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  • The first court was held at Marion, on Monday, the 26th day of October, 1840.
  • The first Justice of the Peace in Linn county was John McAfferty- 1838.
  • The first Cedar Rapids School building was erected at the northwest corner of Second Ave, and Fifth Street by a company consisting of N.B. Brown, George Greene, Alexander Ely, and others who later sold it to the district.
  • The first teacher was propably Susan Abbe, daughter of "Squire "Abbe.
  • The first grist mill in Linn County was constructed by John S. Oxley in Big creek in 1842.
  • The first white settler of the County was William Abbe, whose cabin was located near the creek which has since borne his name.
  • The first Cedar Rapids class to graduate from High School was in 1873. The class consisted of: two boys, John E. Leonard and Gordon Murray; four girls, Mary McClenahan, Eva Stiles, Julia Saregemt, and Hariet Boyce.