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John S. Nevius was born in 1820, in New Jersey, where he received the advantages of a common school education and afterward learned the carpenter trade, at which he worked until he came to Henderson county in 1836. On his first arrival here he purchased 160 acres of land, broke the same, and began making a farm. He was married in New Jersey in 1846, to Miss Maria Ann Brokaw. They have eight children, as follows: Simon, Catherine, Peter (deceased), Sarah Jane, Mary B., David (died when three years old), Peter B. (at home), and Brachie. His parents were Simon and Brachie (Simonson) Nevius, who were both born in Somerset county, New Jersey. His father died in 1862 and his mother in 1876. They were buried in Redington cemetery, Hunterton county, New Jersey. Their family consisted of nine children, six boys and three girls; David resides in New Jersey; Mary Ellen, wife of Benjamin Voorhees, died 1868, her remains repose at Bushnell; Simon Peter resides in Henderson county; Elizabeth Ann, wife of M. Lane; Dennis, resides in New Jersey, formerly lived here; Abram V. Garrett and Anna J. are deceased. Simon Addis, grandfather of Mr. Nevius, was a revolutionary soldier, and Mr. Nevius still remembers seeing him go through the manual of arms. Mr. Nevius has been a member of the Reformed church for 23 years, and has been chosen deacon at different times.

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S. P. Nevius was born in New Jersey in 1825, and is the son of Simon and Brachie (Simonson), of German descent, his father having emigrated from Holland to America in an early day; settled in New York, where he was married and raised a large family of children, amoung whom were David, John, Mary E., Simon P., (our subject), Elizabeth, Dennis, Abram and Garrett. The latter died at Bushnell a few years ago; he was a miller by trade. Our subject was married in Fulton county, Illinois, in 1851, to Miss Sarah Davis. They have had four children born to bless their home; Garrett, Anna, Richard, and Minnie; Annie is deceased. Of his grandparents but little is remembered by him, except that his grandfather was in the revolutionary war; Mr. Nevius remembers seeing the musket he carried during that war. Mrs. Nevius father was Richard Davis, and her mother's maiden name was Sophia Simonson. In this family there were the following: J. S., Sarah, John, L. N., J.V.D., Lawrence W., Frederick, Margrett J., and Anna C. Her brother John was a member of the 7th UIll. Cav. Her father came to Fulton county in 1837, where he died and was buried at Fairview. Mr. and Mrs. Nevius are members of the Reformed church.

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was born in Forquer county, Virginia. In the year 1795, while still but a lad, he removed to Ross county, Ohio, with his parents, Samuel and Mary Nichols. Here his parents died, and here he married in 1812, to Elizabeth, daughter of Maj. Isaac Dawson and Sicha Williams. He lived in Ross county and various localities in Ohio until 1839, when he removed to Vego county, Indiana. Six years later he again removed his family, this time to Henderson county, Illinois. He enlisted in the war of 1812, and was stationed at Sandusky, Ohio. In 1857 he died at the age of seventy-seven, having buried his wife six years previously, at the age of fifty-seven. Mr. Nichols was by trade a miller and distiller, and followed his trade till he left Ohio; after that he farmed until his death.

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, eldest son of the preceding, was born in Hocking county, Ohio, October 30, 1805. The first thirty years of his life he spent at this father's. At about the age of twenty-one he purchased the N. E. 1/4 of Sec. 8, T. 8 N., 5 W. This he improved and afterward sold to DR. SHAW, and in 1846 bought, under mortgage to the school district, of Wilson Kendall, the N. E. 1/4 and the E. 1/2 of N. W. 1/4 of Sec. 25, T. 9 N., 5 W. The previous year he married Nancy, daughter of Henry and Bethenia Carter, then of Warren county. Have had four children, two of whom were buried at the age of four years. Of the two living, Mary, the eldest, is the wife of William Wilsher, residing in township 9 north, 5 west, Henderson county; Amanda, the younger, with her husband, Henry King, resides with her parents. Mr. N. Belongs to the fraternity of Freemasons, lodge No. 732, Carman, Illinois.

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