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Herbert B. Madison, October 5, 1904, Henderson County, Illinois - May 1, 1998, Kansas City, Missouri. Survived by wife, daughter, 2 sisters, others. Services at Newcomer's Floral Hills Chapel. Moved to Kansas City in 1929.
Source: The Kansas City Star, May 3, 1998

Ruby I. Gilmour February 11, 1919, Oquawka, IL - June 19, 2005, Oquawka, IL. She was the daughter of Emil and Hazel Decker Jern, widow of Ross Gilmour who died May 21, 1988. Survivors include children, 2 brothers, others.
Source: The Hawk Eye, June 21, 2005

Betty Shook October 30, 1921,Oquawka, IL - July 13, 2005, Des Moines, IA. Services provided by Caldwell–Raddatz Funeral Home and Crematory; burial in Oquawka City Cemetery.
Source: The Hawk Eye, July 16, 2005

Frances Pauline Bielser April 7, 1910, Olena, IL - July 10, 2005, Stronghurst, IL. She was the duaghter of John William and Cora Mae Collins Krow, and the widow of Earl Raymond Bielser who died Dec. 24, 1993. She is survived by children, others. Turnbull Funeral Home; burial in Olena Cemetery.
Source: The Hawk Eye, July 12, 2005

Howard Duane Pruett December 19, 1924, Victoria, IL - August 21, 2005, Oquawka, IL. Son of Leo and Alice Nelson Pruett, survived by wife, children, brother, sister, others. Turnbull Funeral Home. Burial in Knoxville Cemetery.
Source: The Hawk Eye, August 22, 2005

Lillian A. Jacobs July 31, 1920, Stronghurst, IL - November 22, 2004, Biggsville, IL. Daughter of Emil and Rosa Cox Peterson, widow of Harry D. Jacobs who died in 1987. Survivors include children, sister, others. Turnbull Funeral Home. Burial in Stronghurst Cemetery.
Source: The Hawk Eye, November 27, 2004

Lambert Hopper – Death of an Old Settler

We are sorry to learn that Judge Lambert Hopper died at his residence at Warren in this County on Monday last after a painful illness of several months. He was an old resident of this County and has ever been esteemed by his fellow citizens for the noble qualities which adorned his character. His integrity and religious deportment were unimpeachable while his enterprising public spirit has been of great advantage to the community among whom he resided. His death will leave a void in the county that cannot be easily filled
Oquawka Spectator, 23 Mar 1865, Vol. 18, No.9, Whole No.896, Page 3, col.1

Gone – J. Wesley Hopper died at LaHarpe last week, and was buried at Warren last Sunday. The deceased was too well known in this county where he had resided so long to need any encomium from our pen. We deeply regret the mournful duty that is ours of announcing his departure from earth. In the Grand Lodge above, may he be found worthy.
Oquawka Spectator, 24 Feb 1870, Vol.23, No. 6, Whole No. 1150, p.1, col. 7

Wesley Hopper’s Death– We copy from the LaHarpe Home News the following respecting Mr. Hopper’s disease and death:

Mr. Hopper was taken violently ill with an obstinate obstruction of the bowels and his attending physicians after making every effort to remove the obstruction decided that in their opinion a surgical operation was necessary. Consequently the assistance of Prof. J.C. Hughs, President of the Iowa Medical College, was obtained and an operation performed by making an opening into the cavity of the abdomen through the linen alba. Upon an examination of the bowels, an opening was found in the mesentery, through which the bowels had passed and strangulated; making what the doctors called a mesenteric hernia. Several feet of the bowels was found to be in a gangrenous condition and from the enormous distention of the bowel with retained contents, it was found to be perforated through the entire coat. The decision was that he could not recover and he died twelve hours thereafter in full possession of his mental faculties to within a few moments of his last.

Mr. H. had won many warm hearted friends during his short stay in our midst. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge of this city and enjoyed the good opinion of the entire community. (Mesenentery-The membranes or one of the membranes that invest the intestines and connect them with the dorsal wall of the adominal cavity.)
Oquawka Spectator, 3 March 1870, Vol.23, No.7, Whole No. 1151, p.1 col. 4

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