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Munsell Publishing Company, 1899.

The biographies on this page have been typed by Kathy Mills of Texas and I thank her so very much..... if not for her I would be at a standstill at the moment... I have inserted a rose flower at the ones that are online... thanks Kathy and hope everyone else out there thanks you too.

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All Biographies on this page are now linked to their appropriate page. just click on the name and wait a minute or two and it open right at that name.

Thanks Kathy, for another well done job. We now have two complete pages online of biographies from an early history book of Knox county, IL.

What I'm not proud of is ----If you see these on another web site they are copied from Kathy Mills & me. I used to host the site but no more was told I would be given credit where credit is due & that has not happened to as of now or any other time they should come down from the other site. Kathy & I worked long and hard took us 2 years together of typing to get this all online for your enjoyment. thank you so much Kathy & I wish I could get a hold of you...These biographies were typed by Kathy Mills & Foxie Anderson Hagerty if u by chance see them on another web site they are reproduced without giving proper credit where it is due. thank you! We worked long & hard to get these online & I like giving credit where credit is due. surprisingly others do not feel the same. Thank you & enjoy.  


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Earel, Silas R. Rosa Williamson 917  
Eastman, C. H. Sarah A. Tucker 889  
Eaves, Charles M. Eva Campbell 772  
Edgar, Arthur J.   797  
Edwards, Mrs. A. E. (Rome) Samuel Edwards (deceased) 808  
Eiker, John Calvin Sarah Agnes Armstrong 912  
Elder, Samuel Crawford Sarah M. Roush 773  
Ely, Boanerges Mary M. Duval 839 836
Emery, John G. Ruth A. Friend 823 822
Ericson, Adolph W. Kate Donaldson 773  
Ericson, Eric Christina Bloom 831  
Evans, Allen T. Anna E. Calwell 872  

Evans, Willfard [Wilfred]

Eleanor Rambo 872  
Everett, John C. Augusta Maria Fish 773  
Farwell, Robert E. Mary A. Eastman 896  
Famulener, Jacob Sarah J. Warren 917  
Famulener, William - 918  
Faulds, William Hill Sarah Warfield 963  
Faulkner, George W. Bertha Emerson 839 838
Fay, Oscar Locke Nellie B. Main 808  
Felt, Edward A. Emma G. Stringham 855  
Felt, George A. Virginia E. Voris 773  
Ferguson, Andrew J. Victoria Woodmansee 912  
Ferguson, James A. Minnie Mather 912  
Ferris, Silvanus Sally Olmstead 773  
Ferris, Timothy H. Mary Drew 773  
Field, Loyal Case Clara Armeda Davison; Flora Stark 720 666
Finley, Dr. John Huston Martha Fow Boyden 721 668

Finley, Joseph Alexander

Mary E. Cox 808  
Fisher, Ephraim C. Viola E. Russell 774  
Fisher, Joseph Emily Fisher; Elizabeth Pittard 803 802
Fleming, Emily A Wells James M. Fleming 808  
Flynn, Daniel W. Nano Ryan 774  
Flynn, J.  F.   774  
Foltz, Frederick P. Melinda C. Jacobs 926 924
Foster, Thomas J. Sarah Harriet Blakeslee 946 942
Fox, William H. Elizabeth Kelly 774  
Fredericks, Gustav Eric Ida Matilda Walgreen 803 802
Freeberg, Nels S. Anna Anderson 774  
Freer, Francis A. M. Jennie E. Christy 722 676
Frost, Thomas Gold Elizabeth Anna Bancroft 722 678
Fulmer, Frank Emma J. Stegall 918  
Funk, David H. Georgia E. Missen 872  
Gaddis, Jacob Luella L. Kennedy 912  
Gale, George Candee   728 686

Gale, George Washington

Harriet Selden, Mrs. Esther Williams Coon, Lucy Merriam, 723 680
Gale, James Lucinda Caroline Record 889  
Gale, William Selden Caroline Eliza Ferris 725 617
Gardner, Alfred Sarah E. Lorance 883  
Gardt, Henry Barbara Glaeser 729 690
Garrison, Arwine Rosabell Girton 963  
Garrity, T. C. Catherine L. Barrett 774  
Garwood, Jonathan C. Mary Churchill 855  
Gay, Martin Waterman Loraine E. Gay 774  
Gehring, Alex Jerusha Squires 845  
Gehring, Henry Carrie Benson 840 838
Gehring, Joseph Cora Peterson; Harriet Knight 846  
Gent, Byron Isabel Herman; Luella M. Ghent 774  
George, John W. Mary E. Younger 855  
German, Henry Polly Ann Miller 890  
Gesler, Edward R. Elida Winslow 775  
Gettemy, Mary Ellen (Ferris) Robert Hood Gettemy 729 692
Gibbs, Richard F. Mary J. Reed 826  
Gibson, Lewis L.   775  
Gibson, Peter Anna Eng; Mrs. Carrie Buckley 816  
Gilbert, Thomas Lee Harriet T. Hebard 862 864
Giles, Henry Wyley Doctor Christine Schildwachter 846 Photo
Gillett, Freeman D. Emma Lundgren 775  
Givens, Strawther Mary Huston 928  
Goldsmith, Edward Howell Anna Maria Whiteford 840 840
Gooding, Daniel Mary Baird 896  
Goold, Sylvester S. Mary E. Knable 963  
Gordon, Peter Mrs. Mary Ann (McDowell) Tait 834 834
Gottschall, Nels J. Christena M. Jacobson 775  
Graham, Benjamin F. Bell Myres 935  
Graham, John M. Mary E. Hopkins 775  
Griffith, Harry H. Anna M. Zeigler 775  
Griffith, Morris Elizabeth Harmony 855  
Griswold, Daniel Judson Grace Alice Ballard 775  
Grubb, Jon Watson Mary J. Claycomb 730 694
Grubb, Samuel W. Jane A. Wright 775  
Gucker, Walter Anna Hillagass 776  
Gullett, Joshua Deliah Upton 883  
Gum, Charles D. Ellen Eckdahl 856  
Hair, Charles Ernest   776  
Hall, Cyrus M. Rhoda A. Sherman; Mrs. Lyda M. Jobes Buffum 963  
Hall, Ira R. Mrs. Cynthia Ann Lyon 797  
Hamerstrand, John W. Anna Carlson 826  
Hammond, James Susan Porter Powell 804 804
Hammond, Royal Emeline Rogers 730 698
Hampton, Ben Bowles Maria Somers Bartleson 776  
Haner, George W. Anna M. Dawson 872  
Hannah, David Olive Harshberger 896  
Hannam, William Lillie Fooks 809  
Hansford, Charles   872  
Hanson, Charles Ellen Benson 816  
Hardin, Milton Baxter Ada C. Parker 935  
Hardine, Svante B. Mary Nelson 831  
Harper, Robert Henry Mary A. Hunter 949  
Harris, Israel John Emma Nelson 929  
Harthon, John Ida M. Breed 776  
Hathaway, J. B. M. Edith Jones 826  
Hawkinson, Gustaf   731 700
Hawkinson, Henry G. Emma Peterson 776  
Hawkinson, Olof Louisa Ericson 732 702
Hayes, Thomas A. Jennie C. Swan 826  
Haynes, Asa Mary Gaddis 910 908
Heath, William Kate E. Armstrong 776  
Hedstrom, Charles O. May Herald 831  
Hedstrom, Jonas   831  
Heller, William H. Mary D. Mosher 929  
Henderson, David Sophia Davis Poplett 851  
Hensley, H. J. Etha Carter 964  
Hickman, Alfred W. Alice Windom 851  
Higgins, Addison P. Mattie J. Meecham 777  
Hill, Charles M. Ellen O'Connor; Georgie Gibbs 777  
Hilton, A. Frank Emma Russell 777  
Hinchliff, J. E. Ida M. Woodman 777  
Hinman, Fred R. Mabel A. Goddard 777  
Hinthorn, John F. Asenath Booth 883  
Hjerpe, John Hannah Peterson 777  
Hobkirk, James Jane Beattie 949  
Hodges, Ellen Cobean John Hodges 852  
Hofflander, Gust Bettie Swanson 777  
Holm, John Aleda Olson; Helen Ericson 809  
Holmes, Sollis R. Rosette A. Farnsworth 777  
Holt, Martin S. Martha Pittard 809  
Holton, Frederick Mrs. Emily (Milsted) Prenatt 873  
Hoopes, James L. Hester Kirkbridge 777  
Hopkins, Sally A. (Booton) Thomas Hopkins 940  
Hopper, Samuel H. Elizabeth Caulkins 873  
Housel, Oscar C. Lenora Cummings 732  
Housh, Alonzo Marion Ella Barlow 929  
Housh, Andrew Clinton                     Adeline Ouderkirk 947 944
Howe, James R. Hattie V. Page 778  
Howell, Lorenzo D. Mary M. Stair 964  
Hoyer, Alfred Tilllie G. Ohlson 778  
Hubbell, J. F. Mary Moxsey; Mary Kessey 816  
Huggins, Charles Hubbard Elizabeth J. Anderson 902 902
Huggins, David Brainard Harmony Doty 863 864
Hughey, Charles Wesley Mary E. Andrews 918  
Humphrey, Aaron Gordon Lavina Swartzendruver 778  
Humphrey, Henry W.   778  
Hunt, Ransom C. Irene Johnson 778  
Hunt, Reuben William Mrs. Mary (Wolcott) Hunt [his brother's widow] 733 706
Hunter, James Madison Eliza Hunter 959 956
Hunter, James W. Sarah A. Smith 929  
Hunter, Joseph Rebecca Webb 964  
Hurd, Albert Eleanor Amelia Pencock 733 710
Hurlbutt, Dean C. Elizabeth Lambert 897  
Inness, Whit F. Jennie A. Hewitt 778  
Jackson, Edward L. Rhoda M. Morey 826  
Jaquith, Weber Andrew Susan E. Macklin 959 958
Jarvis, Samuel Mary E. Dean; Hannah Sornberger 832  
Jelliff, Frederick Reuben Lillian C. Bassler 779  
John, Elisha Rachael Lewis 936  
Johnson, C. H. Bessie Munson 779  
Johnson, Daniel Charlotte Wahlstrom; Emma Johnson; Clara B. Larson 856  
Johnson, Edward G. Ethel Tennery 779  
Johnson, John Raenna Butler 779  
Johnson, John H. Ida C. Quick 873  
Johnson, Olof G. Ingrid Swanson 936  
Jones, Charles H. Jennie Todd 827  
Jones, Frank P. Nora Grace Bean 779  
Jones, John Mary R. White 949  
Junk, James Elvin Carrie Blanche Hampton 852  
Junk, John Elizabeth Robertson 849 848
Keefe, Thomas Winnifred O'Hare 779  
Kellogg, Harvey E.   779  
Kendall, Paul Raymond Abby A. Weaver; Caroline S. Woodbury 735  
Kennedy, George W. Eliza Thurman 893 894
Kennedy, Loren Laveny Howsher 964  
Kermeen, R. P. Anna M. Wade 827  
Ketchem, John Margaret A. Sproat 918  
Kewley, Edward L. Edith P. Clucas 827  
Kightlinger, T. J. Margaret Peck; Salina Shaffer 964  
Kimler, Thornton Walker Martha V. Adams 897  
King, Edward J. May B. Roberts 779  
King, John Anna McGann 779  
Kinser, Adam Olive Straley 950  
Knowles, Gilbert L.   947 946
Knox, James Prudence H. Blish 873  
Knox, Joseph Mary A. Blair 965  
Kooser, S. P. Sarah E. Myers; Mrs. Laura V. Schoenfelder Cunningham 779  


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