Nez Perce County Pioneer Association

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Nez Perce County Pioneer Association

An event of the year 1900 which must not be overlooked was the organization on February 19th of the Nez Perces County Pioneer Association, of which all persons might become members who settled in the County prior to or during 1877. The first officers were C. G. Kress, president: C. P. Coburn, vice president; Wallace B. Stainton, secretary; John N. Lindsay, treasurer; Edmund Pearcy, Robert Grostein, Joel Martin and M. A. Kelly, trustees. For the purpose of preserving as many as possible of the names of those who have toiled so long in the development of the County and done so much for its material and social up building, we give the membership roll of the society as follows:

W. P. Bell
John M. Silcott

Thomas B. Beall
G. W. Underwood
A. R. Trimble

Thomas F. Reynolds
C. C. Bunnell
Edmund Pearcy
Chester P. Coburn
Augustus C. Sweet
Ezra Baird
W. S. Dyer
G. A. Frost
M. A. Kelly
Joel D. Martin
S. Wildenthaler
R. Grostein
C. E. Faunce
T. C. Moxley
August Meilk
W. P. Hunt
William LeBaron
N. B. Holbrook
E. Tixier
L. G. Maguire
John Denny
J. O. Maxon
Sarah G. Thompson

D. W. C. Dunwell
Eva K. Mounce
Mrs. C. F. Grostein
Elizabeth Barnett
Eliza W. Thatcher
Emma J. Chapman
J. Alexander
John W. Denney
W. W. Leeper
Sophia Whitman
_____ Mallery
Mrs. Martha Coburn
P. B. Whitman

Samuel W. Childs
Mrs. Rosa Grostein
M. H. Sprague
Olive C. Hunt
C. A. McCabe
John O. Barbour
S. E. Vollmer

Benjamin F. Morris
Alma Havenick
Lucinda J. Breanley

Charles G. Kress
William Stevenson
T. S. Billings
William Baird
C. E. Bradish

Anna M. Clark
Rachael Binnard
A. C. Coburn
Mrs. Mary W. Smith
Nellie W. Leeper
Joseph Dubuc
Harry Dowd
James Conley

L. Grostein
C. A. Elmer
Mrs. W. E. Erb
Mrs. F. Roos
John P. Vollmer

Mrs. Alida G. Faunce
Mrs. Annie Krautinger
Frank B. Willis
Mrs. Josephine Boise

Christ Weirgerder
H. R. Grostein
Fred M. Manning
Ferdinand Roos
Amy D. Kettenbach
Charles Dowd
John L. Chapman
James Haves
Perry Thomas
G. A. Manning
Mrs. Laura B. Morris
Susan E. Manning

H. Penault
H. A. Trimble
G. M. Smith
P. M. Davis

H. K. Barnett
Harry Lydon
Mrs. Clifford Riggs
J. R. Lydon
Robert Schleicher
Matt Dowd
Mrs. J. E. Akins

Wallace B. Stainton
Mrs. Sarah A. Roxley
L. Rowley
J. Q. Moxley

E. A. Rowley
Louis N. Roos
S. E. Arant
William L. Hoise
E. H. Wiggin
Mrs. Ella Rowley
Mrs. Mary R. Denny

Anna Binnard
A. G. Wisner
Curtis Thatcher
F. Oliver
Edna M. Baird
Mrs. Marv C. Moxley
J. B. Morris
John M. Fix

W. R. Dixon
J N. Lindsay
L. Stannus
Mrs. Mollie Armstrong
Mrs. W. B. Cooper
Miss Bessie Vollmer
Elizabeth M. Beeson
Mary A. Butler
Ferdinand Roos Jr.
George C. Leland
George H. Storer
J. D. C. Thiessen
Rebecca Lindsay
C. A. Leeper
Rosa Ponting
Mrs. Lillie Wisner
W. H. Leland
J. H. Frost
Mrs. L. K. Stirling
Mrs. Hattie Wildenthaler

Louis D. Schattner
John Weiss
Thomas Kittsmiller
Wilbur Wardwell
J. C. Kincaid
John Ponting
John Speck
W. A. Smith
Catherine Metcalf
Margaret A. Goldsmith
Frances M. Moxley
Mrs. Viola C. McConville
Martin L. Goldsmith
Newton Hibbs
J. E. Kincaid
John H. McCalli
William Wright
J. R. Wolfe
A. W. Krautinger
Fred S. Kling
F. J. Edwards
Maud Wildenthaler
Clara P. Phillips
Mrs. Mary White Kettenback
W. F. Kettenbach
Mrs. Emma M. Edwards
Henry Harsell

W. Havernick

Source: An Illustrated History North Idaho Embracing Nez Perces, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai And Shoshone Counties, State of Idaho. Western Historical Publishing Company. 1903

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