Scanned source page for 1912 Hsitory of Knox Co., IL

This is your source Page for these biographies. If you copy or take on from this page also take a copy of this plus please let me know. I like to know who is out there; plus, that I'm doing some good.  Some people email and request permission & I thank you for that.

Will try to scan and upload source pages from the other old history books as well for your genealogy files. A good genealogist always knows where her information comes from. Thanks!

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1912 Volume I

this will read like a book for right now.

to your right is the beginning of 1912 Volume I by Albert J. Perry. This is the hard work of my daughter Kate, who is also in the process of learning to make web pages on our new laptop computer; plus, doing typing in between her studies. She's one great daughter. Some of the pages will be a little slow to download over a slow net connection as am putting in the pictures in their places except where the military part is in the book. Some of this is already online through the very hard work of the Chapman Brothers who authored earlier history books, Kathy Mills, Joyce Cravens, Kate, and myself. Hope to get this entire book online for your pleasure in the very near future. It is 800 pages long. & you will not find in Knox county, IL; any place else other than here the most biographies that have been typed up. Thanks for your patience. I thank you, our ancestors thank you, the Chapman Brothers thank you, and I'll bet Albert J. Perry would, too. He was kind of dry in writing but he loved it so.

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