1875 Henderson County Township Maps
Source: "Atlas of Henry Co. Illinois to Which is Added an Atlas of the United States"
Warner & Beers Publishers, Chicago, 1875.
Submitted by Alice Gless

Bald Bluff Township Oquawka Township Greenville Township Biggsville Township Olena and Walnut Grove Townships Bedford Township South Henderson Township Warren Township Terre haute Township Dallas and Honey Creek Townships
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So now what? Well, using the information you can get from The Official Land Patents Site or Illinois Public Domain Land Sales, if your ancestors purchased land in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, not from a private seller, you can map where your ancestors actually lived - and who their neighbors were.

This map shows each section of each township, although most of our ancestors did not buy an entire section. They bought 40 or 80 acres, and the tract description includes the "corner" or portion of the section in which they purchased their land. For a more complete description, see Mapping Land Tract Records presented by Infobahn Outfitters. You can see how I mapped the purchases made by the Edmunds family.

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