1899 Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois Knox County

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Name Spouse(s) Biography Portrait
Adams, Alexander Frank   845  
Adams, Alfred G. Matilda Barden 895  
Adams, Austin Susie Rafferty 882  
Adams, William Henry Mary E. Jacobs 948  
Adams, Wilson Rebecca J. Kerns [Kearns] 895  
Adams, Wilson R. Sarelda J. Rusk    
Adams, Ziba Lelilah Gulett 895  
Aiken, Ezra D.   763  
Albro, Alexander W. Emily Spaulding 825  
Allen, Judson Wright Nancy W. Kiger 802 799
Allen, Norman T. Amelia A. Kent 764  
Allen, Wilford L. Gertrude L. Finley 806  
Ames, Absalon Austin Ida A. Crall 764  
Anderson A. W. Elsie Anderson 764  
Anderson, Anders J. Margaret Olson 815  
Anderson, Andrew Borland Mary A. McQuie 807  
Anderson, Peter Elizabeth Carr 883  
Anderson, Reuben Ballou Marrietta Grosscup 807  
Anderson, Samuel Burns Irene F. Watts 902 900
Andrews, John Asa Jennie Reed 764  
Andrews, John W. Elizabeth Scott 815  
Anthony, Norman   764  
Appell, Charles Lawrence Johanna Sophia Anderson 825  
Arbogast, Louis P. Esther E. Potter 959  
Atherton, Fred Phebe White 825  
Avery, John Louise Hull; Mrs. Esther (Thomas) Wingate 765  
Avery, Robert H.   765  
Babcock, Josiah Catherine Wheeler 706 618
Baer, Eli F. Angie Waters 850  
Baird, Benjamin P. Mary E. Oberholtzer; Josephine G. Gray 892 890
Baird, James Ogden Adelia J. Brown 895  
Baird, John M. Florence R. Sumner 888  
Baird, Leroy Joseph Mary H. Parker; Hannah A. Elliott 888  
Baird, W. S. Clara I. Sherman 895  
Baird, William H. Elizabeth Jane Farwell 893 892
Bannon, John F. Mary Hobbs; Amelia Mix 869  
Barlow, Ames A. Celinda S. Hathaway 765  
Barlow, Gideon A. Martha Peterson 821 818
Barrows, Robert P.  1st wife married in Iowa, Mrs. Anna Grimm 928  
Barry, James Frances Edwards 845  
Bateman, Newton Sarah Dayton; Annie N. Tyler-note is the first Vol. Note on Page 707. Has a bio on 1878 History page. 37 3
Beals, John Ashley Jane E. Loveland 822 820
Beamer, Frank S. Mary E. England 881 880
Becker, Frederick Jane Hedstrom 835  
Becker, John Mary J. Smith 830  
Becker, Lewis Addie H. Rearick 869  
Bellows, James Mary Weber 766  
Bennett, Joseph Lois C. Wilcox 903  
Benson, Tufve Catherine Ellison 845  
Berger, Morris Jennie Riley 766  
Berggren, August Werner Christina Naslund 707 620
Berglund, Albert E.   766  
Bird, William Benjamin Mary E. Bliss 962  
Blanding, Marion J. S. Eliza Throop 766  
Bliss, Clarence M. Ella B. Carroll 962  
Bliss, Cyrus Angeline J. Smith 962  
Boggs, James Buchanan Susan Cornelia Weeks 708 622
Boland, John Anna Olson 815  
Bowhay, D. L. Malinda Housh; Edith Martin 948  
Borrell, Christopher Hannah A. Rewland 870  
Borrell, James Eva N. Roberts 911  
Bowhay, D. L. M. A. Peck 896  
Bowman, H. P. Anna Jacobs 766  
Boyer, Aaron Elizabeth Buck; Sarah Harper; Julia E. Mitchell 709 624
Boyers, Bartholomew Minnie Carr 766  
Bradley, William O'R. Margaret Rivers 767  
Broadfield, Edward H. Mary J. Crandall 896  
Brown, Charles M. Josie Pittard 807  
Brown, Fred Smith Anna D. Robson 797  
Brown, George M. Phoebe Swegle 935  
Brown, George W. Maria T. Terpening 

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Brown, Jacob Edward Elizabeth M. Oakes 797  
Brown, John Eliza Ann Cox 935 934
Brown, Samuel Elizabeth Miller 709 626
Bruner, Henry Matilda Claycomb; Mrs. Anna Clark 767
Buck, Frank Barbara C. Recker 870
Buckley, Robert Rolland Mary M. Carter; Alvira Charles; Hannah E. Miles 870
Bulson, Frederick Mary Hainline 830
Bunce James Harriet Nevil  Ferris; Mary Ann Davis 767
Bunker, Dwight W. Mary Isabell Carpenter 710 628
Burgland, Nels M. Johanna Jacobson 768  
Burkhalter, James L. Martha E. Adle 711 630
Burner, Milton D. Susanna C. Burns 917  
Burnside, Isaac Libbie Pierce; Mrs. Susie (Soliday) Ruth 928  
Burnside, Mark Maud Cranston 939  
Burt, J. Calvin   807  
Butt, Charles N. Sarah S. Montgomery 870  
Byers, Levi Knox Jennie Foster 815  
Calkins, William Henry Anna Mahoney 768  
Callender, Ira S. Alice B. Bassford 768  
Callender, William Henry Smith Grace A. Packard 768  
Cameron, William S. Margaret S. Davidson 769  
Campbell, George Henry Mary A. Tiernay 845  
Campbell, Orange Lowell Augusta Stowe Bull 866A 856
Carns, John Z. Nellie Pierce 870  
Carr, Clark E. Colonel Grace Mills 711 632
Carson, Cyrus N. Ruth E. Bailey 870  
Carter, D. M. L. J. Boggs 962  
Carver, Edwin Nancy J. Van Buskirk 851  
Cation, David C. Ella Barber 888  
Cation, William Sarah A. Cowell 888  
Caulkins, William Mary Ward; Mrs. Mary Briggs Runyon 870  
Challman, George E. Anna Lind 815  
Chalmers, George S. Adelia J. Copley 769  
Chamberlain, F. H. Charlotte M. West 963  
Chapin, Burrell N. C. Jane Culver 871  
Chapin, Edward P. Carrie P. MacFillin 769  
Charles, Alanson G. Lottie Rogers 861 860
Charles, George A.--Captain Pomelia Gardner; Doolinsky Post 871 860
Chase, Maurice James Lucy F. Crocker 713 638
Chelman, John Albert Anna Laurie Soles 826  
Church, C. A. 769
Churchill, George Clara A. Hurd; Ada H. Hayes; Ellen Sanborn Watkins 713 646
Clark, Frank Nelson Jennie R. Wilder 911
Clark, Merritt M. Celia A. Tinker 714 648
Clark, Newton G. Anna West 949
Clark, Salina E. [Selby] Franklin Thurman; Thomas A. Clark 903
Clay, Hiland Henry Jennie E. Clay 854 854
Clearwater, Abraham S. Margaret Jane McGregor 807
Cline, Albert J. 769
Cole, Fred G. Ettie M. Tucker 888
Cole, I. Frank Martha Ann Nelson 889
Coleman, James wife1; wife2; Eliza Kane 831
Collinson, John Spare Mary E. Carver 822 820
Colton, Chauncey Sill Emily H. McLanathan 715 650
Colton, Octavius Jones Alice Lyon 769
Colville, Robert Weir Edith Wilbur Cole 769
Comstock, Milton Lemmon Cornelia Ann Churchill 716 652
Conger, John Newton Elizabeth Wheeler; Martha Courtwright 770
Conley, George F. May Metthews; Mrs. Della Burkhardt 770
Conner, James H. Esther Rambo 871
Conrad, Carl Charlotte Granberg 797
Cooke, Forest F. Sarah Louise Collins 770
Cooke, John Martha M. Torrey 866A 862
Cooke, Milo D. Betsey Smith 770
Cooley, Zelotes Honorable Julia A. Hanks 717 654
Coolidge, James H. Ellen F. Brown 855
Costa, Joseph Rev. [never married] 718 656
Countryman, William F. Flora Henry 770
Cowan, James E. Ella A. Hunt 770
Cowell, J. C. Nettie Slocum 896
Cox, Levi J. Elizabeth West 807
Coziar, Wilson Emma Bowers 797
Craig, Alfred M. Elizabeth P. Harvey 718 660
Craig, Charles Curtis Louise Dary 770
Craig, George Alice Broadbent 771
Cramer, Benjamin Louisa Haynes 939
Crane, Henry Wetmore Carrie Wood Stickney 802 800
Crane, James Wilson Cornelia L. Wetmore 803 800
Cronoble, George W. Sarah L. Elkins 872
Culver, John H. Lillie O. Berrier 771
Cummings, Leonard B. Celinda Bulkeley 816
Curran, John C. Majorie S. Rogers 771
Cushing, John Pearsons Alice B. Bullions 771
Dahlberg, John G. Rev. Emily C. Envall; Josephine Nelson 813 812
Danforth, Levi Franklin Phebe Ann Alexander; Mary A. Pottinger 719 662
Davidson, Peter Contractor of many Buildings in downtown Galesburg. 771
Davis, John Allen Wright Hattie L. Ganett 771
Davis, John E. Rosa D. Hopkins ~~~~ Lucy Bond Davis his mother 940
Davis, Simeon B. Artimesa Stambaugh 720 664
Davison, Joseph Jane Armstrong; Isabella Kilgore 851
Dawdy, Jefferson M. Elizabeth Amos 928
Dawdy, Warren Anna Brown 935
Dawson, Christopher Columbus Filetta Corbin 883
Dayton, Benjamin 816
Dechant, Peter Nancy J. Hall 928
Derby, Francis Thomas Anna Thompson 855
Dewein, Elmer C. Rachel May Simmons 772
DeWolfe, Clayton A. Lucetta Atherton 831
Dickerson, James T. Melvina Conner 903
Dickinson, Frank C. 928
Doll, John Rosanne Sorber; Elizabeth McCurdy; Adah H. Stevenson 772
Doubet, Joseph Daniel Ellen Corrigan 889
Drake, E. R. 772
Drury, Harley Franklin Nellie Trask 772
Duffey, Edward Fenwick Hattie E. Wade 851
Dunbar, James W. Ida A. Cox 911
Dunbar, John L. 911
Dunlap, Theodore F. Mrs. Sue H. Grabill 917
Duval, Thomas Carter Nancy Shumate 838 836
Duval, Winfield Scott Polly Elizabeth Aschoff 772

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