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Essex Invitation

Marriages noted in Oquawka Spectator

Articles appearing in Oquawka Spectator

Watson marriages

Submitted by: Peggy Carey

This marriage is from the actual invitation given to Mr. J.E.Essex & Family---

Mrs.R.M.Allen desires your presence at the wedding of her daughter SARAH


Thursday, February 23, 1893,

at High Noon,

at her residence, 914 South Main Street, Monmouth, Illinois

Marriages from the Oquawka Spectator

1 May 1850 Marsden, Samuel To Amanda Watson

23 April 1851 27 Aug 1851 Chapin, Samuel To Lydia Van Fleet

17 Aug 1851 Stillwell, Greenup O. To Miss Sadie J. Whiteman At The Residence Of Sam H. Whiteman By Rev. R.E.Wilkin

9 March 1875, All Of Greenville,Henderson,Il Stump, Henry To Elizabeth A. Chapin

21 May 1858 Chapin, Patrick H. To Mary L. Wadeleigh

9 Apr 1860 Pence, J.A. To Mary Ann Chapin

19 Dec 1862 Archer, John C. To Flora A.Chapin

17 Dec 1866 Chapin, Walter S. To Mary C. Thomas

18 Apr 1870 Borden, Geo.R. To Alice M. Chapin

8 Aug 1872 Chapin, Cyrus To Mary E. Stockton

21 Dec 1873 Gordon, James A. To Ella Chapin,

c39 Auble, John N.D. To Cornelia Sevens

Articles from the Oquawka Spectator

June 3, 1900 ESSEX-KNUTSTROM,.--The marriage of JOSEPH O. ESSEX and Miss MARY C. KNUTSTROM was solemnized at the M.E. parsonage in Oquawka, Ill., Thursday afternoon, June 28th, 1900,Rev. T.C.Moots officiating. Mr. and Mrs. ESSEX are well and favorably known in Oquawka and have the best wishes of their many friends. They began housekeeping immediately in the Countryman house in the north part of town.

Jan 4, 1905 W.H.STILLWELL and Miss EMMA ESSEX of Oquawka were granted a marriage license at Macomb last week. The good wishes of Oquawka friends are extended to the happy couple for a long and prosperouse and happy life together. Mr. and Mrs. STILLWELL were in town yesterday.

Watson Marriages

Miles Mark to Sarah Watson 20 Nov 1847

Thomas T. Berry to Lorena Watson 27 Nov 1847

Charles Watson to Florilla Halsey 23 Apr 1848

Elisha Watson, Jr to Matilda Robbins 31 Jan 1850

Ludius Watson to Georgie Ann Fort 11 Apr 1850

Samuel Marsden to Amanda Watson 24 Apr 1850

Hezekiah Watson to Sarah A. Jackson 30 May 1850

Isaac Watson to Sarah Ann Klepper 20 Jun 1850

Samuel Craig to Hester Wasson 5 Oct 1850

Luther Watson to Amy Cowan 26 Jan 1854 J.

Harper Watson to Mary L Grow 29; Aug 1856

Henry C. Ward to Mary Watson 15 Oct 1856

Lambert B. Watson to Parthena W. Jackson 18 Aug 1858

Samuel Watson to Lucinda Wednier 25 Aug 1859

Simeon T. Daggett to Nancy M. Watson 24 Dec 1867

VanRensalaer Ryder to Harriet M. Watson 18 May 1868

John T. Pollock to Sarah Marilla Watson 17 Mar 1870

Geo. E. Watson to Charity Clerk 19 Jan 1871

Taylor Nebergall to Lucy A. Watson 27 Dec 1876

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