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Hello, one and all...

I was going to break these all down into sections but have thought better of it and am just going to leave them in the places - books - they were in.  I want to eventually have all three 1800 books on the history of Knox county online.  It will take Kathy and I some time but I think we are up to the task.  This way you will also know where the information came from and be easier for you for your source information. George Candee Gale had a big hand in the completion of this work and would like to dedicate this online version in his name. He was one great, intelligent gentleman to help in the founding of Knox County, IL.  This is part two in this history Book on the History of my county.

It took Kathy Mills & I,  together--2 years --to type this whole book up. I was a host for another Knox Co., IL Genealogy site & I notice I'm not getting any credit my work done on this book. Makes me sad as when I had left that was our agreement.

What I'm not proud of is ----If you see these on another web site they are copied from Kathy Mills & me. I used to host the site but no more was told I would be given credit where credit is due & that has not happened to as of now or any other time they should come down from the other site. Kathy & I worked long and hard took us 2 years together of typing to get this all online for your enjoyment. thank you so much Kathy & I wish I could get a hold of you...These biographies were typed by Kathy Mills & Foxie Anderson Hagerty if u by chance see them on another web site they are reproduced without giving proper credit where it is due. thank you! We worked long & hard to get these online & I like giving credit where credit is due. surprisingly others do not feel the same. Thank you & enjoy.  

All our best as your host ~ Foxie ~ & as typist Kathy

1899 Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois ~~

Knox County

W. Seldon Gale & Geo. Candee Gale

published by Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers, Chicago & New York


Section What it contains:

Part I


Pioneers & Early Settlers

County Organization

First County Seat

Early Homes

Early Licenses

Early Land Titles


Timber Lands

Improved Conditions

Early Development

New County Buildings



Hay & Grass Seed

A Canal-Boat Journey

Roads & Bridges

Spoon River


Lake George

Mining ~~~ Building Stone

Brick Manufacture

The Steel Plow

The Black Hawk War

County Government

Location of the County Seat

& more

Part II


Inception of Galesburg as a Colony

Exploring & Purchasing Committees

Entry of Colony Land

Colony Organization & 1st Titles

First conception of Galesburg

First Arrivals

First marriages, schools, Religion

Early Dwellings

Township Divided & town Re-platted

Depression & Recovery

Village & City Incorporation

Galesburg in the Civil War

Street Paving


Public Library


& more


All biographies in this book are now online. Just click on the appropriate link next to find your ancestors bio. Thanks so Much Kath & me!!!! We've finally gotten all the biographies typed up between the two of us.  the twp. Histories.... Yippee Yippee!!!! Then the rest of the portraits.

Click on appropriate link below

1899 Index beginning with A

1899 index beginning with E

1899 Index beginning with L = R

1899 Index beginning with S--Z


Part III Towns & Township Histories

  The below histories are linked all on the same page, if you click on the name of the township you want to go to then wait a minute and it will open at the place on the next page. I put them up backwards starting at the extended southern portions of Knox County Townships. The counties listed below may or may not be from this book. I have a few of them mixed up. Will sort them at a later date. So, if you find this book on another site it was typed by Kathy Mills & me, Foxie Hagerty, it took us two years of hand typing this book to get it online for your convenience-- They are reformating & making it into another format than what was in the book. What amazes me is what other people promise you & then do not reciprocate. Thank you....Have a wonderful day.  This will remain here until all of the histories are online.

Indian Point






Haw Creek












**Walnut Grove



on the Portraits from the past pages 1,2 & 3

They are mixed in with the Portraits from 1886 Portrait & Biographical Album of Knox Co., IL, and the 1878 History of Knox Co., IL.

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