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  • Oliver Dewey
  • Isaac Hardin Deacon and family
  • Photo Post Card , Center Point July 4, 1907 Harold Halleck, Lucile Halleck Dale Houser, Orval Houser Leota Unangst, Nile Unangst Lyal DeWoody, Wayne DeWoody
  • Ed Lansing and family
  • Tin-type that belonged to, Augusta Carter Newman.Someone had written on the back of the picture Newman in Iowa.
  • Rosetta Andrews and Ezra Haven Reynolds Family Can you help with Information?
  • Photograph of 1909 Marion High School graduating class. There are 29 small oval photos of the 29 graduates included in the picture. The names of the graduates are: Joseph Barnoske, Roscoe B. Blinks, Ethel F. Carver, Sandra E. Clark, Vesta M. Conger, Merle R. Cornelius, Lois A. Emmons, John H. Filmore, Irvin L. Ford, Helen D. Gage, Chloe B. Greer, Earl W. Horton, Clarissa C. Kemp, Ruth Kimdall, (not Kimball), Laura C. Landis, Pauline E. Leverick, Roy E. Leidigh, Edward D. Manson, Ralph D. Maxwell, Esther E. Patschke, F. Stuart Rodgers, Estelle M. Rogers, Martha G. Schlieman, Laura J. Schminke, Maude Schultz, Arthur Shumack, Leta I. Stinger, John W. Stoufer, and George E. Weis.
    We would like to get this into the hands of someone who may be a descendent of one of the graduates. The cost would be whatever it costs us to have it shipped or mailed. The picture is in a frame, behind glass; but we will ship it without the glass to lessen the chance of it breaking and damaging the picture. If you are interested please contact,Warren and Kathleen Barrett

  • Lawson Lysander Ives who married Rachael Ann Goldsberry Mar 11, 1875 in Linn County. Submitted by, Alison Newhall