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In the summer of 1853, Mr. and Mrs. Kearns with their family , left Richland County, Ohio, in a prairie schoner for Linn county, Iowa. It was very dry weather when they arrived and the dust was thick. Indians were still in the country, though they were not hostile, and railroads were unknown.
They reached their destination in four weeks' time and settled on a farm of 105 acres in Linn Grove. In later years, more acres were added to the farm, making a total of 142 1/2 acres. For many years Valentine Kearns owned the farm. After his death, his youngest son, Ralph Kearns became the owner from 1932 until 1942 at which time it was sold and is no longer in the Kearns name.

(Extracted from the book "A continuation of a family history and a list of the descendants of John Kearns and his wife Margaret" - issued by Miss Mabel I. Kearns in 1960)

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