Taft Henry P. Company F(not given)
    Taft Linas M. Company F(not given)
    Tansey William P. Company D4th Corporal
    Tappan Charles W. Company D(not given)
    Tappan Christopher Company D(not given)
    Taylor Alexander S. Company G(not given)
    Taylor James M. Company H(not given)
    Tebo Daniel G. Company K(not given)
    Terpenning Dwight Company E(not given)
    Thayer Alonzo H. Company I(not given)
    Thayer Chandler Company D(not given)
    Thayer Seth Company I(not given)
    Theben Henry C. Company B(not given)
    Thomas Exum O. Company E(not given)
    Thomas John Q. A. Company F(not given)
    Thomas Scott H. Company E(not given)
    Thompkins Orrin Company K(not given)
    Thompson Jackson Company C(not given)
    Thornton William M. G.Company E(not given)
    Tillett George H. Company B(not given)
    Tinker Charles H. Company IMusician
    Tinker George W. Company IDrummer
    Todd George S. Company B(not given)
    Todd Samuel S. Company B(not given)
    Tolman Frederick A. Company A(not given)
    Towns Henry Company B(not given)
    Tozier Wilbur S. Company K(not given)
    Trimble John M. Company D(not given)
    Trimble Joseph A. Company D(not given)
    Trivetts Daniel Company C(not given)
    Tubbs Ara E. Company I1st Lieutenant
    Tucker Albert C. Company A(not given)
    Turner Joseph Company C4th Corporal
    Turner Washington Company F(not given)
    Twamley Peter Company F(not given)
    Tyler Jehiel Company E(not given)
    Tyson Charles W. Company C(not given)
Index of the 24th Iowa Inf. Roster | Linn County

Transcribed for the by Donald Cope.
Copyright 1998 by Donald Cope, All Rights Reserved.

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