Benton County News, Tuesday 10 July 1923:


Eighty three year old Morgan Sheely of Shellsburg has a wife now for Mrs. Lillian Richardson, 35 years old, Cedar Rapids and Sheely were married last week in Boone, Iowa.

Their romance began in the union station here several months ago. Mrs. Richardson officiated at the cash register in that institution and noticed Mr. Sheely who was alone. She suggested that an old man ought not to be traveling alone but should have someone to take care of him. That was the beginning. The span of fifty years between them didn't make a bit a difference. Shellsburg folks wonder if she calls him grandpa. When Morgan Sheely returned to Shellsburg from a trip out of town a few weeks ago and told folks that he was going to be married everybody thought it was a joke.

But it wasn't.

Yesterday, Mr. Sheely and his young bride arrived in Shellsburg from a short honeymoon and took up their residence in a neat little cottage which he prepared for his wife.

Ensuring visits of Mr. Sheeley to Cedar Rapids attracted some attention, perhaps but he kept his own counsel till his most recent excursion when he announced his intention to bring a bride to Shellsburg, and folks wouldn't take it seriously.

Mr. Sheely has four grown children and Mrs. Sheely's 6 year old daughter is at their home here.

Morgan Sheely was the uncle to Rachel Sheely-Mather who was the mother of Amy Lewis. Quite a family with stories about them.

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