Media Township Community High School Class of 1921-1922

Media HS students (listed in alphabetical order) were: Clifford Adair, Roy Anders, Velma V. Campbell, Roy Cavins, Fern Cook, Agnes Erickson, Paul G. Erickson, Evelyn Garrett, Bennie Heap, Goldie Heap, Ben Horrell, Ruth Howell, Burrell Lamb, Mildred Lant, Violet Lant, Gazelia Lawyer, Carl Leftwich, Ivan Livermore, Gladys Mathers, Ruby McIntire, Victor Perrine, William Pogue, Loren Ross, Dale Shook, Guy Shook, Maynard Smith, Mary Sullivan, Mayme Sullivan, Edith Sutton, Albert Swanson, Charlie Welch, Edith Woodhull, and Eleanor Wragg

Submitted by Richard P. Erickson

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