Waddilove Alfred J. Company A(not given)
    Wager Charles Company A2nd Lieutenant
    Wagner James H. Company G(not given)
    Wagoner Daniel Company I(not given)
    Walker Albert B. Company C(not given)
    Walker Isaac P. Company D(not given)
    Walker Jeremiah Company D(not given)
    Walker Johnston Company A(not given)
    Walker Wesley S. Company A(not given)
    Waln Alonzo T. Company F2nd Lieutenant
    Walters William W. Company K3rd Corporal
    Walton Alfred Company F(not given)
    Ward Edwin A. Company G(not given)
    Warner John F. Company D(not given)
    Waterman Hannibal H. Company B(not given)
    Waters George W. Company G(not given)
    Watrous James Company I(not given)
    Watt John Company C(not given)
    Webb Ezra William Company B(not given)
    Webster Byron D. Company C(not given)
    Weeks Carlos F. Company B4th Corporal
    Weeks John E. Company B(not given)
    Weldin Joseph Company E2nd Corporal
    Wendle Henry D. Company I(not given)
    Westenhaver Charles Company D(not given)
    Westfall Cornelius M. Company D(not given)
    Wetherell John R. Company F(not given)
    Whisler William M. Company D(not given)
    White Charles W. Company D6th Corporal
    White Cyprian K. Company G(not given)
    White James F. Company F5th Corporal
    White James G. Company F1st Corporal
    White Leonard C. Company G(not given)
    White Samuel P. Company H(not given)
    White William Company K(not given)
    Whitney Joseph Company G5th Sergeant
    Whitney Samuel H. Company I(not given)
    Wickham William Company C(not given)
    Wiggins Basil Company C(not given)
    Wilbur Ward Company E(not given)
    Wilder Monroe Company F(not given)
    Wilds John Q.Field and StaffBrevet Colonel
    Wilford Oliver Company B(not given)
    Wilkinson Robert Company K(not given)
    Willetts Perry Company B(not given)
    Willey Wallace W. Company C(not given)
    Willey Ward Company C(not given)
    William A. Hill Company K(not given)
    Williams Absalom Company B(not given)
    Williams Charles P. Company K(not given)
    Williams Elijah Company B(not given)
    Williams Enoch Company D4th Corporal
    Williams George Company A(not given)
    Williams George W. Company F(not given)
    Williams Hardy Company H4th Sergeant
    Williams James D. Company KCaptain
    Williams James R. Company H(not given)
    Williams Jams D. Line Company KCaptain
    Williams Joseph T. Company K(not given)
    Williams Oscar F. Company D(not given)
    Williams Royal S. Company K1st Lieutenant
    Wilson Alfred Company HUnder Cook
    Wilson George Company D(not given)
    Wilson Jacob C. Company B(not given)
    Wilson John L. Company B(not given)
    Winans David C. Company H6th Corporal
    Winans Hiram W. Company H(not given)
    Winans William B. Company H(not given)
    Windolf George Company CWagoner
    Wingert James Company C(not given)
    Wirt Joseph D. Company A5th Corporal
    Witherwax John M.Field and StaffSurgeon
    Withey Elisha Company A(not given)
    Wood John M. Company H3rd Sergeant
    Wood Thomas Company I(not given)
    Woodcox Isaac R. Company F(not given)
    Woodruff Adam Company K(not given)
    Woodyard Jeremiah Company K2nd Lieutenant
    Worden John H. Company G(not given)
    Worden Willet O. Company G(not given)
    Wort Erasmus D. Company E(not given)
    Wortershak Frank Company G(not given)
    Worth Milton H. Company E(not given)
    Worthington Arthur Y. Company D(not given)
    Wright Ed Field and StaffBrevet
    Brigadier General
Index of the 24th Iowa Inf. Roster | Linn County

Transcribed for the by Donald Cope.
Copyright 1998 by Donald Cope, All Rights Reserved.

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