Coggon High School 1929

©Sandra Newman Sanchez 2002

The following Book was discovered in Avery Idaho in 1987 by Shelly Dumas, who was heading a cleanup party assigned to paint and clean the old Rail road station. Just how it got there is a mystery. This books contains precious memories for Ed Smith and perhaps would be cherished by his relatives. If you have information or are related to Ed Smith graduate of Coggon High 1928 Please contact Sandra Newman Sanchez . If family members or Ed himself does not contact me I will donate said Book to the Genealogy Society of Linn County in Shelly Dumas's name.
I am happy to say relatives of Ed Smith have been found thanks to SandyLee Quinn who kindly searched them out. The book will be sent to Harlan LeClere of Cedar Rapids.


My ClassPage 1
Classmates and Officers(autographs and cards)Page 2
The FacultyPage 2
Favorite Studies (Photos of teachers)Page 3
Class SongsPage 2
Societies and ClubsPage 4
AmusementsPage 5
AthelicsPage 6
Snap ShotsPage 7
CommencmentPage 8