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History and Year Book 1938
100th Anniversary Edition
of the
Rozetta Baptist Church
Rev J. A. Cochran, Pastor.

Material donated by Susan Johnson.

This History is dedicated to the memory of the seven charter members whose names are as follows:
William C. Ellett
Benjamin C. Coghill
William Tolar
Kazia Coghill
Susan Ellett
Mary Ellett
Mary A. Coghill

Especially to Benjamin Coghill and his wife Kazia [Note - Kazia crossed out and Mary. A. written in] in whose home the Church was organized.

It is hoped that all who read it will become more devoted to Christ and His Church, and that they may carry on the work during the next century in the same spirit of our self-sacrifice and devotion that has been shown in the first century of our history.

Register of Members

Member's Name
Date of Membership
Type of Membership
Beaty, Susan July, 1869Baptism
Harris, Sarah Nov 27, 1881Baptism
Duke, C.E. May, 1882 Letter
Duke, Lizzie Jan 3, 1886Baptism
Brimhall, Fannie Dec 15, 1889Baptism
Ortry, Mrs. James Jan 25, 1891Baptism
Stillwell, Henry Jan 25, 1891Baptism
Lehew, Vina Feb 17, 1892Baptism
Lukens, Mary Feb 21, 1894Baptism
Allaman, M. H. Feb 21, 1894Baptism
Beal, Mable Allaman Dec 15, 1895Baptism
Jackson, Edna H. Apr 1896Baptism
Filemon, Rena Jacobs Apr 1896Baptism
Warner, Myra June 27, 1897 Letter
Moody, Harry J. October 8, 1897Baptism
Reeder, Clara Pollard Oct 12, 1897Baptism
Harris, Cleo Oct 31,1897Baptism
David Artie October 31, 1897Baptism
Baldwin, Hilda Jan 14, 1900Baptism
Bell, Lula Tibbets Jan 14, 1900Baptism
Clark, Agnes, Peterson Aug 2, 1903Baptism
Peterson, P.O. Aug 16, 1903Baptism
Scobie, Carrie Pearson Dec 13, 1903Baptism
Lingafelter, Bessie Dec 13, 1903Baptism
Warner, D. L. Dec 21, 1905Baptism
Moody, R. L. Jun 17, 1906Baptism
Moody, Melvin Jun 17, 1906Baptism
Dowdell, Daisy Nov 10, 1907Baptism
Thomas, Elsie Nov 10, 1907Baptism
Ellis, Ethel Snodgrass Nov 10, 1907Baptism
Wood, Bessie Mar 15,1908Baptism
Jones, Edna Duke Mar 15, 1908Baptism
Larimer, Carrie Carns Mar 15, 1908Baptism
Dixon, Leslie Mar 15, 1908Baptism
Zielkie, Harry Dec 14, 1910Baptism
Zielkie, Freddie Dec 14, 1910Baptism
Rust, Ida Dec 14, 1910Baptism
Zielkie, Charlie Dec 14, 1910Baptism
Smith, Clytus April 26, 1913 Experience
Flotz, Elsie Sep 11, 1913 Experience
Marble, Viola Sep 11, 1913 Restoration
Morelock, Sterling Sep 11, 1913Baptism
Snodgrass, Anna Pearson Sep 11, 1913Baptism
Ortry, Theo Sep 11, 1913Baptism
Eads, Florence Pearson Sep 11, 1913Baptism
Cramer, Mrs Sep 11, 1913Baptism
Zielkie, Frank Sep 13, 1913Baptism
Zielkie, George Sep 13, 1913Baptism
Musgove, James Sep 13, 1913Baptism
Ortry, Eva Sep 13, 1913Baptism
Duke, Marian Sep 13, 1913Baptism
Vance, Mildred Duke Sep 13, 1913Baptism
France, Andrew S. Sep 21, 1913Baptism
France, Sadie Hays Sep 21, 1913Baptism
Ortry, Mrs. Charlie Sep 21, 1913Baptism
Carns, Earl Sep 21, 1913Baptism
Carns, Mrs Earl Sep 21, 1913Baptism
Beal, Gale Sep 21, 1913Baptism
Beal, P. L. Sep 21, 1913Baptism
Ortry, George Sep 21, 1913Baptism
Ricketts, Helen Pearson Sep 21, 1913Baptism
Knox, Mildred Warner Sep 21, 1913Baptism
Miller, William Sep 21, 1913Baptism
Boardman, Gladys Sep 21, 1913Baptism
McNamara, Mrs James Sep 28, 1913Baptism
Miller, Alleyne Bovey Sep 28, 1913Baptism
Snodgrass, Luther Sep 28, 1913Baptism
McNamara, Ester Sep 26, 1913Baptism
Langridge, Carter Oct 15, 1913 Letter
Morgan, Mrs. W. W. Jan 17, 1915 Letter
Smith, Robert Sep 19, 1915Baptism
Kinkaid Rachel Zielkie Aug 13, 1916Baptism
Campbell, Virginia Slagle Aug 13, 1916Baptism
Green, Lindel Dec 3, 1916Baptism
Osborn, Lenora Barnes Sep 3 1916*Baptism
*Possibly a typo in the book as it falls in between two Dec. 3 dates, and the listings are supposed to be in chronological order.
Ives, Lloyd Dec 3, 1916Baptism
Adams, Henry Dec 3, 1916Baptism
Perry, Harold Dec 3, 1916Baptism
Slagle, Will Jan 1, 1917 Letter
Slagle, Mrs, Will Jan 1, 1917 Letter
Darling, Edna November 25, 1917Baptism
Darling, George November 25, 1917Baptism
Proctor, James November 25, 1917Baptism
Ives, Harold November 25, 1917Baptism
Ives, Kenneth November 25, 1917Baptism
Osborn, Altha May 23, 1920Baptism
Pearson, James, Jr. Oct 7, 1920Baptism
Pearson, Marion Oct 7, 1920Baptism
Kage, Walter Oct 7, 1920Baptism
Ives, Cora Marble Oct 7, 1920Baptism
Rust, Albert H. December 23, 1920 Letter
Martin, Paul Sept 3, 1922 Letter
Hollingsworth, Harley Oct 8, 1922Baptism
Hollingsworth, Mrs. Harley Oct 29, 1922 Letter
Carns, Marshal Jan 1, 1923 Restoration
Carns, Mrs. Marshal Jan 1 1923 Restoration
Lipes, Percy April 17, 1927 Experience
Lipes, Pearl April 17, 1927 Experience
Lipes, Vernon April 17, 1927Baptism
Lipes, Russell April 17, 1927Baptism
Lipes, Mary (Arthurs) April 17, 1927Baptism
Beal, Anna (Tippett) April 17, 1927*Baptism
*Possibly is a typo for Tibbett?
Beal, Perry April 17, 1927Baptism
Osborn, Artie August 28 1927Baptism
Vestal, Herbert July 29 1928 Letter
Vestal, Mrs. Herbert July 29, 1928 Letter
Allaman, Louis Thompson May 10, 1931Baptism
Allaman, John Horace May 10, 1931Baptism
Beal, Enid May 10, 1931Baptism
Beal, Marion May 10, 1931Baptism
Carns, Doris May 10, 1931Baptism
Carlson, Elsie May 10, 1931Baptism
Green, Esther Carlson May 10, 1931Baptism
Goff, Helen Carlson May 10, 1931Baptism
Jones Jean May 10, 1931Baptism
Jones Marilyn May 10, 1931Baptism
Larimer, Susan May 10, 1931Baptism
Larimer Lois May 10, 1931Baptism
Lipes, Vera May 10, 1931Baptism
Miller Dean May 10, 1931Baptism
Welch, John May 10, 1931Baptism
Welch, Kenneth May 10, 1931Baptism
Zielkie, Helen Snodgrass Aug 2, 1931Baptism
Schaley, Harold Aug 2, 1931Baptism
Miller William, Jr. Aug 2 1931Baptism
Lipes, Gladys Aug 2, 1931Baptism
Lipes, Ila Aug 2, 1931Baptism
Goff, Mrs. Grace May 8, 1932Baptism
Gustafson, Ethel Goff May 8, 1932Baptism
Goff, Hazel May 8 1932Baptism
Carlson, Harld May 8 1932Baptism
Hook, Mable April 28, 1935Baptism
Hollingsworth, Louise April 28, 1935Baptism
Cochran, Rev. J. A. Baptism
Cochran, Mrs. J. A. Baptism
McDonald, Rosco Baptism
McDonald, Daisy Baptism
Hollingsworth, Glenn Baptism
Hollingsworth, Alice Baptism
Lee, Irvin L. April 17, 1938 Experience
Lee, Della April 17, 1938 Experience
McDonald, Mavis April 17, 1938Baptism
Miller, Betty April 17, 1938Baptism
Allaman, Loren April 17, 1938Baptism
Allaman, Charles April 17, 1938Baptism
Kepler, Lawrence April 17, 1938Baptism
Kepler, Maxwell April 17, 1938Baptism
Shaner, Charles, Jr. April 17 1938Baptism
Gerhardt --- Baptism
Gerhardt, Mildred April 24, 1938Baptism
Icenogle, Doris April 24, 1938Baptism
Lipes, Christine April 24, 1938Baptism
Larimer, Mary Jean April 24, 1938Baptism
Shaner, Betty April 24, 1938Baptism
Shaner, Carrolee April 24, 1938Baptism
Woods, Helen April 24, 1938Baptism
Lipes, Minnie May 1, 1938 Experience
McDonald, Gerald May 1, 1938 Letter
Slagle, Rosalee May 1, 1938Baptism
Lipes, Gerald May 1, 1938Baptism
Lipes, Lillian May 1, 1938Baptism
Aldridge, Kenneth May 8, 1938 Experience
Aldridge, Helen May 8, 1938Baptism
Icenogle, Gladys May 8, 1938Baptism
Shaner, David July 3, 1938Baptism
Ricketts, Enid July 3, 1938Baptism

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