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Lookup Volunteers

A very special thanks to our volunteers for taking the time to do lookups!
Please remember to say "thanks"!

  • If you have Henderson County reference material and are interested in volunteering to doing lookups , please contact me, Connie Lovitt Bates.
  • Please use the following guidelines when you request a lookup:
    • Established policy prohibits lookup volunteers from infringing on copyrights, so please do not ask for large quantities of information, information on multiple people or photocopies of pages from books under copyright protection.
    • No more than two surnames per E-Mail and you MUST include given name as well as surname. If you do not adhere to this policy, the volunteer will not answer your request
  • Please Note: If you see a book listed for lookups that you hold the copyright to and do not want it used, please notify the county coordinator and it will be removed.
Henderson County Look Up Resources:
Other Look Up Resources
  • Photos of Headstones Fran Work will go to Henderson County cemeteries & photograph your family headstones. Please plan on reimbursing Fran for her expenses. Also - please remember that weather can be a factor in photographing cemeteries!
    • Fran Work (with an email address that I have finally updated.)

  • Abstracts of Marriage, Death, and Estate Notices from The Oquawka Spectator, Henderson County, Ill. 1848-1852, by Ruth A. Hutchinson. Also includes research material for volumes which would have been published at a later time. This material covers the time period 1852-1856; and from the 1860's (A-R only!). Sadly, Ruth A. Hutchinson died June 11, 1981, and the research material has never been published. This look-up offer is made so that Ruth's legacy to the genealogical community will be preserved.

  • 1918 Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory for Farmers & Breeders of Warren & Henderson Co. This lists farmers, their spouses, children, what township and section they lived on, acres owned or rented, who they rented from, when they entered the county, if they owned a car or tractor, and if they raised purebred livestock. There is also a little information about businesses in the county.

  • Henderson Co. IL Cemeteries Vol I & II by Ross & Evans

  • History Of Henderson County - 1882; H.H.Hill & Company, Publishers.

  • Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Henderson County, Vol. II. Illustrated; Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois edited by Newton Bateman, LL. D. and Paul Selby, A. M.; History of Henderson County edited by James W. Gordon.; Chicago, Munsell Publishing Company, publishers, 1911

  • Portrait And Biographical Record of Hancock, McDonough and Henderson Counties Illinois; Lake City Publishing Co., Chicago: 1894
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