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Adminstrators Sale

State of Iowa County of Linn

I David A. Newman being duly sworn that I am a resident of Monroe Township in said Countythat Belinda Newman my mother departed this life on or about the 6th. day of July A.D. 1867 at Otter Creek Township in said County leaving both real and personel proberty in said County to be administrated upon not exceeding in value One Thousand dollars. that the following list contains the names ages and residences of the children heirs at law of deceased to wit:

William S. Newman aged about 50 years resides in Hancock County in the State of Illinois.
Thomas Newman aged 45 years resides in Washington Township Linn Co. Iowa.
The children heirs at law of Cassandra Simmons deceased formerly Cassandra Newman residing in Hancock County, Illinois
Edward newman aged 41 years resides in said Hancock County, Illinois
John N. Newman aged 37 years resides in said Township of Monroe, Linn Co. Iowa
David A. Newman aged 37 years resides in said Township of Monroe , Linn County Iowa
Jesse G. Newman aged about 30 years resides in Otter Creek Township, Linn Co. Iowa
Joseph Newman aged about 25 years resides in Monroe township aforesaid Joseph Newman aged about 25 years resides in Monroe township aforesaid

David A. Newman
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 27th. day of july A.d. 1867
Johnston Elliot
Co. Judge

Sale Bill
Estate of Belinda Newman DECEASED STATE OF IOWA
County of Linn

Belinda Newman late of said County of Linn Deceased made on the 21 st. day of September 1867 in pursuance of notice therof, a copy of which is hereunto attached by the undersigned David A. Newman Adm. at the late residence Deceased in Otter creek Township in said County.
Article sold Name of Purchaser Amount of Sale
1 set dishes Jesse Newman
1Pair scales Joseph Newman
1 bbl Thomas Newman
1 bbl Jesse Newman
1 bbl Jesse Newman
1 jar Nelson Newman
1 table Jesse Newman
1 Auger and bbl Nelson Newman
1 stad table Nelson Newman
1 Bell Joseph Newman
1 Clock Joseph Newman
1 Lamp John Newman
1 Boy and draw share James Madden
1 stove Jacob Shoyer
set chairs Nelson Newman
set Loom Farnss Leida Marrs
book Joseph Newman
1 saddle and 2 sacks Jesse Newman
1 Clockpad Locks sam Mentizer
Pair Cinchers Jesse Newman
flat Iron Joseph Newman
sive Jesse Newman
Brass Kettle and pan Nelson Newman
Butter Print Joseph Newman
Hoe Jesse Newman
1 Hog Nelson Newman
1 Bed Jesse Newman
1 Bed Joseph Newman
1 Bed Nelson Newman
8 chickens Jesse Newman
1 Pitcher and Coffee Pot Nelson Newman
12/3 Acres Corn Jesse Newman
1 1/3 Acres Wheat Jesse Newman
1 1/3 Acres Oats Edward Kettle
1 Churn Jesse Newman
Hay taken at apras. Jesse Newman
1 Box Clothing Apr. Jesse Newman
3 books Apraisment Jesse Newman
1 galvanized battery Jesse Newman

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