May 24, 1929
Dear Edward
I never shall forget the first time that I saw you. I thoufht you were as white a fellow, considering hair, eyes, and complexion as I ever saw. Then the next morning you enrolled in the senior class of 29 of C.H.S. Now we are graduating from C.H.S. as classmates and friends .
While sailing down lifes ocean, I'm a little birch canoe;May you have a pleasant journey, and just roam enough for two.
You Classmate
Esther Main
Coggon, Ia.

May 24, 1929
Dear Ed.
Our high school days are drawing to a close, which means that soon we will all be separated from one another. As we go and we will make new friends but our school days will remain with us as happy memories-as will our classmates.
I shall never forget you as Mr. Simpson--nor the time the Senior pictures were taken when you didn't recognize Daisy and I after we came out of the beauty shop!
Your Classmate
Fern Andrews
Coggon , Iowa

May 24, 1929
Dear Ed, It won't be long now until we will be parted for a few years at least. But I wish you luck and I hope you make many friends, at least one good one. Always remember the good times we had in C.H.S. and the hard work at the end of our Senior year.
Your friend
Clarence W. Fowler

May 24, 1929
Dear Ed,
Our time is drawing near when life will take us along a new trip. That of making a living for ourselves and that of making our life successful to ourselves and our friends. many of us will drift away from or dear old C.H.S. an the home town, but someday we will meet again.
Don't forget the good times we had on the motorcycles Ed, and the Senior Class Play.
Your Cousin
Peter L. LeClere

Coggon Iowa
May 24, 1929
Dear Ed: The days are flying by fast. It won't be long until we must leave old C.H.S.(lets make the remaining days happy) Heres to you my classmate, Though this world of struggle and strife. Heres to your luck and happiness through the remaining days of your life.
Your friend and Classmate
Florence Hinton

Dear Ed,
One more week and we will no longer be called high school students, and we will be but memories. When you have nothing to do in a lew dew dewey day just think of your old mate and may you always be able to meet obstacles in life as you have been to meet the opponets offense.
Your Class Mate, scrubmate and friend,
Donald Weeden

Dear Ed, School will soon be over, and we will no longer greet each other every morning. It may be years before we meet again but I'll never forget "Old Nippy", I wish you luck and happiness through the remaining days of your life
Never forget the good old times we have had in School and out.
Your Classmate
Lewis C. Ware

May 27, 1929
Dear Ed,
When the present school year comes to a close we shall part as far as social contacts are concerned, but I hope I shall always be able to count you as a friend.
May you never forget your two years at Coggon, and may you be able to meet and conquer the adventures of the future as you have those of the past.
Your friend and classmate
Merrill R. Main

Coggon, Iowa
May 27, 1929
Dear Ed,
Three more days and we will no longer be students of C.H.S. --no we will be numbered among the graduates of C.H.S.
No doubt we will be all separated forever, but the memories of the past will not be taken from us.
I shall neve forget you as "Old Nippy" in the Senior play or as a good President during our Senior year.
Now for just a little adore
Love many, hate few
Always paddle your own canoe
Your friend and Classmate
Mercedes Crowley


Ed: Rememeber what you said, the team said, and I said just before a game. Coggon Fights>
If you can fight your way through life as you fought on the floor for old C.H.S. your battles will be victorious.
Remember the night in Hopkinton in 1928 after we had received the letter from Brown.
Willard Falconer
Real men are made of what they get out of themselves, not out of others.

Ed,Your'e there f it's studies or music or athletics. Keep up the good work. Much duccess to you Always
Alva Nelson

Dear Ed,
We are not here to dream to drift.
We have hard work to do, and loads to lift.
Shun not the struggle, face it --tis God's gift.
Very Sincerely
Alma Gnoff