Contributed by Sandra Sanchez

Where are the pioneers of Linn? Alas! they’re falling fast;
A few more years and they will all Be numbered with the past.
Among these families of old So very dear to me,
Is one I wish to mention here, The Newman family.

They came from Indiana This country for to dwell.
We’ll call the roll of those who came Their names I wish to tell.

Uncle Perry was among The first of those who came,
And now the children we will try To call each one by name.

Thomas, John and Joseph M., Bill, and Henrietta too,
James, Benjamin, Frances too and Miche They all together grew.

They were a happy family, And jolly so to speak;
Their home was on the Rapids road Just north of Otter Creek.

And now ‘tis uncle Billy Who’se calling our attention,
And to his children one and all, Whose names we wish to mention.

Big John and Perry we recall, Both here to manhood grew.
A sister, Hester, dark eyed girl, And dancing Bennie too.

Next we recall is uncle John and his good wife Aunt Nancy,
Their names are real, they lived here once It is no passing fancy.

Thomas was the eldest son, A soldier tried and brave.
The next a son was born to them, We called him little Dave.
Johnson, Elizabeth, and Jane Were born in olden times;
Caroline, and Johnnie too Are mentioned in these rhymes.

And there was Uncle Gustie, We’ve always understood
He had no children of his own, But raised one Sammy Good.

And now ‘tis Aunt Jane Roy, Whose name we wish to mention;
And also of her children If you will lend attention.
The eldest son is Benjamin, We used to know him well;
He left Linn County long ago, In Kansas he doth dwell.
John T. was the next to come, And, likewise Pinkney,
Dave, Oliver, and Newton Composed the other three.

Anna was the only girl She died some years ago;
But two more boys were born to them We’ll mention them below.
Alvarian of great reserve And Willard next, his brother,
Were last to join this family To bless their dad and mother.

Elizabeth McLeod is next, As we can plainly see,
I’ll mention all her children’s names And bring them unto thee.
Nancy Jane and William too Emma, Ella, also James,
Nettie, Maude, are calling too And now, we’ve mentioned all their names.

Micha Reynolds next we give A place upon these page;
Her christian faith was steadfast As the ancient Rock of Ages.
William is the eldest son, Then Ezra, Gus. D. Wm;
Sarah was the eldest girl And Anna next with eyes of blue.

Thomas D. was widely known, A preacher of renown,
He spoke thro-out the country, And also in the town.
Admonishing his hearers As he wandered to and fro,
To see religion whilst on earth And thus evade the woe.
We’re calling for the children, Their names we will obtain.
We’re calling for the eldest girl, I think they call her Jane.
B. R. is next upon the list And Lucy too as well;
James A. has gone to Backus In Backus he doth dwell.
The baby girl was Micha Whom we cannot remember;
She died within the spring of life Instead of chill December.

Aquila was a preacher too Who prayed both night and day,
And died whilst he admonished The scriptures to obey.
And now as to his children We’ll try and name them too;
We want the name of each you know Presented unto you.
Martha, Nank, and Frances too, May, June, and Lizzie B,
And Willie too the baby boy, And that is all I see.

Yes, this is all of this old set, And I have not the time,
To hunt the names of all the rest And set them down in rhyme.
Of Newmans there’s another branch, Cousins by the way,
Who came to settle Iowa In a far distant day.
Five brothers came that we recall Their names I wish to tell.
They came from somewhere in the east, To Linn County for to dwell.
Nelson lived near Center Point, He settled on a farm.
He spent his life in doing good And never doing harm.
Malinda was his eldest With eyes of azure blue.
James, the son, came later on For there were only two.

Thomas lived one half mile east We often did him see,
There he lived and tilled the soil, And raised his family.
We’ll call the children if we can, As we oftimes used to do.
We’ll call their names as fast we can And present them unto you.
William Edward, John Nelsen, too, Pheobe Ann, and Mary Ellen,
Often we would meet them there, When the schools would have their spellins.
Esther, Nan and David, too Composed the other three.
We have the names of all of them And brought them unto thee.

Aquila was the next we call His children too we’ll mention
Willie, Annie Limia too Augusta claims attention.

And now ‘tis Jesse that we call, A smith by occupation.
He had a host of friends you know, And thousands of relations.
Malinda was the oldest girl Then Marion her brother.
Manda, Joe and Hilly too, And Jessie was the other.
Jody was a brother too Which constitutes the five,
They’ve passed beyond the vail of tears For they are not alive.
The elder generation’s gone But we can truly say,
Their memory is cherished yet, And honor them today.

Copyright (c) 2005 by Sandra Sanchez

All Rights Reserved