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Munsell Publishing Company, 1899.

The biographies on this page have been typed by Kathy Mills of Texas and I thank her so very much.. I have inserted a rose flower at the ones that are online... thanks Kathy and hope everyone else out there thanks you too.

Flowers are being removed.

We are doing it, Kath... Yipppeee !!!!Yipppeee!!!!

What I'm not proud of is ----If you see these on another web site they are copied from Kathy Mills & me. I used to host the site but no more was told I would be given credit where credit is due & that has not happened to as of now or any other time they should come down from the other site. Kathy & I worked long and hard took us 2 years together of typing to get this all online for your enjoyment. thank you so much Kathy & I wish I could get a hold of you...

If by chance you catch these on another Knox co., IL site they are not authorized to have them. Kathy Mills & I took two long years to type these up. I was once a host for another Knox Site

Got fired cuz told I did not upgrade web pages enough to suit the master. Well, the master has done and stole Kathy's & my web pages which took us awhile to type up together between the two of us. I was to be given credit

plus, a link back to my sites this has not happened but she has kept Kathy's my hard work. I do not appreciate this in the least. Not at all.


We are on the last Biography section of this Book. I can't wait to jump to for joy when they are all on with Kathy Mills must appreciated & Welcome help in typing them up the rest to go online. Thanks Kath, I thank you, other people's ancestor's thank you, and I'm sure everyone out there in Cyber-land who lands here will want to thank you too.

 Yipppeee !!!!Yipppeee!!!! All biographies are now online... and linked to their bios. Just click on the name and wait a minute or so and it will open at that persons name. Thanks bunches & bunches & bunches Kath. Kath has completed the ones I didn't get done!!!!! Now on with the township histories. Will really jump when we get the whole book online.

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Name Spouse (s) Biography Portrait
Sampson, Edward M. Mary C. Day 931  
Sampson, Josiah Martha A. Street 941  
Sanborn, David Sophia A. Ramsey 744 744
Sanburn, Francis Granger Mary H. McCracken 868 876
Sanburn, John G. Althea Owen 876  
Sawyer, Charles C. Susan F. Thompson 817  
Sawyer, George W. Sarah Cleveland 814 816
Sayre, Charles A. Mary E. Young 832  
Scott, William Amanda E. Lawrence 905  
Selby, Elisha Barrett Sarah E. Barbaro 951  
Selby, Philemon B. Elizabeth Gullett 947 948
Selby, William Henry Florence Isabel Allen 951  
Sellon, Robert C. Eva Day 817  
Sellon, William I. Augusta B. Johnson 827  
Seward, Anthony Margaret M. Daniels 887 886
Shaffer, George W. Amanda Logue; Mrs. Sally (Long) Leigh 942  
Shank, Boston M. Minnie Griffin 788  
Shannon, Ellis Christine R. Snyder 788  
Shay, J. J. Anna Horstman 853  
Sheahan, Daniel W. Sarah J. Brown 827  
Sheahan, James G. Mary Sullivan 827  
Shear, David J. Hannah Bulson 817  
Shelton, Francis R. Nellie Roop 897  
Shreeves, Lemuel W. Martha Beecham 913  
Shumaker, James Mary A. Lowrey 936  
Shumaker, John B. Sophia Rager 932  
Silen, John E. Catrena Patronella; Matilda Rodine 832  
Simonds, William E. Katherine L. Courtright 789  
Simpkins, George W. Mary McCoy; Mrs. Elizabeth (Moore) Pumyea 951  
Sipes, John Milton Emma A. Howard 823 822
Sisson, Henry McCall Eliza Jane Miller  744 746
Sloan, Hugh A. Ida E. Baird 966  
Sloan, Sarah (Allen) John Sloan (deceased) 966  
Smith, Arthur A. Mary Delano; Mary E. Benner 745 750
Smith, Austin Sarah McNaught 823 824
Smith, Charles Newton Isabella Betz 789  
Smith, Harry A. Lillie M. Norval 951  
Smith, Heman P. Harriett E. Thompson 824 824
Smith, Henry Franklin Sarah Elmina Hughey 919  
Smith, Louis M.   876  
Smith, M. L. Elizabeth Carmichael 789  
Smith, Malcolm Harriet M. Randall 876  
Smith, Manley Harriet Kinney 890  
Smith, Mathew M. Elizabeth E. Henry 877  
Smith, William H. Anna Eliza Carothers 897  
Smollinger, William H.   747 752
Snider, A. A. Martha J. Mahaffey 824 826
Sornborger, Charles D. Marion Clark; Irene Brown 833  
Sornborger, George M. Frances E. Suydam 833  
Spake, William M. Mary E. Olson 789  
Speer, William G. Emma Slane 897  
Spencer, Charles Rosina Doty 891  
Stafford, Samuel Lucinda Melton 798  
Standish, John Van Ness Harriet Augusta Kendall 747 754
Stearns, Gardner G. Lucy G. Runkle 877  
Steck, R. R. Elizabeth McKeegan 966  
Steele, Alonzo T. Sarah L. Lacy 913  
Steele, William Lucas Helen Carter Benedict 749 756
Stegall, Elery Mary Kennedy 920  
Stegall, Frederick Lovina Ellen Marks 916 918
Stegall, Milton Amanda Fernow 936  
Stephenson, George Lowry Grace L. Stewart 810  
Stetson, Charles A. Amanda M. Caldwell; Lucinda Miller; Mrs. Minnie (Holcomb) Gates 966  
Stevens, George Hannah P. Rafferty 881 882
Stevens, Loren Lizzie C. Simmons 750 760
Stevenson, William C. Charlotte A. Ouderkirk 906  
Stockdale, W. M. Ella Main 818  
Strain, George M.   790  
Stream, Oliver Margaret Donaldson; Mrs. Martha Johnson 847  
Stromberg, Nels O. Bessey Matson 790  
Strong, Mary Evelyn   751 762
Stuckey, Simeon S. Caroline Border 818  
Sullivan, Dennis E. Mary Minehan 790  
Sullivan, E. J. Kittie Conley 790  
Sullivan, James Edward   790  
Sutherland, Samuel Anna E. Diefenderfer 884  
Sutherland, William Alexander Emma Prosser 884  
Sutor, John James   842 842
Suydam, George V. Sarah McCalmont; Catherine M. Sawyer 818  
Swain, P. H. Ellen Hickey 790  
Swain, R. F. Kate Emerson 791  
Swan, Taylor C. Sadie A. Stivers 828  
Swanson, Peter F. Anna Neilon 791  
Swanson, Swan W. Nellie Truedson 842 842
Swarts, Abraham D. Ann B. Carroll 932  
Sweeney, Michael J. Mary A. Carroll 791  
Swigart, William Eliza J. McHenry; Susan Stewart; Elizabeth Bull 952  
Swigert, Harry I.   791  
Tait, William F. Rhoda A. Speny; Ardath G. Copley 791  
Tate, John W. Sarah Neill 877  
Tate, Thomas B. Mary Booth 877  
Taylor, James E. Maud Conger 791  
Temple, James W. Bessie P. Cook 835  
Tennery, Newton H. Symantha Williams 898  
Thompson, George Wallace Hettie Linsley 753 766
Thomson, Frank David   754 768
Thurman, Allen Elizabeth Truitt; Barbara Branble 967  
Thurman, W. H. Pheba Jane Thurman 967  
Tilden, Josiah Colonel Civil War Jeannette Lucretia Abbott 752 764
Todd, Warfield B. Euphemia Lafferty 825 826
Tonello, Joseph [never married] 755 772
Tornquist, John A. Hannah E. Lindstrom 818  
Townsend, Maurice Jones Ruth Grice 942  
Treadwell, Guthrie Maggie Maloney 791  
Truitt, T. J.   898  
Tucker, Ezra W. Kate Mundy; Elizabeth Dugan 888 888
Tucker, Henry C. Nettie E. Earld 891  
Tucker, John Allen Lillie C. Love 891  
Tunnicliff, John James Catherine Ludlow Burrows; Margaretta Willoughby Duffield 755 774
Turner, Harry Frances Rund 792  
Turner, Israel Lucinda E. Hammond 911 912
Turner, Samuel M. Mary E. Matcalf 913  
Ulrich, George W. Margaret Sharp 792  
Upson, Albert Hannah M. Case 877  
Van Auken, Harrison Sarah E. Ray 810  
Vance, S. L. Letty Riner 898  
Vincent, Clarence A. Lucy Hall 792  
Vivion, John Bowen Maria Jane Atkinson; Lucy Neely 756 776
Waggoner, Mortimer O. Jennie Fitzsimmons 792  
Wainwright, Daniel Eliza J. Cramer 942  
Walberg, John A. Susanna C. Munson 792  
Walberg, Ola Betsey Olson 877  
Walgreen, John P. Anna Fredericks 818  
Walter, Thomas R. Sarah J. Stephenson 948 950
Walter, Thomas Ulysses Bessie Leona Baird 952  
Ward, Frank Masha Eels; Cornelia S. Abernethy 818  
Ward, Roscoe E. Jessie F. Miller 932  
Warner, David Nancy Wells 878  
Washburn, Wellington W. Margaret Lockwood; Etta P. Burrows 757 778
Washington, John Henry Mary F. Smith 793  
Weech, John Mary Woolley 798  
Weed, Harrison T. Sarah J. Conley; Susan A. Farnham 847  
Weidenhamer, James Henry Mary Etta Stout 793  
Welch, Eugene William Ida Spencer 758 780
Welsh, Michael Catharine Grace 891  
Wertman, Lloyd Franklin Isabella J. Obeholtzer [Oberholtzer] 759 782
West, Amy Rooks John Gibbs West 793  
West, Mary Allen One Great Lady** w/photo 760 784
West, Mary Ann (Gullett) Samuel West 906  
Westerfield, Samuel Mahala Harmony 878  
Wetmore, Charles Bridge Thirza M. Moore 811  
Wheeler, Harry Edmund Angie Corine Cummins 793  
White, Nehemiah Frances Malona; Inez Ling 761 786
White, Willard Justin   798  
Whiting, Edward Ettie Patterson 898  
Wikoff, Frederick Zina Ida M. Conger 843 844
Wikoff, Winn Conger Carrie D. Wetmore 798  
Wiley, William A. Anna M. Beamer 913  
Wiley, William H. Nancy J. Haynes 913  
Williams, John A. J. Weir 967  
Willard, Mathew Chambers       Helen Frances Dieterich; Ideletta Henry 761 788
Willard,Thomas Rigney Mary L. Wolcott 762 790
Williamson, Edwin Peter Elizabeth L. Olson 854  
Williamson, Frank M. Margaret Warren; Nettie Goddard 920  
Williamson, John Edwin Christine Hanson 848  
Williamson, Jonas Christine Anderson; Anna M. Hedberger 843 844
Williamson, Moses O. Mary Driggs 763 792
Williamson, William Catherine Olson 844 846
Willsie, Alfred N. Mata B. F. Baker 793  
Wilson, Francis M. Clara A. Thomas 884  
Wilson, Frank E. Kate M. Collins 967  
Wilson, Thomas Augusta Hammarstrom 878  
Wiswell, Wyrum Martha Sheldon 793  
Witherell, George W. Martha A. Stoliper 878  
Wolf, Jacob Elizabeth Pickrel 906  
Wood, Hannibal Parish Hannah M. Bowman; Mrs. Mahlah (Phelps) Watkins 844 846
Woolley, David E. Maribah I. Means 798  
Woolsey, David Elizabeth Fry; Mildred Logan 903 904
Woolsey, Thomas Mary H. Fifield 833  
Woolsey, William Norah M. Taylor 898  
Wyman, Arthur Fannie Farquer 885  
Wyman, Edward J.

Susan Elizabeth Bradford

Descendant of Mayflower & Governor Bradford

Wyman, John Hannah Taylor; Katharine Mundwiler 882 884
Young, John R. Samatha Lotts; Mary A. England 885  
Young, Nels S. Hannah Akeyson 793  
Young, Robert Lincoln Emma E. England 885  
Young, William Elizabeth Gilmore 952  
Zook, Harry Anna Maria Bond 967  

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