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Abstracts of Marriage, Death, and Estate Notices
from The Oquawka Spectator, Henderson County, Ill. 1848-1852,
by Ruth A. Hutchinson

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Very few obituaries were published in the early day papers. In most cases the item contained only the name, date and age of the person.

The Estate Notices were copied to aid those who do not have a date of death for an ancestor. While a notice of this type will not give an exact date, it will give a reasonable time span. As a rule, a notice to Adjust Claims was published between 2 weeks and 6 months after death, and a Sale of Real Estate published from 1 to 5 years after death.

The term "Claims" used in this book, means that there was a notice in which the Administrator would be at the County court house "for the purpose of adjusting claims against the estate of ___, deceased, when and where all persons having claims against said deceased are requested to present same for adjustment."

The date following all entries at the right side of the page is date the original notice was published in the Oquawka Spectator.

ADAMS, James 3 Oct 1851; several miles south of Oquawka; of asthma; ae 'about' 37y
 8 Oct 1851
 Estate Notice -claims John McDill, Admr
 8 Oct 1851

ADAMS, Quincy 1 Mar 1849; in Oquawka at house of his brother, Edward R Adams; ae 36y memb of Presby church
 7 Mar 1849

inf d/o E R & Nancy G
16 Sept 1849 in Oquawka
 19 Sept 1849

ALLEN, Albert
s/o Benjamin W Allen
Warren Co
28 Jan 1849; "at Havana in the Isle of Cuba"; of consumption; ae 20y
 14 Mar 1849

w/o Robert T Allen
d/o Benjamin W Allen
11 Feb 1849 near Berwick, Warren Co at her residence; ae 27y
 14 Mar 1849

ALYEA, Joseph Estate Notice -Sale of Real Estate Mercer Co; Thomas Alyea, Admr
 28 May 1851

s/o William Anderson
26 May 1850 at Ft Laramie on way to Calif (info in letter to Lambert Hopper from a Dr Thompson)
 24 July 1850

(2nd notice, slightly different)
28 May 1850 at Ft Laramie; of pleurisy and inflammation of lungs; on way to Calif; leaves wife & 2 children, parents and brother
 31 July 1850

ANKRIM, James Estate Notice -claims; Mercer Co John McKee, Admr
 14 Aug 1850

ARMEL, Ely Estate Notice -Claims; Mercer Co E G Howe, Admr
 22 Oct 1851

ARMSTRONG, Margaret Elizabeth
d/o Ambrose N & Martha L Armstrong of Wmith Creek
16 Feb 1850; ae 19y 8m 20d
 27 Feb 1850

w/o A N Armstrong
18 Sept 1851; at her residence on Smith C.reek; ae 48y; memb of Presby church
 1 Oct 1851

ARNOLD, (male)
inf s/o Pilander Arnold
Stark Co
21 Aug 1849; at house of Cyrus Mills, 5 mi east of Oquawka
 29 Aug 1849

BABCOCK, Mrs Mary Jane
w/o George Babcock
d/o Deacon Robert Grant
13 Oct 1851 in Monmouth
 22 Oct 1851

BARNES, (male)
s/o Joseph K Barnes
23 July 1848; ae 3y; fell into river and drowned
 26 July 1848

BEEDING, William Estate Notice -Claims Jas C Beeding, Admr
 9 Mar 1848

BEEMAN, Chauncey Estate Notice -Claims Angus L Martin, Admr
 24 May 1848

BENNER, Phebe Emily Stella
y d/o Elias & Elizabeth
18 Aug 1850; of whooping cough and convulsions; ae 2y 9m 6d
 21 Aug 1850

BERRY, Silas Andrew
y d/o Thomas T & Lurena
18 Sept 1850; in Oquawka; ae 6m 3d
 25 Sept 1850

BIGELOW, Hiram 13 July 1851 in Oquawka; ae 'about' 53y; removed from N Y several years ago; services by Sons of Temperance and Temple of Honor #2
 16 July 1851
 Estate Notice -Claims Albert Hebbard, Admr
 13 Aug 1851

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