Contributed by, Richard Stamats

Battle Faces Of Tiger Gridmen Who Won National Title For Washington
Eight Consecutive Victories Win Berth At Top Of Prep World; Prospects Good For Next Year If All
Eligibles Return.
IF THERE are some who haven't yet mastered the reason for Washington high's success in, football, as well as other branches of athletics, their attention is called to the above picture which shows fourteen of Leo Novak's first string gridsters and portrays the fighting faces that bowled over all opposition and perched them on the top-most pinnacle in the prep firmament.
In battling their way to the fore most honors in high school circles. the orange and Black laddybucks, most honors in high school circles, the Orange and Black laddybucks, for the, fifth consecutive year, demonstrated fighting qualities of the best type plus more than average ability which, with expert coaching, were combined to produce a combination that ranks on a par with other great Washington elevens of previous years.
Had Tough Row.
As the curtain drops on the season's activities, it is the order of the day to recount, briefly, the year's achievements and, also to delve into the future, as best one can at this premature moment.
First off, prospects last September were regarded as the poorest in several years. Only a handful of stars remained from the formidable team of 1923, but with this group as a nucleus Coach Novak developed a machine that instilled confidence in its followers by trouncing Bowen of Chicago, in the opening game, and followed with an easy victory over Spirit Lake.
It was not until after the Tigers had handed Moline's championship aspirations a decided jolt, however, that the rank and file awakened to the fact that the East side school was destined to be a factor in the national title hunt.
Go Through Unbeaten.
The next triumph was an easy win over Ottumwa, and the following Saturday, the Bengaleers scored their third inter-state victory by administering a severe trouncing to Sioux Falls in the Dakotans' backyard.
Stillwater was the next victim, after which Dixieland was invaded for the first time as the Tribe made an otherwise happy day for Louisville sad by licking du Pont Manual in its brand new $75,000 stadium.
The season came to a glorious end in far off Harrisburg when some 11,000 Quaker fans sat and marveled as the western cornfield lads gave Tech's pride and joy a sound and decisive trimming as a Turkey day celebration.
All of this is not exactly news so it will be called a closed chapter by presenting the season's complete record.
Cedar Rapids 15: Bowen (Chicago) 6.
Cedar Rapids 32; Spirit Lake 0.
Cedar Rapids 32; Moline 7.
Cedar Rapids 34; Ottumwa 0.
Cedar Rapids 33; Sioux Falls 7.
Cedar Rapids 26; Stillwater 6.
Cedar Rapids 6; du Pont Louisville 0.
Cedar Rapids 19; Harrisburg Tech. 0.
Several May Return.
Although several things may occur during the next few months to completely alter the situation, the outlook for next year, according to Coach Novak, is fairly bright.
Quite a number of the above pictured fourteen are eligible for further competition, but several of the strongest players are sure to graduate next June. This latter group includes Manville, Kern; Brown, Heath, Hitchcock and Skelly.
All of the others have at least one, more semester, but it is possible that some of them will not be in school next September. High schools are unlike college in that it is more difficult to determine the status of those involved in athletics.
If such capable gridders as Hahn, Hines, Shoudy, Zvacek, Stamats and others return to school next fall there will be no worry in the Tiger camp.
Two Games Are Sure.
At the present time Manager Maurice Carlsen is making preparations for the 1925 schedule, but to date only two games are regarded as certain and one of these, with Sioux Falls, has not been definitely arranged.
The other one is with du Pont of Louisville. A two-year contract with the Kentuckians calls for the southerners to play in Cedar Rapids next fall.
The last chapter of the current campaign will be the annual football banquet at which time monograms will be awarded by Coach Novak.