Biographies from Albert J. Perry's 1912 History of Knox Co., IL    Vol. II

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Bailey, Walter
Baines, Francis, Rev.
Baird, B. P
Baird, Leo Preston
Barlow, Ames A
Barlow, Jesse Eldridge
Barry, Frances, Mrs.
Bartlett, Frank Sears
Bartlett, John D
Bartlett, William A
Bates, Madison C
Baymiller, Michael
Bearmore, Fred C
Becker, Louis, M. D.
Beckett, John
Behringer, George
Belden, William Lorenzo
Bellwood, William S.
Bennett, H. J
Benson, L. W.
Bentley, William F
Berggren, Augustus W
Betterton, Joshua
Bliss, C. R.
Bloom, Henry C.
Bohan, John Michael
Bond, William
Bondi, Isidor I.

Boutelle, Addison J.
Bowers, Aaron
Boyes, Walter F.
Bradburg, John L
Bradley, William O'R.
Bradshaw, David Willard
Brandt, John
Bridge, George Howard Briggs, J. W.
Broadfield, E. H. 
Brooks, Ransom J

Brown, Charles
Brown, George W
Brown, Peter F
Bryant, John Howard, M. D.
Buck, William Nicholas
Bulson, Ira
Burch, John
Burgland, Henry P
Burnaugh, Daniel
Burnett, A. C
Burnside, Carl S.
Burnside, Isaac
Burnside, William
Butler, A. C., Prof.
Byram, George R

Jelliff, Fredrick Rueben
John, Mandiville
Johnson, A. J. Victor
Johnson, Carl G., M. D. Johnson, Carl Oscar
Johnson, Frank E
Johnson, Jonas
Johnson, John
Johnson, Samuel Harry Johnston, J. A.
Jones, George W.
Jones, James Willoughby
Jordan. William A.
Junk, John
Junk, J. H.
Junk, Thomas

McCallister, Mrs. Alpha B.
McAuley, John B.
McClelland, Thomas
McClure, Thomas
McCornack, Andrew F.
McFarland, Fred 0.
McGaan, Hugh
McGaan, William
McGirr, N. Henry
McGirr, William L
McKeighan, R. J.
McKie, John Miller
McKissock, Peter
McMaster, C. J.
McMaster, David Nelson
McMaster, John
McMaster, J. E.
McMaster, James M. McMurtry, John C., M. D.
McQuarrie, Alan
McWilliams, David
Machen, Clyde H.
Machen, Henry Sultzbach
Mack, Max J.
Mackey, John
Maholland, Andrew
Main, Clark Andrew
Main, Charles Wesley
Main, Hon. Edward J.
Main, J. Edwin

Main, Harry E.

Main, Thomas Peter.
Main, William
Main, William B.
Malcolm, Charles A.
Maley, William Henry
Mason, Ernest T. S
Mathews, Charles H.
Mathews, John S.
Matteson, Frank G.
May, S. W
Merrill, Charles W.
Merris, J. B.
Metcalf, Edison P
Miles, J. W
Miller, Charles
Miller, Daniel C.
Milroy, Nathan
Milroy, Newton M
Moats, Summerfield
Montgomery, William H.
Moor, Angus
Moore, William Burdette
Morgan, George E.
Morgan, Jacob E
Morris, Ewing Van Darien
Morse, Menzo
Mosher, S. W.
Mosser, John

Frank B. Mott
Mount, Michael
Murphy, H. N.

Tanney, James
Tapper, Albert W.
Templeton, Mary A.
Tennery, P. E.
Thirlwell, John
Thisted, Martin
Thomas, William N. Thompson, David.
Thompson, George W.
Thompson, William Arthur
Thomson, Thomas W., M. D.  Thuline, Swan J.
Toler, John C.
Townsend, Leon A., Hon.
Tucker, J. A.
Tucker, Mark E.

Tucker, N. N.
Tucker, Samuel
Turner, John S.

Tyler, Franklin Pierce, M. D.

Wagoner, S. A.
Wainright, Daniel
Ware, E. H.
Warner, William E.
Wayman, Cornelius
Weech, Charles E.
Weinberg, Lafayette
Welch, Henry
Welsh, Jay
Welsh, J. D., Judge
Welsh, Michael
Welsh, William M.
Wenzelmann, Gustave
Wertman, Lloyd F.
West, John
West, Owen Betterton West, William Edwin

Whipple, Walter Watson
White, Charles A.
Whited, George
Whiting, Samuel M.
Wikoff, Frank Zina
Wilks, James
Willard, E. S.
Willcox, Eratus Swift
Willcox, William Henry
Williams, A. C.
Williams, Edward Payson
Williams, George
Williamson, Douglas
Williamson, Edwin P.
Williamson, Moses 0.
Williamson, William S.,M. D.
Willis, Henry Frank
Willsie, John
Willsie, Wilbur F.

Wilmot, Jesse
Wilson, Frank E.
Wilson, Lyman P.
Witherell, George W.
Witherell, Prof. Loren R
Wood, H. W.
Woolsey, David
Woolsey, Frank E
Wyman, Stephen

Cadwell. Oliver O.
Cain, J. H
Call, Elias C..
Callahan, Alex
Callender, Ira S

Cameron, William S.
Campbell, 0range Lowell
Campbell, Rev. Stuart M
Carlson, A. P.
Carlson, C. J.
Carlton, William Blake
Carns, John Z
Carr, Clark. E., Col.
Cation, David
Cation, James
Chamberlain, Charles H
Chapin, Burrell N.
Chapman, Frank, Dr.
Chase, Mrs. William A.
Churchill, George.
Churchill, George Boardman
Clark, Charles S.
Clark, George M.
Clark, Thomas A.
Cline, Albert J
Cline, George W.
Cole, Fred G.
Cole, I. F.
Coleman, Mrs. Eliza A.
Collinson, Ernest Thomas.
Collinson, George M.
Colton, Chauncy Still

Colton, Francis
Colton, John B.

Coleman, Eliza A., Mrs.
Colville, Robert Weir
Conger, Frank Lauren
Conley, George Freeman
Cook, James
Cooke, Forrest F
Cooke, John
Corbin, John Francis
Costa, Joseph, Rev.

All Cox Below submitted by Ancestor seeker--Ann Thanks!! they are not all on the same pages.

Cox, John Neil
Cox, James W.
Cox, Levi J.
Cox, Reuben

Cox, Stewart J.
Cox, Theodore M.

Craig, Charles C.
Craig, George

Craig, Alfred M.
Craig, William D.

Craver, Thomas 

Crocker, George D.
Crouch, Joshua R
Crump,. Seth.

Nash, Edwin
Neale, James W.
Neely, Charles Robson
Nelson, Carl V.
Nelson, John C.
Nelson, J. H.
Nelson, 0ley C.
Nelson, Sig B.
Newberg, George Lewis
Niles, David P.
Nisley, John M.
Norene, Elias Wilhelm
North, Charles D

Eastes, George J.
Edgar, Frank L.
Edgar, L. J.
Edmundson,George P.
Edwards, David B.
Eiker, Abram M.
Ekstadt, Carl August

Elliott, Dawson Burgess Elliott, G. W.
Elliott, W. B.
Ely, Boannerges.
Emrich, Henry
Ennis, Hugh
Epley, Peter
Ericson, John E
Ervin, Robert E.

Fahnestock, John C
Ferris, Lorenzo C.
Finley, J. Alexander
Finley, John 0
Fisher, Joseph
Fleharty, William D
Frankenburger, B. E
Frankenburger, C. E.
Fredricks, Gustaf E.
French, Phillip H.
Fritz, William
Fuller, Erastus

Gabrielson, Axel
Galpin, John
Garren, U. S
Gates, George Smith

Gay, Frank N.
Gebhart, William Albert
Geer, John C.
Gehring, Alexander
Gehring, Arthur Joseph
Gehring, Joseph
Gibbs, Amos 0.
Gibbs, Grant
Gibbs, Jonathan
Gibbs, Lewis Edwards
Gibbs, Philip H.
Gibbs, Robert
Gibbs, Richard F.
*Gibbs, William Henry
*Gibbs, William Henry
Gibson, George A.
Giles, Henry W., M. D.
Gillis, Heber
Givens, Strawther
Godfrey, William D.
Goff, William B.
Goldquist, Fredericka, Mrs
Goldsmith, Edward W.
Goodspeed, N. H.
Gough, Thomas R. P.
Graham, George H.
Granville, Philip N.
Gray, J. D.
Greep, Catherine U
Griffith, H. R.
Griswold, Daniel J.
Gross, Joseph
Grubb, James W.
Gustafson, Fred Oscar

Oberg, John C..
Oberholtzer, Jacob M.
Oberholtzer, 0.John
O'Connor, James D.
Olson, Frank H.
Olson, N. E..

Dalton Enoch

Daugherty, Michael J. Daughmer, Frank U.
Davidson, George W.
Davidson, Robert E
Davis, S. B.
Davison, Edward
Davison, Irving W.
Davison, Robert
Dayton, Benjamin
Dayton, William 0.
DeLong, W. D..
Dennison, Lloyd H.
Dickinson, John Thomas
Dikeman, Walter N.
Donason, Alex O.
Doubet, G. L.
Doubleday, George Preston
Doyle, William E

Drake, Edward R.
Drury, Harley F.
Dunbar, G. W.
Dunn, Frederick J., Rev.
Dunn, W. E.
Du Von, F. T.

Keefe, Thomas
Keener, Alexander C.
Keightley, Horatio N.
*King, Ambrose

*King, Ambrose
*King, Ambrose L.
King, Hon Edward J.
King, Hiram Riley
King, Hugh
Kjellander, Elias J
Krans, Anna O. B.
Krans, Frank C.
Kunkel, Harmen J

Lafferty, John
Lamoreux, Joshua Major
Lapham, Frank
Larson, Erich
Larson, N. John
Larson, William
Lass, Ebenezer
Lawrence, Richard Austin
Lawson, Peter F.
Leffingwell, Charles W., D. D.
Lehman, W. G.
Lemon, M. S.
Leng, Albert
Lewis, John Henry
Liken, Clyde T.
Lindstrum, A. 0
Little, Oscar H.
Locklin, John
Lockwood, Edgar J
Lofgren, Gust
Longden, Albert Cummings
Losey, Prof. Nemiah H.

Quick, Claus Emil

Upp, C. H.

Van Buren, G. W.
Vance, S. L.
Vivion, John Bowen M. D.
Vivion, John Gilpin
Volk, Mrs. Anna

Young, John M.
Young, John R
Youngdahl, Carl Luther

Zenor, C. A.

Rankin, Samuel
Ray, T. W.
Rebstock, James
Redmon, John C. M.
Reed, Fred L
Reed, George W.
Reed, Joseph G.
Reed, William Porter
Reifsnider, Edson, D. D.
Reynolds, Charles C.
Reynolds, George W., Capt.
Reynolds, Jennie H.
Rhodes, Charles H.
Rice, A. H.
Rice, A. S.
Rice, John H.
Rice, Robert Clifford, Hon.
Richey, James.
Rickords, Smiley S.
Rinella, August
Ripley, C. B, Dr.
Robbins, William Allen
Roberson, James E.
Roberts, Osborn T.
Robertson, C. W.
Robson, Edward P.
Roby, Alonzo L.
Roe, C. W.
Rogers, Frank E.
Root, Riley
Ross, Andrew Jackson
Roundtree, James H
Routh, J. Arthur
Routh, Thompson L.
Ryan, Laurence R., M. D.
Ryan, Salvador Huntley
Rylander, Andrew
Rylander, Frank 0.


None with letter

Hagan, George L.
Hagan, H. A.
Haggenjos, Karl R.
Hall, John
Hall, Lydia M

Holahan, John
Hamerstrand, Albert William
Hamilton, Josiah
Hamilton, John F
Harler, W. W
Harris, Israel John
Hart, Benjamin Thomas
Hathaway, Jeptha Beals
Hawkinson, Andrew
Hawkinson, Charles M.
Hazlett, Frederick R.
Hedstrom, G. L.
Heffernan, John
Heller, S. H.
Hensley, J. A.
Herlocker, Webb A.
Hertig, Elmira F., M. D.
Hilton, George F., M. D.
Hinchliff, Everette E.
Hinchliff, James Edward.
Hinchliff, Ray W.

Hinckley, Charles Alfred

Hjerpe, John

Holland, H. M.
Holmes, Charles E
Holmes, Edwin F.
Holmes, F. L.
Hoofnagle, Abraham L.
Hooker, Franklin H.
Hopkins, Frank
Hopkins, Frank C.
Hubbell, Thomas J.
Huber, Jacob
Huber, J. L
Huber, W. B.
Huff, Ben J., Jr.
Hughes, Samuel Michael
Humphrey. Aaron Gordon
Hunt, Ransom C.
Hunter, James W.
Hurburgh, Charles F.
Hurd, A. L.
Hurlbut, Francis
Hurlbutt, Dean C

Ingersoll, Stephen A.
Ives, N. B., Sr.

Paden, Alonzo F
Paden, James
Palmquist, Louis
Parker, Isaac Augustus
Parker, Lucius H., Rev.
Parkinson, John R.
Parkinson, Samuel Roberts
Patterson, John Hamilton
Patty, George
Payne, John S.
Payton, Orlando
Penn, Charles B.
Percy, James Fulton
Perrin, Marcus T.
Perry, Albina H.
Perry, Albert J.
Perry, George Abner
Peterson, August
Peterson, Lewis W.
Peterson, Swan H.
Peterson, Swan
Pillsbury, I. L.
Poplett, Frank
Porter, Hattie
Potter, A. S.
Potts, Silas
Preston, Isaac C.
Pulver, C. H
Purdy, John

Sanborn, Lake W.
Sargent, Alvah Isome
Schryver, Jacob H.
Schwarz, John
Seacord, De Forest
Seacord, Wilkins
Seaton, Benjamin F.
Selby, W. H.
Sennett, Lusien F.
Shadley, Benjamin Franklin
Shaffer, B. F.
Shaffer, James A.
Shaffer, Thomas B.
Sheahan, Daniel William
Shear, John H.
Shipplett, George A.
Shives, Samuel
Shumaker, C. E.
Simonds, William Edward
Simpson, David Merry
Simpson, Hugh C.
Simpson, J. C.
Sinclair, Robert G.
Sisson, Henry McCall, Hon.
Sloan, Hugh A.
Sloan, Mrs. Sarah
Slough, George K.
Smith, C. P.
Smith, Dewitt
Smith, F. C., General
Smith, Fred G.
Smith, George A.
Smith, George Hill, D. D.
Smith, Herbert Arnold
Smith, Herman P.
Smith, J. F.
Smith, John William
Smith, William D.
Snider, William
Sornborger, George M.
South, David
Spencer, Charles, Sr.
Spies, William A.
Spinner, William H.
Squires, Albert L.
Standish, H. A.
Standish, J. Van N.
Stearns, George G.
Steele, Louis L.
Steele, William Lucas
Steepleton, Lucian P.
Stegall, Edward
Stephens, John W.
Stephenson, Frank S.
Stephenson, George L.
Stephenson, James C.
Stephenson, William
Stevens, Byron A.
Stevens, Loren
Stockdale, William M.
Strom, Peter
Stuckey, Ned S.
Stuckey, Richard C.
Stuckey, Samuel V.
Sunwall, P. A.
Swanson, Oliver
Swartz, August
Sweborg, J. A.


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