Sackrider George W. Company I3rd Sergeant
    Safley John W. Company B(not given)
    Safley Robert Company C(not given)
    Sanders Simeon J. Company B(not given)
    Sandford Henry E. Company G6th Corporal
    Sawyer Andrew J. Company D(not given)
    Sawyer Eli Company K8th Corporal
    Scofield Alfred J. Company A2nd Sergeant
    Scott Anderson J. Company C1st Lieutenant
    Scott George M. Company D1 Sergeant
    Scott Henry W. W. Company B(not given)
    Scott Robert G. Company B(not given)
    Seeber Jacob W. Company A(not given)
    Seeber Michael Company A4th Sergeant
    Seeber William A. Company A5th Corporal
    Seeley John Company I5th Sergeant
    Selby James H. Company G4th Corporal
    Selby William A. Company G(not given)
    Senate John Company B(not given)
    Sennett Thomas Company K(not given)
    Serbe John Company D(not given)
    Seright Andrew M. Company F(not given)
    Serrin John R. Company E3rd Corporal
    Shane Martin S. Company EDrummer
    Shanklin James H. Company H7th Corporal
    Shattock Benjamin L. Company K(not given)
    Sheets Joseph Company I(not given)
    Sheets Joseph C. Company B(not given)
    Sheldenhelm John N. Company E(not given)
    Sheldon Edmund M. Company C(not given)
    Sheldon Francis L. Company C2nd Lieutenant
    Sheldon John N. Company E6th Corporal
    Shelley Richard T. Company E3rd Corporal
    Shintaffer Isaac Company B(not given)
    Shropshire John Company B(not given)
    Simmons Coleman Company B(not given)
    Simmons Samuel W. Company C8th Corporal
    Simmons Stephen Company C(not given)
    Sims Thomas L. Company D(not given)
    Simson Eastman H. Company H(not given)
    Sines Absalom Company G4th Sergeant
    Sinkey Franklin Company K(not given)
    Sisson Loren Company H(not given)
    Sizer George Company A5th Sergeant
    Sizer Robert Company A(not given)
    Skaife John G. Company I(not given)
    Skinner Elias Field and StaffChaplain
    Slater Jacob Company B(not given)
    Slife James Company G(not given)
    Sloan James Company K2nd Corporal
    Sloan Josiah W. Company K(not given)
    Smith Amadee M. Company F2nd Corporal
    Smith Francis Company H(not given)
    Smith George S. Company F(not given)
    Smith Irenius Company D(not given)
    Smith James Company B(not given)
    Smith James C. Company I(not given)
    Smith Jeremiah B. Company I(not given)
    Smith John G. Company D(not given)
    Smith John G. Company K(not given)
    Smith Riley Company H(not given)
    Smith Rudolph Company A(not given)
    Smith Thaddeus L. Company F2nd Lieutenant
    Smith William W. Company GCaptain
    Smith William W. Company G1st Lieutenant
    Smithson Walter Company G(not given)
    Smouse James H. Company GWagoner
    Smouse William H. Company GAdjutant
    Snow James MortimeCompany E(not given)
    Soaper Andrew Company B(not given)
    Soesbe William Company B(not given)
    Sones George W. Company K(not given)
    Southern William H. Company C(not given)
    Speer Johnson Company B2nd Corporal
    Spencer James Company K(not given)
    Spencer John E. Company D8th Corporal
    Spillman Sooter Company D(not given)
    Sprague Austin G. Company D(not given)
    Stallcop Charles W. Company A(not given)
    Stanfield Levi S. Company H4th Corporal
    Stanfield Samuel V. Company H(not given)
    Stanton James Company I(not given)
    Starr John C. Company B(not given)
    Starr Samuel J.Non-
    Steinberger David Company D(not given)
    Stephens Amos S. Company H(not given)
    Stephens Henry H. Company H(not given)
    Stephenson James Company F(not given)
    Stevens Leslie Company A(not given)
    Stewart Clark H. Company D(not given)
    Stewart Robert B. Company F5th Sergeant
    Steward Francis M. Company B(not given)
    Steward William Company H(not given)
    Steward William C. Company F5th Sergeant
    Stinger Andrew F. Company F(not given)
    Stinger Theodore Company F(not given)
    Stoddard George H. Company E2nd Corporal
    Stoner Abram B. Company I2nd Corporal
    Storey Amos Company C(not given)
    Stover William Company I(not given)
    Stratton Theodore Company B(not given)
    Strawhicker John Company C(not given)
    Stream Mahlon B. Company G(not given)
    Stream William C. Company G4th Sergeant
    Streeter Justus L. Company G(not given)
    Streit Levi Company H(not given)
    Streit Silas P. Company H(not given)
    Strong James W. LinCompany E1st Lieutenant
    Sturm John Company A(not given)
    Sutton Sylvester W. Company B(not given)
    Swab William OscarCompany D(not given)
    Swafford Jeremiah B. Company D1st Lieutenant
    Swaney John Company E(not given)
    Swarthout Aaron A Company E(not given)
    Sweet Deloss Company I(not given)
    Sweet Robert B. Company HDrummer
    Swoyer Henry W. Company I7th Corporal
Index of the 24th Iowa Inf. Roster | Linn County

Transcribed for the by Donald Cope.
Copyright 1998 by Donald Cope, All Rights Reserved.

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