The first Wieneke reunion was held at the home of Mary M. and Margaret Schmitz, Sunday, June 26, 1927, at Urbana. The former is a daughter of the late Margaret Wieneke Ernst, whose parents came to Iowa as pioneers and settled west of Cedar Rapids on the farm now owned by Henry Stark.

The crowd began to gather at 10:00 o'clock from all directions until there was over 200 present. A big basket dinner was served cafeteria style from a very long table in the yard at noon which was enjoyed by all. The afternoon was spent in a social time and a program consisting of letters read by Rev. John C. Wieneke of Cedar Falls from the following persons: Leon F. Lucas, Ontario, Cal., Mary M. Rosamond, Ventura, Cal., C. F. Wieneke, Ventura, Cal., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Caldwell, Chino, Cal., and Mrs. Herman Wieneke and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wieneke from Adrian, Minn.; F. E. Augustine Jr., and Alfred Augustine, Chicago; Frances Rebasch(?) Vermillion, S. Dak.; Sister M. Perinet-Zwingle(?), Ia.; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schallau, Sutherland, Ia.; Mr. and Chas. Schallau, Grinnell. These letters were all very much enjoyed by the crowd and short talks were given by different ones. It was voted on and carried to have a reunion every year. Officers elected were John Stark, Sr., of Fairfax, P! res.; Mrs. Theo. Stark, Sec. And Treasurer. Committee appointed for the place were Henry Stark of Cedar Rapids, Ione(?) Wieneke, Marion, Fred Schrunk(?), Atkins. They met at once and decided ___ place for next year. Reunion to be held at Henry Stark, west of Cedar Rapids, the last Sunday in June. Before they began to leave for their homes ice cream, strawberriesand cake were served.

Those present were Joe Schmitz, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Schmitz and children Joseph and Irene; Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Miller and children, Alvena, Ida and Norma and Wasetta, from Vinton; Mr. and Mrs Matt Less, Mr and Mrs. Walter Less, and children Vernon, Bernice, Edward and Charles; Mrs Chas. Zabokotsky; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ernst and children, Leo and Mae; Eugene Miller and children, Evelyn, Lavon and Laverne, Walker, Ia.; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brown and children, Muriel, Chester, Mary Lois and Rebecca; Mr. and Mrs. John Stark, Sr., children Charles, Andrew and Katherine, Fairfax; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schminke, children Lillian and Irma, Mr. and Mrs. Will Schminke; Paul Hoerther, Atkins; Mr. and Mrs. Ewen Miller, Brandon; Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Schmitz; Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Kelly; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Canterell; Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Schallau, children Genevieve, Margaret, Daniel, Bernard and Conroy, Rozella Nolan, Chris and John Schallau, Van Horne; Mr. and Mrs. Matt Boddicker, children Kenneth, Davi! d, Deloras and Doris; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Light and children John and Cordelia; Mr. and Mrs. John Becker, and son Elmer; Mr. and Mrs Arlo Becker and baby Harold; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Becker, Watkins, Ia.; Mr. and Mrs. George Michael and children Edmund, Leonard and Donald; Tillie Lammers, Walker; Katherine Hiess; Mrs. Nick McDonovan, Chicago, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wieneke, of Cascade; Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bitzel, Libertyville, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Augustine and children, Elmer, Bernard, Hazle, Esther, and Juanita; Ida Wieneke; Mildred Lammers; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lammers and children, William, Deloras, Arthur, Herbert, Germaine, James, and Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grobstick; Mr. Henry Toebber, Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Wieneke, children Charles and Helen, Dyersville, Ia.; Mrs. George Heming and Katherine Wieneke, Dubuque, Ia.; Rev. John C. Wieneke, Dubuque, Ia.; Mr. Flynn of Cedar Falls, Ia.; Mr . Herman Chudz??ki, Children Victor, Lillian and Arthur; Nellie Kraut; Mr. and ! Mrs. T(?)onie Wieneke, Marion, Ia.; John May; Mr. and Mrs. Chris. Werner and children Hilda May, Christopher and Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Herman May and children Marie Alice and John; Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Stark; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stark and sons, Calistus and Edward; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stark and children Marianna and Albert, John; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wieneke, and sons, Paul, Dick, and Bob; Henry Wieneke; Gladys Wieneke; Margaret Gaffney; Ed Stark; Ben Sormon; Callista Wieneke; Lola Schminkle; Mr. and Mrs. George Stark, and children Goldie May and Harold; Lizzie and Tillie Stark; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stark and children Herbert(?), Arnold, Ralph, Angelo, and Henry Adam; Mr. and Mrs. George Stark and daughter Leota; Mr. and Mrs. Francis Stark, and daughters, Hazel, Geraldine and Iola; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J. Loung and children, Blanche, Francis, George, Vernon and Dale; Henry and Ben Wieneke, Cedar Rapids; Miss Whalen, Norway; Charles and Mary Horwelder, Watkins, Ia."

Another clipping:

"Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lammers and family; Mr. and Mrs. Slim Wieneke and family; Mr. and Mrs. S. Albang and family; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Augustine and family; Mr. and Mrs. Frk. Grobstick; Mrs H. Toebber.; Misses Mildred Lammers, Ida, and Callista Wieneke of this city; Mrs. M. McDonovan, of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wieneke of Cascade; Mr. and Mrs. Tohy Beitzel; Mrs. George Heming and Miss Kathryn Wieneke of Dubuque motored to Urbana, Iowa, last Saturday evening, where on Sunday they attended the first family reunion of the Wieneke families. They report having had a delightful time. Another reunion will be held again next year. An account of the event is being published elsewhere in this paper. Over 200 were in attendance."