The Biggsville Band of 1906.

Taken on the front porch of the H.L.Kelly Home.
Back Row: Alvah M. Kelly, Mark Whiteman, Rick Munson, ? Johnson, ohse director Chas. Graham, Roy Kilgore, James Kilgore
2nd Row: Phil Rowley, Fulton Henderson, Raymond Ralston, Clark Kelly, Pleasant Wiegand
Fred Stokes, Clyde Pearson, Clarence Kilgore, Louis Dyson, Jim Kilgore, Russell Graham, H.B.Kelly

This is one of the photos available at the Henderson County Public Library which has a special room devoted to Local and Family History. They are collecting old photos of the area for their vertical file. If you have a stash of old pictures and would like to contribute to this collection, please drop them off at the library located south of US 34 or send them to the Henderson County Public Library, Biggsville, IL 61418.

Submitted by Virginia Ross

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