John Hollenbeck

Contributed by, Bill Wall

By 1850 John Hollenbeck and his rather large family moved to Fayette, Linn County, Iowa.

John Hollenbeck was the first settler in the immediate vicinity of the village site. The exact date of his location could not be ascertained. He was a prominent man of that locality until his death, in 1877. He lived adjoining the town on the east, and made an addition to the town plat on the north.

John had kept a tavern and post office in his house, now known as the old tavern stand; and his son Andrew had established a store opposite the town, which was operated by his brother David.

John Hollenbeck and P. B. Yates were of the Protestant Methodist denomination, the former a preacher; consequently the first religious society was formed by them in 1846 or 1847. Mr. Yates soon died, and as that congregation became few in numbers, Mr. Hollenbeck united with the Methodist Episcopal class, which was formed before the town was laid off. Services were continued in private houses and the school house until 1870, when the society erected a neat frame church building, 30x40 feet in size, at a cost of about $2,000.

That highly esteemed citizen, John Hollenbeck, during his life, filled the position of Postmaster from its establishment until his death in 1877, with the exception of a few years, when N. F. Miller kept the office in his store. During the later years the office was deputized, and the present Postmaster, Joseph Barnhill, has attended to it for four years, in connection with the grocery business.