Raffensperge Joseph Company C(not given)
    Ramsay Emmor Company G2nd Sergeant
    Ratcliffe John M. Company A(not given)
    Ratcliffe Lemuel Company H(not given)
    Rathbun Anderson D. Company I5th Corporal
    Rathbun George R. Company I(not given)
    Rathbun Robert S. Company B5th Sergeant
    Rathbun Stephen W. Company BCaptain
    Rawson Benjamin W. Company A(not given)
    Rayborn John Company F(not given)
    Raymond Henry C. Company G(not given)
    Reed Barrett Company G3rd Corporal
    Reed David M. Company D(not given)
    Reed Henry M. Company F(not given)
    Reed Leonard B. Company G(not given)
    Reeder Albert J. Company D(not given)
    Reeder Alfred C. Company C2nd Corporal
    Reet William Company I(not given)
    Remley Elias F. Company G3rd Corporal
    Renfrew John Company F(not given)
    Reynolds Frank Company K(not given)
    Reynolds Henry L. Company H(not given)
    Rhea David Company I(not given)
    Rhodes Nathan J. Company I(not given)
    Rice Samuel S. Company B(not given)
    Richards Thomas Company C(not given)
    Richardson Aden Company A(not given)
    Richardson Thomas Company F(not given)
    Richey Thomas Company A(not given)
    Rickard Charles W. Company GFifer
    Riddle Simpson Company EWagoner
    Rigby Alfred A. Company B6th Corporal
    Rigby Jesse W. Company B(not given)
    Rigby Martin F. Company B2nd Sergeant
    Rigby William T. Company BCaptain
    Rigby William T. LiCompany B2d Lieutenant
    Rinehart Jacob Company E(not given)
    Ring John S. Company D(not given)
    Ritter Israel M. Company D(not given)
    Robbins Henry Company A(not given)
    Robbins Timothy M. Company A(not given)
    Roberdee William R. Company C(not given)
    Roberts Andrew J. Company E(not given)
    Robertson George A. Company B(not given)
    Robertson James B. A. Company B(not given)
    Robinson Frank Company G5th Corporal
    Robinson John W. Company F1st Sergeant
    Roder George P. Company H(not given)
    Roderick Thomas Company F2nd Sergeant
    Rogers Henry Company F(not given)
    Rogers John F. Company G(not given)
    Rogers Robert M. Company F1st Corporal
    Rokes James Company ECaptain
    Rokes Phillip Company E(not given)
    Rollf George W. Company I(not given)
    Rollins James A. Company BWagoner
    Romp Charles W. Company D(not given)
    Roosa Francis Company G(not given)
    Rose James P. Company F7th Corporal
    Rosenberger George W. Company E5th Corporal
    Rosenberger John A. W. Company E(not given)
    Rosenberger John N. Company EFifer
    Rosenberger Rufus W. Company E(not given)
    Ross Casper Company G(not given)
    Ross Lorenzo Company A(not given)
    Ruby Joseph Company K(not given)
    Runkel Alfred J. Company F(not given)
    Runnyan Charles O. Company A(not given)
    Rushton Stephen R. Company E8th Corporal
    Russell Nelson Company G3rd Sergeant
    Russell William C. Company D1st Sergeant
    Ryan Seth Company K(not given)
Index of the 24th Iowa Inf. Roster | Linn County

Transcribed for the by Donald Cope.
Copyright 1998 by Donald Cope, All Rights Reserved.

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