998 by Donald Cope, All Rights Reserved.

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