My Class

Ester M. Main Fern Andrews Clarence W. Fowler Florence Hinton
Donald E. Werden Lewis Ware Irma Workman Merrill Main
Philip French Daisy Chismore Lucille Woodward Jean Kerr
Peter Le Clere Earnest Bradke William Bradke Leon Baldwin
Elsie Peters Nellie French Mercedes Crowley Mary Ellen Hendersen
Laura Marie Long Delmas Pillard  


Old Dan Tuckers still in town
Swinging the ladies all around,
First to the east and then to the west,
Then to the one you love the best.

Get out of the way of old Dan Tucker
He's too late to get his supper.
Supper's over andc breadfast's a cooking
Old Dan Tucker's out a-working.
Old Dan Tucker's a fine old man
Washed his feet inn the firing pan
Combed his hair with a wagon wheel
and dioed with a tooth-ache in his heel.

Old Dan Tucker came to town
Riding a billy goat, leading a hound
Hound gave a yelp, the goat gave a jump
Landed Old Tucker astraddle a stump.
Old Dan Tucker , he got drunk,
He fell in the fire and kicked up a chunk;
The red hot coals got in his shoe
and Whew-wee how theashes flew.
Daniel Tucker he's a Quaker
he drinks buttermilk by the acre
Suppers over, dishes washed
Nothing left but a little bit of squash.

old Dan Tucker was a fine old man
He used to ride the Derby ram, he sent him a whizzing
down the hill.
And he hasn't got hiers a-lying there still.
Mr.----------, so they say,
Goes a courting every day.
Carries a pistol by his side
Asks Miss----------to be his bride.