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Munsell Publishing Company, 1899.

Many of the biographies on this page have been typed by Kathy Mills of Texas and I thank her so very much..... if not for her I would be at a standstill at the moment... I have inserted a rose flower at the ones that are online... thanks Kathy and hope everyone else out there thanks you too.

Another way to search it is use your browser's edit go to find click type in surname and click down.

Will tell you if they are here... also in Free find search engine on index page...

What I'm not proud of is ----If you see these on another web site they are copied from Kathy Mills & me. I used to host the site but no more was told I would be given credit where credit is due & that has not happened to as of now or any other time they should come down from the other site. Kathy & I worked long and hard took us 2 years together of typing to get this all online for your enjoyment. thank you so much Kathy & I wish I could get a hold of you...

If by chance you catch these on another Knox co., IL site they are not authorized to have them. Kathy Mills & I took two long years to type these up. I was once a host for another Knox Site

Got fired cuz told I did not upgrade web pages enough to suit the master. Well, the master has done and stole Kathy's & my web pages which took us awhile to type up together between the two of us. I was to be given credit

plus, a link back to my sites this has not happened but she has kept Kathy's my hard work. I do not appreciate this in the least. Not at all.


Yippee!!! We did it Kath, another biography index page all online with surnames linked up.

 Accomplished: October 02, 2006. & Hopefull

Kathy has typed up most all the biographies with the surnames listed here. I have pulled all flowers off. They are linked up and ready for you to view and use in your family files. If you need the index page for your source files feel free to email me and I can send it or scan it and send it to which ever you prefer. All surnames on this page is linked up and ready. I'm just so Happy to be able to put these here for your pleasure. And everyone out there hopefully when you find your ancestor here you will think a bit about Kath, and her hard work, & mine and say thanks! Thanks & Happy Gene Hunting....

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1899 Index beginning with S -- Z

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Lacy, George Lambkin Olive L. Russell 904  
Lacy, Peter Lucinda Woodmansee 873  
Lander, John O. Else Johnson 874  
Lanphere, George C. Matilda Kent 780  
Larson, Justus A. Elizabeth Challman 832  
Larson, Peter Hannah Hawkinson 816  
Latimer, Franklin Joseph Joana Humiston 918  
Lawrence, Lucius A. Mrs. Charlotte M. (Wheeler) Baird 960 960
Lawrence, Richard Austin Ednah Miller 780  
Lawrence, Samuel F.   780  
Lee, William Augustus, Jr. Jennie May Patterson 846  
Leffingwell, Charles Wesley Elizabeth Francis 863 866
Leggett, Walter I. Sadie Thompson; Lizzie Thompson 780  
Leighton, William H. Jannette McKie 835  
Leng, Albert Mary Francis Abey 890  
Lewis, John Henry Elizabeth L. Russell 864 868
Lindsey, Charles D. Anna Nelson 874  
Lindzey, John E. Mrs. Kiziah (Gray) Chapman 894 896
Linsley, James H. Susan H. Albro 780  
Long, George Susanna Belden 912  
Losey, James Harvey Cornelia Maurice Ayres 781  
Losey, Nehemiah H. son is above Lucretia Hitchcock 781  
Lotts, Milton Elizabeth Ward 904  
Lovejoy, William Owen Elizabeth A. Near 735 712
Lower, Robert A. Rachael A. Smith 965  
Lucas, G. M. Lee Catharine A. Schenck 940  
Lutyens, William A. Julia Welch; Zora B. West 781  
Lyke, Abijah P. Lucy E. Robbins 781  
Mabee, William Grace E. Widney 782  
Mackay, John, Jr. Eva C. McDowell 890  
Mackie, Ezekiel D. Etta M. Stephens 890  
Mackintosh, George Donald   809  
Maginnis, John Wesley Maria Jane Richey 929  
Mahar, James Anna Peterson 890  
Main, C. A. Harriet Mosher 856  
Main, William B. Harriet M. Bill 930  
Maine, Elias B. Mary A. Huntington; Mrs. Lavina (Huntington) Butler 816  
Maple, Augustus Melville Mary Sheaff 950  
Maple, Charles Fremont Eva J. Chapin 950  
Marks, William Pleasant Mary McCoy 919  
Mars, Hiram Louisa Barr; Elizabeth H. Smith 736  
Massey, Anson Elizabeth Hill 912  
Masters, David Mary J. Haner 874  
Masters, Henry Martha D. Lindsey 874  
Masters, William Lida Nation 846  
Mather, L. R. Alie Grim 940  
May, Samuel Wells Elizabeth Hanan 798  
McCall, Ida Marissa   782  
McClure, John D. Edith Adelia Chapin 866B  
McElrea, William C. wife1 ; wife2 ; Lottie Pierce 936  
McGaan, Hugh Lottie Arnold 816  
McGaan, James Susan Collinson 816  
McGirr, Thomas Leslie   736 714
McHale, John J. Elizabeth Grace Ryan 782  
McKee, Lewis Cass Charlotte Richardson 782  
McKeighan, James Elizabeth Cunningham 961 962
McKie, John Miller Jeannette Gordon McDowell 814 814
McKown, Charles Wesley Sarah W. Ward; Rebecca C. Traxler 904  
McMaster, Chauncy J. Ida M. Stuckey; Ida E. Sawyer 817  
McMaster, Thomas Sarah E. Hank 817  
McMurtry, Harriet   852  
McMurtry, James Champion Caroline Nelson 850 850
McMurtry, William Ruth Champion 852  
McWilliams, David Mary E. Rambo 874  
McWilliams, Seymour Jennie Bell 930  
Mead, H. F. - 782  
Mead, Seth Weller Celia J. Furguson; Sarah M. Gregg 737 716
Meadows, Clinton H. Mary K. Lambin 919  
Meeks, D. E. Netta Burnside 941  
Melton, Elvira Lee   809  
Melton, Frank A. Alice N. Coziahr 797  
Merricks, Willam A. Hannah E. Chesney 930  
Merrill, Charles C. Cornelia Converse Osborn 738 720
Metcalf, Albert Dwight Eva J. Muzzy 809  
Miles, Joseph W. Mary E. Derham 884  
Miles, Rufus W. Mary J. Bruce 884  
Miller, Charles Elizabeth Lass Spinner 782  
Miller, John B. Cordelia A. Ward; Virginia E. Moore 904  
Mitchell, Hugh M. Nancy A. Nash 804 804
Mitchell, John Raymond Anna Jennett Muir 805 806
Mitchell, Samuel P. Mary E. Allen 810  
Montgomery, Harvey Louisa Maxwell 866B 870
Montgomery, John Grace J. Dunlap 875  
Moor, Angus Mrs. Lydia F. Daggett Stevens 798  
Morrissey, Patrick Henry Anna Brechwald 782  
Mosher, William J. Sarah E. Wetmore 805 806
Moshier, Timothy Sarah Garwood; Adelia Gardner 738 722
Mosser, Corliss Glenn Elizaeth Snedacker 930  
Mosser, John Mary Carroll; Sarah J. Carroll 930  
Mosser, Samuel Theodore Kate E. Newell 931  
Mount, William Mary Mahon 919  
Multer, Josiah Anna M. Titus 817  
Munson, Charles J. Lottie C. Anderson 783  
Murdoch, Frank Alta Wheeler; Mary Ellis 810  
Murphy, Daniel C. Emma Torticell 783  
Murphy, John Catharine Cullinane 905  
Myers, Hiram Celia H. Hamilton 783  
Myers, Jacob W. Emma Petre 783  
Nance, Burton F. Eva M. Cowden 827  
Nance, John Webb Nancy Simmons; Mrs. Harriet E. Brooks

Mrs. Mary Lucas Crawford

927 926
Nash, Timothy Lucy Gilbert 783  
Neeley, Johnston J. Ida A. Metcalf 875  
Neifert, Edward Carolina C. Hechler 783  
Nelson, Charles Henry Ruth Cook 852  
Nelson, Frank Johanna Matilda Jacobson 817  
Nelson, Nels Sarah Nelson 739 724
Nelson, Nels X. Benta Palm 856  
Nelson, Swan Bengta Carlson 817  
Nelson, Swan Pernellia Nelson 919  
Newell, Thomas Louise M. Smith 927 928
Nicholson, James Hasbrouck Catherine King 961 964
Niles, David Pratt Helen C. Johnson 846  
Niles, George F. Ella Josephine Wood 840 840
Nisley, John M. Kate C. Runkle 866 872
North, Charles D Mary S. Nickolson    
Norton, Isaac Price Hannah B. Jones 784  
Noyes, Arthur Hamilton Eunice Alice Phelps 867 872
Oberg, John C. Matilda Jacobson 784  
Oberholtzer, Jacob M. Laura A. Wheeler 894 898
Oleen, N. J.   - 726
Olmstead, Aaron W. Etta Robbins; Lone E. Sornberger 832  
Olson, Alfred Ella Fleming 784  
Olson, Charles W. Emma Christine Selberg 798  
Olson, Jonas Anna C. Donaldson 847  
Olson, M. W. - 784  
Olson, Peter T. Caroline C. Edoff 740 730
Olson, Swan H. Clara M. Burke 784  
Ostrander, Albert J. Susie V. Ulmer 784  
Ouderkirk, Harvey Sarah E. Cook 950  
Overstreet, John Lowry Nannie A. Brown 852  
Paden, James Martha Edgar [Fuqua] 856  
Palmer, George W. Harriet M. LeValley 784  
Palmgren, C. A. Anna Matson 785  
Parker, Isaac Augustus Sarah A. Labaree 741 732
Parkins, Hiram F. Ida McDaniel; Mrs. Laura B. (Clutts) Jefferies 875  
Parmenter, Allen Moore Catharine Elizabeth Rosenberg 866C 874
Parry, S. J. - 785  
Parson, Franklin Sarah Bullard; Actus Baxter 852  
Patterson, William Stevenson Matilda Miller 847  
Peckenpaugh, William I. Mary J. Brown 875  
Pendergast, Thomas Rosanna Sharkey 853  
Pennington, Riggs   853  
Percy,  Dr. James Fulton Josephine L. Robinson

founder of Cottage Hospital.

Perkins, Isaac Stiles Eliza Clark 742  
Perry, Albert James   785  
Peterka, William L. Frances T. Bachtold 785  
Peterson, John L. Alfaretta Wilson; Sarah E. Tuthill 785  
Peterson, Peter Matilda Johnson 785  
Phelps, William Irvin Martha Jane Roe 786  
Phillips, W. M. Della Maxey 890  
Pickrel, Jesse Rosa Johnson 951  
Pittard, William J. Mary A. Green 806  
Plank, Robert M.   786  
Poplett, Frances Laura L. Rowe 853  
Post, Philip S.   786  
Potter, C. B. Eunice House 786  
Potter, George W. Luna L. Jackson 827  
Potts, Julia E. [Wheeler] H. H. Potts 897  
Purington, William Sidney Nellie M. Caldwell 786  
Ramp, Asa Deborah Wesner 875  
Ramp, Benjamin Sarah Mapps 905  
Ramp, Samuel Sarah A. Jacobs 965  
Ramp, William Hannah Jane Richmond; Susan Welty; Octavia Fravel 965  
Read, Henry Ware Martha E. A. Hastings 786  
Rebstock, James Mrs. Salinda (Lotts) Pickrel 905  
Redd, Walter Frances Allen 910 910
Redfield, Henry J.   787  
Redington, Patrick Mary Dolphin 919  
Reece, Henry M. Nancy Carter; Emma Owens 941  
Reed, James Durham Martha A. Duval 847  
Reinmund, Bowman Franklin Ida B. Jackson 787  
Reynolds, Alvah Susannah Hayden 806 810
Reynolds, Edward B. Mary W. Gose 787  
Reynolds, George E. Sarah McNeal; Mrs. Ida (Smith) Moore 913  
Reynolds, George W. Mary C. Hotchkiss; Elizabeth Swickard 830 830
Reynolds, William H. Martha M. Bundy; Margaret Wallace 916 916
Rice, F. C. Harriet A. Knox 787  
Richey, James Sarelda Haney 931  
Ridgley, Vincent Adelaide J. Long 787  
Riordan, John C. Mary A. Richmond 876  
Rippetoe, William Robert Mary A. Polonus 787  
Robbins, Henry M. Louisa Babcock 743 740
Robbins, William A. Nettie E. Carr 787  
Robertson, Harbin Crawford Lida McKee 853  
Robinson, Charles S. Emily Bristol 832  
Robson, John Pamela Davis 743 742
Robson, William Jane Goff; Elizabeth Gordon 841 842
Roe, Truman H. Lucinda Stephens 936  
Ross, Robert Alexander Nellie J. Turner 788  
Routh, Charles E. Catharine J. Martin 941  
Rowe, C. B., Jr. Rose Ann Cavanaugh 788  
Rundquist, Charles E. Emma Johnson 788  
Runkle, Cornelius [never married] related to James Below 867 874
Runkle, James Mehitabel Calwell 876  
Runyon, F. J. Ethel Bridson 966  

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