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These are obituaries that have been contributed to the Henderson County Page, or are links to obituaries posted on other web pages. (Obituaries in the USGenWeb Archives project have links here.) If it's a link to another page - use your 'back' button to return here.

Name Index

Frances E. "Lottie" (Rettig) Avery 1932-2005 (Off-site)

Mrs. Bailey
Mrs. Wm. Bailey (Margaret Mahala Essex)
Dr. W.S. Bailey
Levi Beebe
Sarah Ann (Dupee or Dupey) Beebe
Viola (Beem) Marble
Sarah Jane (Berry) Lovitt 1836-1907 (Off site)
Clark E. Bias 1863-1951 (Off site)
Frances (Krow) Bielser
Etta (Bricker) Woods 1876-1962 (Off site)
John W. Brokaw
Mary A. (Brokaw) Carlson
Mrs. Eva Brown
Helen Irene (Kershner) Bunch 1930-2006 (Off site)

Mary A. (Brokaw) Carlson
John Andrew Clarense Carothers
Mary Arabella Carothers
Henry Bowen Carter 1815-1884 (Off site)
Mrs. Mary A. Chapin
Mary E. (Stockton) Chapin died 1882 (Off site)
Chester Chapman
Emmeline (Jones) Chickering
Elizabeth ( ) Cooper
Mary Ann Craig
William Cunningham
Mary Curry
John Curtis
John Curts 1787-1874 (Off site)

Lurinda (Tharp) Daugherty 1846-1940 (Off site)
Ellen (Kilgore) Douglas 1826-1906 (Off site)
Matthew Douglas 1824-1900 (Off site)
Kenneth L. "Zeke" Dowell 1939-2006 (Off site)
Sarah Ann (Dupee or Dupey) Beebe
Frank Dunham

Mary Edwards
Aggis(Alice) Sells Essex
C. Allen Essex
Elizabeth Essex
Flora Essex
Francis Campbell Essex
Harold P. Essex
Hattie Dell Essex
Isaac Essex
Jimmie Lee Essex
Joseph Essex
Joseph Essex
Mary Essex
Maud Essex
Sarah Ellen Essex
Sarah Emzy Smith Essex
Mrs. Sol. (Delilah Wax ) Essex
Solomon Busch Essex
Swanson Essex
Wilbur Essex
W.F. Essex
Eliza Cornelia Gaddis
Virgie Nadine (Gilliland) Gearhart
Elsie M. (Tracy) Gibb 1926-2006 (Off site)
Hannah (Rea) Gibb #1 #2
Sylvia L. (Huss) Gillaspie 1915-2006 (Off site)
Virgie Nadine Gilliland
Ruby (Jern) Gilmour

Samuel Hammack
Rosalee G. (Thomas) Hawk
Joseph Hess
J. Wesley Hopper
Lambert Hopper
Bessie May (Watson) Huff
Eldon W. Hughes 1935-2006 (off site)
Samuel Hutchinson

Clyde Gilbert Ives (Off site)
Henry N. Ives (Off site)
Kenneth R. Ives (Off site)
Lena Shields Ives (Off site)

Lillian (Peterson) Jacobs
Loretta M. (Worley) Johnson 1933-2005 (Off site)
Martha C. Johnson 1916-2005 (Off site)

Laura Bell Kidd
Ellen (Kilgore) Douglas 1826-1906 (Off site)
John L. Kilgore (Off-site)
Ura Kilgore

Louisa Langdon
Susan (Fleming) Loosley
Daniel W. Lovitt (Off site)
Druzilla Jane Lovitt (Off site)
John W. Lovett Sr. (Off site)
Keturah Ann (McDonald) Lovitt (Off site)
Sarah Jane (Berry) Lovitt (Off site)

Herbert Madison
Horace Edgar Marble
Viola (Beem) Marble
William J. Marble
Jack Edward McDavid
Keturah Ann (McDonald) Lovitt (Off site)
Alexander McFarland
James McFarland (Off site)
John McFarland (Off site)
Mary L. (Fullerton) Curtiss-Means 1918-2006 (Off site)
Mary Lou (Thompson) Miller 1938-2006 (Off site)
Alice Mumma

Esther (Simpson) Neally
Adelia E. (Dollarhide) Nelson 1913-2005 (off site)
George Noble
James F. Patterson
John Earl Peterson
Keziah Stryker (THARP) Philhower (Off site)
Mildred Essex Pierce
Walter Edward Pierce
Mary Olive Van Pelt
Phebe (Pence) Smith
Laura Bell (Kidd) Pershin
John M. Peterson 1915-2006 (Off site)
Howard Pruett
Robert D. Pullen 1945-2006 (Off site)

Robert Austin Ramsey
Samuel Randlett
Hannah Rea #1    #2
John A. Reeder
David B. Rice
Elizabeth (Foster) Blanton Robertson
Warren E. Rowley 1920-2006 (Off site)

Shirley M. Kage Sabins 1938-2006 (Off site)
Leonard J. Schell
Emma Schenck 1860-1952(Off site)
Gwendolyn E. Schroeder 1924-2006 (Off site)
Aggis(Alice) Sells
Margaret Sherwood
Betty Shook
Samuel Purcell Short
Don D. Smith 1917-2006 (Off site)
John Smith
Phebe (Pence) Smith
Sarah Emzy Smith
Thomas C. Smith
Mary E. (Stockton) Chapin (Off site)

Keziah Stryker (THARP) Philhower (Off site)
S.W. Thompson
Charlene K. (Corzatt) Tidwell 1943-2005 (Off site)
Elsie M. (TRACY) GIBB 1926-2005 (Off site)

Lillian E. (Badgett) Wagher
Andrew M. Watson
Bessie May (Watson) Huff
Catherine Wheeling Watson
Grandmother Watson
Cpt. Henry Watson
Hezekiah Watson
Jane Watson
Leonard H. Watson
Lydia P. Brown Watson
Nancy Jan King Watson
Delilah Wax
Thomas Weaverling
Vincent Wilding
Clara Wolff
Clarence J. Woods (Off site)
Etta (Bricker) Woods (Off site)

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