1925 Bequests

To Washington High School

And so it came to pass in ye goode olde days when ye class of '25 was about to pass away, it called unto its vassals and sub-vassals and said thus unto them: "Distrubute these legacies among yourselves each according to his just deserts."

Ralph Hitchcock leaves his beautiful locks of crowning glory.
Bill Grunewald leaves his stamp collection.
Don Wernimont leaves his famous blush
Alas, Edith Hayes relinquishes her incessant chatter.
Leo Hruska leave his radio prowess
Ethel Scott and Alice Bailey leave their beautiful Titian curls.
Rose Weld leaves her taciturnity.
Chuck Heath leaves his agricultural ability
Art Skelly leaves his line of "pedigreed bunk."
Bob Warriner leaves his "dates."
Ralph Stamats leaves his speed.
Lloyd Harper leaves his declamatory skill.
Bob Cron leaves his Teaberry gum.
Clarence Schulte leaves his salesman ability
Bob Skinner leaves his good excuses.
Herb Killian leaves his Latin talent.
Cornelia Oransky leaves her art prowess.
Blanche Snouffer leaves her dramatic talent.
Delores O'Hearn leaves her Irish.
Gladys McKinlay leaves her classroom capers.
Geraldine Roberts leaves her love of Basketball.
Adella Kriz leaves her bashfullness.
Genevieve Gates leaves her shorthand skill.
Lucille Humbert leaves her speed on the typewriter.
Jeannette Smith leaves her fiddling proficiency.
Bob Clark and Chuck Holmes leave their tennis talents.
Benny Pospishil leaves his genius as a joker.
Fred Henson leaves his wise?cracks???.
Herbert Clark leaves his bright stunts.

And so when this renowned class of '25 was done it gave up the ghost and was heard no more. We sincerely desire that these magnificent traits above propounded may ber acquired by posterity and used for the common welfare.