Cedar Rapids Register Tues 28 Oct 1924
Sunday, Sixtieth Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Usher's Wedding:
Tues, 28 Oct 1924
To have journeyed through life together for sixty years has been granted to Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Usher, who reside on their farm west of Cedar Rapids. Sunday, was their wedding anniversary, but, owing to Mrs. Usher's indisposition, plans made by their daughter, Mrs. Pearl Cole of this city, for a dinner party at her home in celebration of the event, were not carried out. The day was spent quietly at their farm home, erected near the site of the home where they lived when first married. However, the children and grandchildren joined hearts and hands in making the day one of pleasure to their parents.
A wedding bell, hearts, golden chrysanthemums and Florida vines made attractive decorations. they were presented a beautiful pyramid cake made by their granddaughter Miss Loretta Houseman, and other girls appropriate to the occasion.
Emily L. Dewey and J.P. Usher were married in Iowa city, Oct 26, 1864 at the home of the bride's mother. Mrs. Mary B. Dewey, who then lived at 725 Dodge St. The Re. Mr. Osmond of the Presbyterian church at Iowa city, performed the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey's friendship dates back to their childhood when they went to school together at Iowa City. Not only the wedding dress, and their picture taken after the wedding have been carefully preserved, but their love letters, tied with the traditional, blue ribbons. The letters are of beautiful sentiment, but business-like and filled with good, wholesome common sense based on substantial plans for their future. many of these plans have been carried out successfully.
To this union were born four children, Mrs. Alta Housman and Henry P. Usher, both living near Cedar Rapids, Mrs. Pearl Cole of this city, and Mrs. Mamie Pratt, who passed away August 12, 1907.
There are four grandchildren: Beulah and Florence Usher, and Clarence and Loretta Houseman.
Beulah Usher is in training at S. Luke's hospital and Florence Usher is attending college at Ames.
Mrs. Usher was 83 years old Sept 4 and Mr. Usher eighty-fourth birthdays is today Oct 28.

Tues 22 Jun 1909
Friday was an eventful day at the O.S. Johnson home out on east 5th avenue. It was a 50th anniversary, a golden wedding day.
June 18th, 1859, in Pembrook Maine, Oliver S Johnson, aged 29 years and Adelaide Leighton, aged 19 were married. They came to Iowa and located in Marion in 1866.
They have three sons, Fred who lives in Los Angeles, California and has a position in one of the largest stores in that city; Wm. C. who is a locomotive engineer on the Milwaukee system, living in Ottumwa and B.F. Johnson, who has been foreman of the Register office for many years. Another son, Oliver died in this city at the parental home nine years ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are deservedly popular. Friday a delegation of 40 W.R.C. ladies called at their home taking with them well filled baskets and spent a very pleasant afternoon before leaving the President of the Corps, Mrs. Moorehead, presented the couple a coin of the realm, the exact value of which we do not know. Mrs. Johnson made a felicitous response. She has been a faithful W.R.C. worker and is held in great esteem by all the members. In the evening, their neighbors to the number of almost 100 called and had a delightful time. There were greetings, music and refreshments and much merriment. A fruit dish and gold lined berry spoon were the tokens of respect from the guests. Altogether it was a day and evening that will not be soon forgotten.
They were also especially remembered by V.G. Shumack who sent them beautiful boquet of richest flowers.

Tuesday 5 March 1912
Mr. and Mrs John Schultz celebrated their Golden wedding anniversary, Saturday.

26 Jan 1912 Friday
Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Kramer celebrated their "golden wedding" at their home last Friday, January 19th. A company of about 75 invited relatives and friends was present to enjoy the day with them. A three-course dinner was served and many gifts bestowed on the worthy couple

31 Dec 1915 Friday Mr. and Mrs. James Slaussen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Christmas. Mr. S was a Union soldier in the 21st Iowa. They have made their home in Marion during the past 8 years. They are good citizens and prominent in G.A.R. and W.R.C. circles. The Register joins them in congratulations.
Tuesday 15 Mar 1910
Sunday was the 43d wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Birdsall.

9 Jul 1912 Tuesday
Tuesday was the 53d anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Gray. It has been a long journey. Their present home is on Central avenue in the city where they were married. Probably not another couple in 100 has such a record.

24 Sep 1912 Tuesday
October 1st will be the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Jordan of this city.

2 Nov 1915 Tuesday
Monday, Nov 1, was the 50th wedding anniversary of Capt. and Mrs. James W. Lee. Everyone in Marion extend congratulations.

23 Nov 1915 Tuesday
In spite of the snow storm a goodly number of the members of Robert Mitchell Post and Corps called on Mr. and Mrs. John B. Brown and wife yesterday and gave them a golden token-the occasion being their golden wedding anniversary.